Friday, February 27, 2009

Mosaic fire

Mosaic Fire,  Christian based life coaching is due for launch in La Grange,Ky in March 2009. This is an exciting opportunity for anyone wanting to experience a paradigm shift in this new economy. Economic downturns (like we are having right now) present excellent opportunities for reaching new goals and prospering in new areas that may once have been out of reach. Take an advantage of the economy. Life presents few opportunities of this magnitude for paradigm shifts...

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Millionaire mindset requires a paradigm change

If you really want to prosper during an economic downturn you need to adopt a whole new paradigm. During economic down turns, people loose their jobs, and coupled with a job loss is the stress of losing your 'identity' that was associated by your job description and or title. The first thing you have to do is re think your paradigm.

If you are older, then it is much more difficult to adopt a whole new paradigm, but far more important to do that. Entering the job market as a more expereinced person can be stressful You have pre-concieved ideas and concepts, and more importantly you have expectations of salary. Your expectations may be frustrated during this time period. 

It may very well be time to consider the professional assistance of a life coach! What is a life coach? A life coach is some one that assists you in identifying your strengths, weaknesses and most importantly your attainable goals. You need to be able to set goals that you can attain and still retain happiness and joy. As the economy goes from bad to worse, so we will see a whole bunch of 'home gamers' also known as wanna be coaches. Choose wisely. Use the first interview (normally free) to make a wise decision when choosing a life coach. A great life coach will help you re invent your self and in fact take your energy and give it direction. A good life coach will set goals, but a great coach will spur you on your way to an awesome destiny. Great life coaches bubble with excitement, confidence and energy. Great life coaches go beyond the mundane to the excellent.

Take the time to find a great life coach...