Thursday, January 28, 2010

Laws of attraction

Have you ever noticed that in the shopping malls, you always find all the clothes shops together, the shoes stores gather in one section and obviously the food court is where al the fast food is located. This principle is known by sociologists as an attraction of like minded industries. Birds of a feather will flock the old adage goes.

Turkeys won't hang with an eagle. We all know that as a 'duh' statement. Right? So why do we think that successful people will be drawn to quitters? Quitting becomes a habit, and a hard habit to break. Quitters tend to look for reasons why they cannot succeed, to justify their quitting habit. Successful minded people have a totally different approach. Successful minded people look for all the avenues why they can succeed. 

Its this attitude to succeed that leads success minded people to congregate. The law of attraction is simple really. Success attracts success. Amazingly enough (or not?) you will find a slew of opportunities within a group of successful people. Amongst failures, the energy is negative and draining. You will spend all your energy just trying to stay positive.

With this in mind, it seems obvious that a person that really wants to succeed, will choose their friends with care. Despite this, we all have whiners within our social network. Whiners never win, and winners never whine. Maybe its a great season to apply a whining filter to your network?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Networking with the quantum leap mindset

How does the successful mindset approach the changing economy and the resultant change in business. Businesses are changing from retail to online and home based. The advantages of home based are familiar to all. No extra rent, less utilities (compared to an extra retail store) and of course you don't have to commute to and from your business.

The disadvantages have to be dealt with too. The big problem is reduced exposure to your clients and of course if you are a retail outlet you really rely upon the walk in business. So how to overcome this?

The answer, dear Watson, lies in networking. You have to use your networking skills online to create brand awareness. Your new outlet store is in fact online. Network marketing is going to fill a large gap in the market. More and more families are turning towards network marketing. The perception of the 'clone' pushing cosmetics (from the '50s) is slowly being replaced by a new type. The new successful businessman, drives an up market little family van, spends time with his family and markets through his 'network'.

This may not sound like 'your cup of tea' as so many people say "I am not a salesperson". Its this very attitude that works in the network marketing business.  Nobody that I know likes salespeople. I do like socializing with friends though.  I also end up supporting what ever business my friends are in. I am sure you are the same...

This is how network marketing works. So I buy my vitamin supplements from a buddy on autoship. This saves me driving to the mall to find the right store that has what I want. It also saves me from looking at the labels to see what has what, and what's really worth the price.

At the same time, now my friend is obligated to support my business...and guess who buys energy drinks from me? Pretty soon, our network of friends are supporting each other in their business. This really mixes business with pleasure, and we find ourselves making larger circles of friends, doing more socializing  with other families.

Gone are the days where we all worked the whole week and tried to squeeze in some 'game time' on a Saturday afternoon. Now we have the whole week to work with. The nice thing is of course, work is socializing. Network marketing works on the basis of the bigger your 'network' the better chances you have of succeeding. So, now networking is not only fun, but produces an income.

The old business formulae took you away from family and friends, this new model will do the exact opposite. Guess we will have to brush up on how to have fun?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Residual income

Imagine a business that you can actually manage on line and it works? Sounds too good to be true? Well, then read a little bit further. Today, I spent the day with my family at the aquarium on a school outing. We had lunch together, went shopping for a couple of new suits that I need for my next international trip.  I will be going to Africa on a preaching trip in summer!

As I am going to be in Africa during their hot season, I needed some light weight suits. I also needed a new haircut (shorter is always best in hot climates). Can you do this and still make money?

I did today! Here I am out shopping, having family time and making money at the same time! Now thats what I call residual income. What's the purpose of working a 60 hour work week, if you do not get to enjoy your family? I never could figure that one out.

If this sounds like something you would like to work towards, then have a look at this link. I realize that network marketing takes time to grow your own business - but its well worth your while once you get going. Invest some time and develop your own business today. I am a believer...and I have the checks to prove it. More importantly, I love my life. How about you?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Quantum Level Thinking defined

Quantum level thinking is edgy thinking. This new mind set has an awesome paradigm. The fundamental thinking is as follows :"How can I serve you?". This leads to 'win-win' interactions and communication styles. The result is simply outstanding. Its like the Bible's concept of 'seed time and harvest'.

You sow service and harvest service. Gone are the days of what can I get out of this transaction and now the new paradigm is what can I do to benefit you? Its this win-win mindset that leads to successful relationships being formed.

With a 'win-win' mindset, you can now start to build your network. People will be drawn to you and your network because of your win-win mindset. Your paradigm is attractive to other successful minded people. Pretty soon, opportunities are opening up everywhere. Successful people are drawn to successful minded people.

Have a 'win-win' mindset opens up many new it not time you changed your future?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Seer anointing

radrev@ymail.comThe 'seer' anointing is often misunderstood in today's society. Seer - simply put, 'see things'. They have dreams, visions and 'see' into the spiritual realm. Their senses are extreme. The are able to 'read' people. If a 'seer' was to take an Emotional Quotient Test they would score near the top. Seers are empaths. They get into your head quickly, are super sensitive and often struggle with roller coaster emotions.

The sad thing is that these people try to hide within society, especially churches, because church people think of them as weird, out there or just 'strange'. I spend a lot of time with seers, enabling them to not only dream again, but also to have a 'normal' life. Seers often do not even know they are 'a seer'. They just think they are 'weird' and keep their gift quiet.

Seers understand the times and seasons. Seer are excellent business consultants, once they have been developed to their potential. Mostly, society just drugs seers. We label them as ADHD, ADD etc. WE drug them into a stupor so that they can 'focus' and appear to be normal - as if 'normal' is all that anyway?

If you this is you...feel free to email me.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Challenges become opportunities when you change your view

We are all faced with challenges. Day to day the challenges are there. We can choose to ignore them, or we can embrace them. If you were to embrace every challenge as an opportunity instead of a hinderance, you would be seriously surprised at the outcome.

Successful people have a success orientated mindset. This means that a person that expects to succeed will succeed no matter what the obstacles are. The same obstacle that knocks some over will merely take the successful mindset person to a higher level.

The successful mindset uses every setback as a setup! Joseph had a success oriented mindset. The pit was the springboard into Pharaoh's court. The failure orientated mindset, sees every setback as a national disaster...expecting some one else to step in and help. The failure mindset always waits for a hand out, while the successful person uses the passion of the season to drive them to a higher level.

The sad thing is that this is learnt behavior. We learn our mindsets from our parents, role models and school. You learn to fail or to succeed. Parents model failures. We are even taught how to be a 'good loser'!  Why are we never taught how to be excellent winners?

Looking for an opportunity to succeed? Need a team effort to help make your business happen?

Eiro  is excellent at this. WE have a team trainer that will not only 'train' you to succeed (as part of this business plan) but will also hold your hand while you get your business in order. How many will read this and just miss the opportunity to succeed?

Vision depends on perspective

I am surprised at people. I work with people everyday, both as a pastor and life coach. I coach people to succeed, I help them with the challenges of life and have been doing this for around 10 years now. Despite this, I am constantly amazed at people.

For example, I get to deal with many that need a second income, or want to just plain improve their lives. I guess it must eventually become a grind living from pay check to pay check? I never could figure that one out. Anyway, back on track. Life is too short to live from hand to mouth. There must be an easier way? Actually there is. When opportunities come knocking, people generally look for all the reasons why this one won't work.

I am amazed. people will knock down opportunities before they even try it! Take TV for example. When it first came out, pastors and church all preached against it. Like it was the all 'seeing eye'. 1994 was about to come upon us, and George Orwell was the big hit! Now we know that TV is not all bad, and many churches are on the very same TV they preached against. Suddenly, TV is the medium to reach this lost and dying world.

Now comes the internet and worse still facebook. Churches and pastors are afraid of Facebook, because its the text monster. (smile). Facebook is just another place to minister, make money and network.

Why are we so afraid of new technology? I actually make money out of facebook, and reach unsaved people at the same time! If you want to learn how - I am going to be putting on one day seminars to teach people the simplicity of networking on facebook...and turning that into an income!

Radical Grace and more

Radical Grace by its very definition is beyond the dictionary's definition. Grace is unmerited favor, but really that is so short of the true meaning of Grace! Grace is forgiveness before you sin. Grace took Christ to Calvary before you were even born. I prefer to define Grace as God's outflow of love towards you before you were even conceived.

I know this definition will probably upset theologians, but then I am not trying to impress anyone anyway. Radical Grace is therefore not a license to sin, but rather a license to be forgiven. Thinks of it as God's love directed at you, through an action (Calvary).

Seeing as this Grace is driven by radical love, its this radical love that should be defining your lifestyle too. This untainted, sold out, radical love should define your very existence. Seek ye first the Kingdom is a command on how to live every day. You begin your day with a "what can I do to serve you today Lord?" question and then do your very best to fulfill His desires. When you adopt this lifestyle attitude, you will never need to worry about sin again.

Once your life is defined by a serving attitude towards God and to others, you will have crucified your flesh by your very paradigm. Romans 12:2 will be fulfilled. This lifestyle paradigm is the ultimate testimony to others.

Your life will truly be the best sermon for believers and unbelievers alike. Religion will try to water this down by adding works to it. You cannot add to grace, you take away from 'grace' when you add works to it. Having a servant mindset (not a door mat) is the ultimate way to walk in favor. Bless God, bless your neighbors and watch favor flow.

This is the ultimate successful mindset!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Walking in Kingdom paradigm

Have you ever wondered how it was when the crowds came to lay hands on Jesus they were totally unable too? At the same time, how is it that he could be physically present  with Moses and Elijah both of which were outside of their space/time continuum? The answer lies in a simple yet profound paradigm shift.

Jesus was able to walk inside and outside of the space/time continuum that hinders man. In Romans 12:2 we are told to change our mindset, our paradigm.  Hebrews 11:3 talks about ages or eons. Time periods are in reality man made concepts.

Man made up the idea of a 24 hour hour day, filled with 60 minute hours. Time as we know it is 'relative' to your perception. Einstein's theory of relativity explains this with the following example. If a tram was traveling at the speed of light, and you were a bystander standing outside, but were some how able to look inside, you would notice that time had slowed down for those inside, but space had increased. So the tram would be longer, but time within the tram would actually be slower.

Now, if we believe that God travels at the speed of light, its not surprising then that a day in the life of the Lord is like a 1,000 years to us! Time and space is relative your view point.

How do you experience God?

How do you experience God? There is only one way to experience God and that is through Faith. Faith is not limited by or to the confines of human logic. Faith operates outside the realm of the normal and mundane. Faith is in reality an adventure of stepping off the edge of reason and logic and finding your self walking despite the obvious limitations of being a mere mortal.

Faith transcends the boundaries of time and space, and takes the believer into the realm of the impossible. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the anointed word of God spoken under inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

The thing about faith is that it requires an understanding not of this world, but of the Holy Spirit. When HE rises up within you, and gives you the vision (which is in simple terms His memory of the event) then you can step out into another dimension.

People who are rational thinkers, inside the box dwelling individuals are easily frustrated with the success stories (testimonies) of the true believer. Often accounting the supernatural lifestyle as exaggeration or made up. These same poor individuals are limited by their own logic in an attempt to explain God.

The visionary is never limited by human logic, circumstances or lack. The visionary is that wonderful person that operates in the realm of the impossible, driven by their passion to accomplish the improbable. When a visionary garbs a hold of faith, there is truly nothing on this earth that can stop that person. Its no wonder that the visionaries of today get the most flack from the religious 'in the box dwellers'.

I would encourage you this day to dream again. Add to that dream faith and to that faith action. Go accomplish what your Creator has implanted within you...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Business consultants in the bible?

In 1 Chronicles 12:32 we see that David had amongst his mighty men the seers, or the men of Issachar who understood the seasons. This is so vital to David's success. On David's payroll was a group of seers who could advise him of what the seasons were.

I used to wonder, why David could not just look into the sky, and see if it was a  cloudy day or not. Have the leaves turned? That would be the usual response from most people who do not understand what the word 'know' refers to. The word 'know' refers to an intimate knowledge of what is happening in the spiritual realm. This in the broader sense refers to a knowledge and understanding of what God wanted David to do at that time. There were times when David was told to stand, and times when God told David to retreat and times when David was told to advance.

Imagine having this type of insight and input in your business? It makes perfect sense to me. Modern day businesses hire accountants, lawyers, marketing consultants and coaches. It is amazing, that few businesses see the need to hire a 'seer' that understands the times and seasons.

I guess we have become too sophisticated in modern times to rely on something as 'silly' as a seer? I know, the internet contains all the answers we need - right? I also realize that by writing this blog, I stand the chance of being labelled a total nut.

King David, the most successful king of the Old Testament may disagree with the modern perception of separating God from our business. In my personal experience, I have seen far too many businesses succeed when they are in partnership with their man of God. I have also seen many succeed without this relationship...but the choice remains yours.  This is just another thought on thinking outside the normal box...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Language of the Spirit

In Joel 2:28 we come across the awesome scripture involving the manner in which God will speak to us in the last days. Old men will dreams and young men have visions. Dreams and visions are a part of the language God uses to speak to us.

There is also the face to face meetings (like with Moses and Paul) as well as the still quite voice (Elijah), but the most common is in dream and visions. It says in Joel 2:28 that ALL men will prophesy! The Apostle Paul said - desire spiritual gifts, but ESPECIALLY that you may prophesy. In Thessalonians 5:20 Paul says do not despise prophecies.

So we see that God speaks to us through various mediums in these last days. I would like to deal with the language of dreams in this blog.

First off, there are three dimensions to revelation. The first dimension is physical realm. That would be your dreams are simply a result of what you ate the night before, or your subconscious mind is bringing images to the fore. Sometimes your fears come to the fore in your dreams. Dreams are powerful, and any strong emotions you may have bottled up inside of you, will definitely emerge in your dreams

Second dimension of this language is the soul ream or second heaven. This dimension often contains symbolism of what the enemy has planned. I have a number of people who have foreknowledge of planes crashing or train accidents. This is given to them to pray against, to intercede on behalf of the potential victims. These dreams contain powerful images of disasters etc.

The third dimension os dreams is the heavenly realm or third realm. This is where God speaks to us. These dreams contain symbols of God's plan for us. These are always positive, exhorting dreams. The spirit of prophecy is the testimony of Jesus Christ. (Rev 19:10)

The first thing you do with your dreams are write them down in a prayer journal. Then you meditate on what you have written down. God uses the same symbols in dreams as in the Bible. So the Bible now becomes your dream language dictionary! This requires you to have an adequate knowledge and understanding of the word. The word tells us to test the spirits, but how can we test the spirits if we do not have enough bible knowledge?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Victory requires you to be in order

In 1 Samuel 4:1-2 the Philistines set themselves in 'order'. They put themselves into order. The Israelites on the other hand were out of order. We see that the Israelites suffer setback after setback as a result of being OUT OF ORDER.

How is it then that the chosen people of God can be defeated at the hands of the Philistines, even when the Ark of the Covenant is brought into the camp? Two priests, both of which were out of order. ( 1 Sam 3:19)

It fascinates me in today's society, the people will wonder why they suffer defeat after defeat. Instead of wondering why the 'blessing of God is not making you rich'. Maybe the more pointed question would be - what is out of order in my life? Are my priorities lining up with God first and everything else second?

Put your life 'into order' and the blessing will flow. Attending church regularly does not ensure the blessing. Even when the Israelites brought the Ark into their camp (1 Sam 4:4-10), they still suffered a major defeat.

Church is not a good luck charm, and having the priest/pastor/prophet bless your business really has no impact, if your life is out of order...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Second hand nets

Peter (in Luke 5:6-8) nearly messed up...well actually he did. he messed up royally. He took second hand nets out with him and when Christ told him to lower his nets for an increase (Peter only had the second hand nets) and as such his nets broke when the increase came.

he goes on to say to the Lord, forgive me, for I am a sinful man? How was he sinful? In my opinion, he was sinful, because he had not come prepared for the boat sinking increase Jesus was about to unleash on him. Peter left the good nets on the shore (he had been washing them and left them out to dry) and so was unprepared for the net breaking, boat sinking increase that was about to come.

He even argued with Jesus - saying :"But we have worked all night without any return, why do you think there is something down there for us?"

I wonder how many are going to be ill prepared for the net breaking boat sinking increase that is coming. Are you arguing with God? Are you bringing second hand nets to the harvest? God want to bring you boat sinking increase. Its harvest time, and many in the church are still repeating the same old same as last year, or last week!

When God said "I am about to do a new thing" what part of "new" did you not get? If the same old worked for this harvest, then why is our harvest so pitiful? The new harvest (of souls) is not coming through last year's processes.

Whether we are harvesting souls or finances, its time to bring out the new nets. The processes of last year (or last week) are not going to work anymore.

Paul tried to reason with people in Athens. It failed. When he went to the Church in Corinth he tired a new approach. In chapter 2 of Corinthians he says " I am not coming with an excellency of speech...". Thats because his excellency of speech failed to bring in the harvest in lets try God's way then!

How funny man is. We try it our way first, when that fails, then we decide that our way is not so good after all, so lets try this God's way.

Bottom line - get out your new nets. There is a net breaking harvest coming, and the old nets won't hold the increase.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Stolen dreams

Thieves only steal items of value. So why does the enemy steal so many of our dreams if they have no value? In John 10:10 the word records that the thief comes to steal kill and destroy...Jesus was warning us that the enemy was coming into steal things of value. Your dreams have value by their very nature they are valuable.

Dreamers, change their world to suit them. Dreamers impact their world. Dreamers invent items that make our world easier to live in. Dreamers provide for the rest of us. Joseph's dreams propelled him into conflict with the dream killers, and he landed up in a pit, but for divine intervention that would have been a grave!

Later on, this dreamer is propelled into the highest office in the land, and as a result of that, Joseph provides for his family, the same family that tried to ice him and his dreams. If the devil cannot steal your dreams, he will try and kill you instead.

Dreamers, don't work for salaries, they are  driven by their passion to accomplish their dreams. Dreamers are entertained by their dreams. Dreamers are the people you want to have around you, because their vision will often be your provision one day. Hidden within the vision (dream) is the provision.

A book that has really impacted my ministry is one by Steve Thompson called "You may all prophesy"

It is well worth reading.

What do you do with a dream

I am often asked this question :"What am I to do with my dreams?" Its as if the Church as a whole does not embrace one of the fundamental avenues that God uses to speak to us. The language of the Holy Spirit is diverse and exciting. God has often spoken to people in dreams. It was in a dream, that God spoke to Joseph (husband of Mary) to take Mary and Jesus into Egypt. It was in a dream that God spoke to Joseph several times about the his destiny one day.

God speaks to us in dreams and visions. Joel 2:28 clearly says that in the last days, God will pout out His spirit on all man and the sons and daughters will prophesy, the old men will dream dreams and the young men have visions.

When you become a citizen of a new country, you are expected to learn the language of that country. I originally came from South Africa, and even though we all speak "English", South African english is very different from the English spoken in Eastern Kentucky, or California or Brooklyn.

So is it when you come into the Kingdom of God. You have to learn a new language. The quickest way to learn this new language, or any language is to write it down and read it. This teaches you to read and write in the new language. Well, the language of dreams is similar.

Dream language is filled with new symbols, that we have to learn. First thing you learn in any new language is the alphabet. In dreams we have to learn the alphabet too. This is simply known as the Bible.

The bible says not to detest prophecies (1 Thess 5:20), but pay attention to them. It also says to test the spirits (1 John 4:1). So the language of dreams has many rules or as I prefer guidelines...but I am going to deal with some basics first.

1. Write down your dreams in a prayer journal. This is a very important step. Understand that not all dreams are third heaven revelation. Some of our dreams (if not the majority ?) are a combination of the food we ate the night before and or fears emerging from our subconscious. This does not mean we are to discount our dreams (1Thess. 5:20) but in time we will learn to discern the difference between the two types.

2. Pray over your dreams. If it is from God, there will be a quickening inside your spirit man. (I will elaborate of these terms in my next blog).

3. Submit your dreams to your man of God. The bible says let the prophets judge. (1 Corinthians 14:29). If you have a prophetic person or presbytery within your church then submit it to the presbytery for interpretation.

In my next blog, I will explain more on this subject of dreams. I will also endeavor to define some of the jargon I used in this blog.  Please, feel free to email me any questions. I will attempt to answer each question in a timely manner. To avoid spammer I have place a space within my email address which means you have to type in my email address. Email radrev

Prophetic Presbytery in the Local Church

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Visionaries never work for a salary, their dreams feed them, entertain them, keep them warm, drive them to accomplish the seemingly impossible, ultimately change the world around them, leaving their mark on history. Dreamers will always impact their environment. The strange thing about dreamers is that their family are often dream killers. Joseph's family were dream killers. They tried to kill him, but God had a plan for Joseph. You see it was God that gave Joseph the dream to change the world. 

Fishing with a net

I never liked fishing. I could not figure out how you were ever going to catch enough fish with one pole at a time. It just does not make any sense. Then I went fishing with a commercial fisherman. Wow, what a difference it makes when you have a series of nets cast out into the water.

In the morning he cast the nest out and then in the evening he went back to haul in the nets. The results were drastically different from pole fishing. In pole fishing you would work really hard to bring one fish in at a time, which is fine if you are sports fishing, but to try and feed your family on one fish at a time, takes too long and requires way too much work.

The fishing nets on the other hand brought in too many fish for one family. Now, the commercial fisherman, would sell most of his catch and deposit the cash. Not only did he have enough fish to feed his entire family, but pretty soon he was employing others on boats he owned and he was really increasing every day.

Working for a fixed salary is like fishing with one pole at a time. Have several streams of income is likened to the man with the fishing nets. A little bit of imagination, some really hard work and pretty soon you have your own business and are employing others. This is living in the over flow.

Now, fishermen will still tell you that they prefer to fish for one fish at a time. Its all in your perspective. Personally, I want to live in the overflow....start a home based business today. You will never be fired again!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Want change?

Its amazing - it really is. So many people want a change. I am constantly hearing from people that would like a change in their future, be it their finances or relationships. I find it so hard to work out why we want a change, and then go right back to doing the same thing we have always done. If you do what you have always done, you will get what you always got!

Surely thats not too hard to work out? If you want to change your future then do something different in your present. It makes a whole lot of sense, but few people grasp this simple concept. Change starts with a decision to think differently. In Romans 12:2 it tells us to change our thinking patterns and instead of embracing the world view, we are to embrace a Godly view.

How do we do that? Simple really - make time to hear from God everyday. If you spend time with God each morning (at the same time) and keep a journal of each and every 'meeting' - your paradigm will begin to change. The result will be dramatic.

By changing you thinking today, you will impact your tomorrow! Would you really like to make a change?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How to hear from God...consistently!

How do we hear from God - consistently? We all agree, at least I think most of the prophets, students of the word and scholars agree that 2010 (Hebrew year 5770) is a very important year. I would prefer the term 'season'. We are entering a transitional season (in my opinion) for some really exciting developments in the Kingdom of God.

To really make the most of this season, we need to be hearing from God consistently. Hit and miss is not an option right now. So what is the key to an intimacy and consistency? I believe there are several keys to hearing from God.

Key 1 ~ Get a Journal. Write down everything in your journal. Your thoughts, your impressions, your feelings, your prayers, your dreams, your bible study, everything.

Key 2 ~ Set aside quite time. Same time each and every morning, before the cell phone starts ringing, before emails start pouring in demanding attention, before Facebook calls out to you. Same time, every day.

Key 3 ~  Be still. This one you will have to work at. It takes practice to "be still and Know God".

Key 4 ~ Enter His gates with Thanksgiving in your hearts. Start with a list of everything you are thankful for that day. Write it down in your journal. This sets the tone for the rest of the meeting.

Key 5 ~ God will speak to you in a still quite voice, or in audible voice, or in dreams, visions, parables, impressions, thoughts, etc. Write them all down.

Key 6 ~ pray over your writing of that day. Have a look for patterns or images, symbols that keep coming back day after day. Meditate on what you wrote down that day. In time, you will learn to discern what is God's voice and what is your input. This is where it gets exciting.

It takes time to learn a new language. Spend this time learning the new language of God. When you become fluent, your intimacy with God will be at a whole new level.

Enjoy the adventure

Monday, January 11, 2010

Creating wealth for pastors

Being a full time pastor, living on faith has several challenges that your average pastor may not face. By this I mean, being a pastor of a larger church that is financially well off enough to pay a full time salary to their man of God is a real blessing, but if you are a church planter pastor (one who thrives on planting new churches) then this is seldom the case for you.

Full time pastors, cannot afford to have a secular job, as this really detracts from their role as minister. Full time pastors of smaller church plants have to have a mindset to create wealth. The age old adage, 'money works for me' applies in this scenario.

I am presently pastoring a Church that I planted three years ago in a Hotel Conference Room. Our start up budget was under $100 and three years later we are going strong. During this three year start up stage and the interim  stage where we had to find a bigger location, buy equipment and furniture we went through many stages of 'faith' manifesting funds. We also went through those stages of having to believe God for food (as a family) never mind the bigger stuff like gas, heat or the normal bills any family has.

So, what most pastors do in this 'growth stage' is to take a secular job to support their family while the church is growing. Unfortunately, this secular job takes the man of God away from his family and coupled with the Church demands on his time, pretty soon his family are feeling neglected. This causes kids to act up and mom to get really uptight.

This often results in the pastor being mad at the church and sooner than later, yet another church plant has failed. So what is the alternative to this scenario? The pastor needs to feed his family, but a secular job makes too many demands on his time, and the family suffers the consequences.

The solution lies in creating a wealth stream. Multi level marketing is one great option here. This is based upon the associates ability to network. Well, pastors are generally great networkers, or else they would not be working in such an intense people environment like pastoring! Multi level marketing is not selling a product, but rather introducing people to a product that you believe in, and really believe will improve people's lives.

Multi level marketing is about opportunities for people to create their own income streams. Now, i firmly agree some of these multi level marketing companies are really just a scam to get people sending in large amounts of money for products they do no need or use every month. Others 'sell' you a website  that you pay for every month and never see the results.

I was involved in a couple of travel website businesses - they never paid me enough commission to even cover my monthly costs! I was also caught in those - 'you must buy this start up product' to be successful. I spent a fortune on start up products and never made anything.

So, I am the first to agree - multi level marketing is not for me! I did discover one that I finally like though. It took me long enough, but I have seen results, only spent a paltry sum to get involved and already my website has hits. Already (three days later) I have seen enquiries coming in. More than that though, I actually do like the products and use the product myself.

Instead of selling the concept, I introduce people to an opportunity to change their lives about you? Would you like to change your life around?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

What can we learn from the Nile River?

The Nile River in Africa is a fascinating study. Its starts in the small country of Uganda and ends up in Egypt. In its travels, it provides food for millions through fishing and water life. It brings water to pretty mush most of the African Continent north of the Equator.

This mighty river is so big in Egypt, that if you were to stand on one bank and look across to the other side, you could not see the other bank. Despite this massive river, it has seriously very small beginnings. So small, that you could quite easily stop the source of the Nile river...but the secret to its 'success' lies in the following principle.

There are many many little streams that flow into this river giant to form the mighty Nile River! I learnt this valuable lesson from a friend of mine. He was not particularly bright at school, barely graduating on his second attempt. He went onto to become a very successful businessman, with a million dollar home, private jet and his children all went to private schools. I met him the the bush of Mozambique where I was a scuba diving camp manager and he one of my clients. We got to talking and I ever curious asked him his history. I was surprised to learn of his very humble beginnings, lack of education and no business degree at all!

He taught me the principle of 'Multiple Streams of Income'. Although he did not call it this, he did teach me the secret to his success. He owned 10 businesses. While each one in of itself made very little profit, the combined effect of the ten business were enough to propel him into millionaire status.

He was debt free, living the good life, while his staff worked in the individual businesses. He managed to branch out into real estate that he owned outright and finally he bought a couple of shopping centers during the times when everybody else was going out of business. He was able to buy shopping centers are a really cheap price, because the owners were in debt up to their eyeballs, and he was debt free.

The bible says to owe no man anything, but love. A cash only mentality leads you to be in a position to grab good real estate deals when they happen along, because you have cash. The underlying principle here is 'streams of income'.

My ministry has several streams of income and we keep branching out into more businesses. Multi level marketing is a great way to start a second stream of income, and once you get that going you can look for the third stream of income...

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Streams of income

Mindset and its impact ~ do you realize that your mindset (paradigm) is like a set of glasses that you view the world through. Ever noticed how for some people the glass is always half full, but other few the same glass as half empty.

My dad was an eternal pessimist. We used to tease him . As a family we enjoyed traveling, and would land up in a foreign country like Spain and use their public transport system. We would be standing at the bus stop, and in the horizon the bus would come chugging along. Dad would always say “that bus is full”...before we could even see the bus completely, he had made a decision that the bus was full, and hence we would have to wait some more!

Invariably the bus would be empty, but it would take some convincing before he would even think of changing his mind. It was really sad, but funny too. His thinking was always so negative that everything was tainted with this “bus is full mentality”. His excuse was that he was never disappointed.

Personally, I like to see the light at the end of the tunnel, as sunshine, while others view it as an oncoming train. These negative world views really steal all your joy. Even when the bus is empty, you may not get on, because you convinced yourself it was full.

I found myself adopting this attitude in College. Consequently I made really poor choices when great opportunities presented themselves, I always looked for the catch. THis looking for the ‘catch’ left me minus a whole bunch of opportunities and later regrets. I could have accepted a student teacher position, gone on to do my phd etc etc, but my negative world view closed the doors that were wide open.

The word of God in Romans 12:2 says we are to change our thinking from a world view to a word view. The word is full of promises, promises like the Israelites in Joshua’s time were never fulfilled due to a lack of belief, expectancy and plain simple a lazy attitude.

The bus is full mentality is a great excuse not to do anything, not to build up an expectancy, not to go after anything, because ultimately you are going to fail anyway, so why try?

Thankfully, I have adopted a new attitude to life. Even though I have failed and been scammed with 5 different network marketing ventures, I have not given up my pursuit to create a stream of income that can be turned into a wealth stream. I have finally found a potential home based business that will actually work. I almost missed it, because I shut it down before I even had a good look at their products. Finally, I tried some of their products. I was thrilled with the taste and the results. The cost to purchase was cheaper than what I could get the similar type of energy drink at the local retail store, but more than tasted better too. I started out with simply buying the products and then took a look at their entry level opportunity! That changed my paradigm completely...

I have found the company that may actually work. These guys have got this stuff together, are professional, quick and have a different mindset. They have a win-win mentality...which I definitely like.

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