Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Manifestation requires action

The Law of Lift was always present, but when the Orwell brothers acted upon their vision, they uncovered the law of lift. The law of lift manifested when the vision was acted upon by two men.

Your manifestation requires your acting upon your vision. Acting upon your vision will release your provision. Hidden within your vision is the provision. Faith without works is dead and will lead to lack. Faith without vision is wasteful. Manifestation is simply something that is present but unseen. To unlock or unveil the manifestation requires two elements.

1.    Vision
2.    Faith
3.    Action

Manifestation is always unlocked by acting upon the vision.

Within the vision is the provision

Hidden within the vision is the provision. To unlock the provision requires an act of faith. Faith without works is truly dead and will lead to nothing, but a further state of lack. The word manifestation says it all. To manifest is to unveil that which was always present, just hidden from eye sight!

Your provision lies within your vision. You unlock that provision by acting upon your vision (in faith) there by bringing forth the manifestation (unveiling) of what was always there.

My people perish through a lack of vision! This clearly sums this up. The visionary will always have more than enough provision, provided he/she has corresponding action. The 'act' of faith releases the provision hidden within the vision. Faith without works is dead...as is a vision without corresponding action!

How many have commented that they could have had that piece of land for a song, but they over analyzed the transaction, and lost the opportunity! Procrastination is the death of provision, simply because it kills off the vision.

An administrator makes decisions based upon facts, and resources available, whereas a visionary makes decisions based upon the vision. Thats why visionaries are world changers and administrators are resistant to any change. Administrators have the gift of administrating the vision of the visionary. Visionaries are the providers for many...

Is it time you started to dream again?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Successful mindset when things are going well

Successful mindset is an issue when things are going well more than most realize. Its amazing how many loose their focus when they start to succeed. Their initial focus was on seeking out the ways of God to ensure that they would succeed in every aspect of their lives. In marriage for example, if both partners seek out God and His way of doing things first, then the marriage will grow and prosper.

Once the marriage is growing and prospering, I am often surprised to find that the partners, now try things their own way. Pretty soon, the grace period wears off, and the next thing you know is they are both back in counseling. The key to maintaining success in every venture to to maintain focus.

When you take your eyes off the target (God's way) its easy to get distracted and back into a funk. I have seen far too many people loose their focus, and slowly drift off into the same mess as before. There is only one way to succeed - focus on Christ and His way. All else will fail you...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Your Soul, defined as your Mind, Will and Emotions, lives in your physical body. Your soul, is the root of your feelings, emotions. A paradigm is created through experiencing the physical world. Your senses (hearing, smell, taste, touch, sight) feed you an experience through which you formulate a paradigm that enables you to predict your world. This sense of 'prediction' gives you a sense of security. You can predict that the bath water is going to be hot as a result of a previous experience with hot water. This previous experience is etched into your synapses forming a pattern also known as memory.

Learnt behavior is simple a memory of a previous experience that was strong enough to formulate a pattern within your physical brain. So your physical body enables you to interact with your environment and to exercise some sort of influence over your physical world. This gives us a sense of control.

Philosophies have developed out of this view that all there really is is your soul and your physical body, ad as such we have Descartes concept of "I think therefore I am". My response (in jest) is :"does that mean that half the people I have met are not? "

Many people do not actively 'think' (think - to cognitively arrive at a conclusion based upon a rational thought process or deductive reasoning) as most just follow a pattern of learnt behavior. Learnt behavior is not 'thinking' but rather some one else taught you this pattern or you learnt it through an experience.

For example - I have had several bad experiences with Multi level marketing thus my conclusion is that all multi level marketing companies are a scam. This is not 'thinking' but rather learnt behavior that led me to make an incorrect assumption based upon limited exposure to a much larger industry!

Sprit Realm -Back to my point. I think therefore I am is not sufficient to answer life's greater questions. Where do angels and demons fit into this paradigm? I would have thought that one would go to Church to discover the answer to the spirit realm. I was wrong. Most churches do not even talk about the spirit realm, never mind engage in a meaningful dialogue. Most adults deny the spirit realm, because we cannot quantify it. Yet scientists are able to view quantum particles operating in a predetermined manner that is influenced by the observer's expectation thus changing the environment considerably.

John 4:23 to 24 says :"But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him.God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth."

Surprised to find that the Bible considers God to be a Spirit? I was the first time I read this because the average Church not only does not talk about the Spirit realm but really tries to ignore this very important fact. We may inhabit a physical body, but we interact with the spiritual realm everyday, whether we accept it or not. Further more the bible records in Hebrews 11:3 that the world (physical) was made out of unseen (quantum particles perhaps?) stuff. Quantum particles are unseen with the physical eye, and fit this description very well. 

Now we know that quantum particles act in a manner that the viewer expects them to act. This would line up very definitely with what Romans says (Romans 4:17) calling those things that be not as though they are. 

If we were to follow this thought through, we see that we call forth those things that be not as though they are, causing our interaction with the spiritual realm to change according to our words we speak. Psychologists have named this the power of suggestion. If you believe something strongly enough with an expectation, you will have exactly what you believe you will have. Nothing new here. Its also been called a self fulfilling prophecy.

How ever you believe you interact with the unseen (spirit realm) the fact remains that you can influence your environment by changing your paradigm. Instead of being a follower of previous experiences and some one else's view, you can become a pioneer of your own destiny.

The key to success is to change your paradigm. When you begin to realize that you are not answer to an equation, but rather the variable within the equation, you realize that within you is the power to determine the conclusion! The unknown quantity in this equation is the spirit realm. You get to play a larger influence over the spirit realm than you realize. Its this interaction with the spirit realm and your soul, that ultimately determines the conclusion - your destiny.

Your destiny awaits. The cruise ship "Destiny" is waiting for you (the Captain) to embark. What are you waiting for? Is it not time you got off the dingy and climbed aboard the Ocean Liner and set sail for Destiny?