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Organic Church - Angels Part !

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Monday, May 24, 2010

God is 'Love' not condemnation

Why is it so hard for people to love each other? Is it because we are not Christ like, but of that other deity? Even on church TV channels, we here about this angry God that is sending everyone to burn in that 'hot place' and be eaten by worms. Now, I know about that 'hot place', but with the fire and brimstone doctrine we are selling a fire insurance policy, and not a 'love life style'.

Who appointed you 'keeper of the faith' anyway? 

My God is love. He so loved me, that he sent His only Son to die for me. He did not send His only Son to condemn me to Hell!! Perhaps some of the fire and brimstone preachers need to get saved? By 'saved', I refer to a 'come to Jesus moment' - where you meet My Christ and not the angry God that wants to cause you pain, but the loving God that wants to see you living a victorious life, in Joy, Peace and most importantly...He Loves You!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The business of tomorrow

The business model of the past and present has focused on the left brained individual. I believe that the business models of tomorrow is going to focus on the dreamer, visionary and creative person.  Business is rapidly changing from large corporations to smaller home based units.  Creativity is going to play a larger role in future business than ever before. Relationship marketing is another major change that is going to occur. In the past we had the win/loose mentality when negotiating. In the future we are going to see a quantum leap change in this approach. The new approach will be win/win centered.

Emotional Intelligence will become more valuable than the more traditional IQ of yesterday. Homeschoolers are perfectly placed to succeed in this new business model that is emerging. Homeschoolers are taught to think outside the box, be creative, and their interpersonal skills with adults are far advanced over the normal public school student. Homeschoolers are confident, independent thinkers and are accustomed to debating with adults. 

Interestingly enough in the bible the visionaries are at the top of the food chain and the administrators are way down at the bottom. The administrators administer the vision given by God to the visionary. Traditional business model with its win/loose model has brought our economy crashing down. Its obvious that this model does not work. The new business model is less greed based (win/loose) and more co-operative based (win/win) which will require a new paradigm. 

Emotional intelligence will be far more important in the next business age. Homeschoolers and network marketing is going to be play a more important role in this new wave than we can possibly know right now. The present business model is about to be overhauled as entrepreneurs arise. If you would like to partake in the next wave of Business, find a really good start up home based business or network marketing opportunity. Check out their compensation plans as well as their product lines. There is no point in working for a network marketing company that makes you do all the work, and they take all the money either. This is part of the old business model. The new network marketing company has a win/win approach, does not require you to stockpile products, and empowers you to be a success!  Do your due diligence when researching network marketing companies...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Five dimensions of change

Five Dimensions of change. Five areas that if you were to change in your personal life would lead to a total life makeover. Are you ready for a Total Life Makeover?

  • 1st Dimension - change your eating habits. Change your diet, will impact your thinking, energy levels, reduce stress and open up new opportunities
  • 2nd Dimension of change is your finances. 
  • 3rd Dimension is to change your spiritual outlook.
  • 4th Dimension - change your emotional/intellectual dimension
  • 5th Dimension refers to your geographic dimension.
To effect a total life transformation, a total life make over, you need to focus on these aforementioned five dimensions. Once you start the change, your life will dramatically alter forever, changing your destiny in the process! This is the approach used by catalyst and life coach, Tim Edwards. Email me for a free life coaching workshop in LaGrange, Ky. Your destiny radrev @

True Worship

 True Worship is an outward expression of an inward position, devoid of religion. Modern day church has relegated worship to a religious art form, thereby losing the wonderful expression of love that worship was designed to be!

Without that expression of love, our inward condition is eroded away, until we are clay vessels that are easily moved by outside stimulus. God designed worship to stir up our inner condition. True worship builds our foundation, rooting and grounding us in love. Religion seeks to bring pleasure to the flesh, effectively eliminating love and focusing on the carnal aspect of music. Carnality erodes our love, changes our focus and opens us up to defeat. Worship is not only important to the believer's walk, but it also brings us into a more intimate relationship with our Father.

True worship is devoid of religious expression...

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dreamers have the audacity to dream..

Dreamers that have the audacity to dream, the hope to believe, and the gumption to change their world, are recorded by historians as world changers, destiny walkers, mavericks and sometimes revolutionaries.

At their 'time', when they are alive, these same 'heros' of the history books, are arrested, persecuted, labelled an idiot, spat on, called names and ostracized because of their vision. The authorities generally dislike the modern day dreamer simply because authority is normally vested in the hands of the administrator. Administrators hate change. Dreamers are constantly doing two things that are threatening to administrators.

One - they challenge everything, ask questions that irritate like :"Why do we do it like that?"

Two - they make suggestions that require adopting a new technique.

Administrators are gifted at repetition. They can repeat the same task 1,000 times per day, and then feel like they have accomplished something that day. If a dreamer has not challenged everything that day, they feel like they have failed. Without dreamers, social change never takes place. Martin Luther King dreamed, and had the courage to effect change. Martin Luther dreamed of a bible in a common language for the people.

Joseph dreamed of ruling Egypt and having provision for his family. It was the provision that was hidden within the dream. Your provision is hidden within your dream. I teach programs, workshops to dreamers, visionaries and seers. Its a 3 day workshop, teaching you how to record your dreams, understand your dreams and finally activate your dreams. In three days, you will learn the skills to change your destiny, using biblical methods of dream interpretation. Do you have the courage to change your world?

email me for details at radrev (at)

Thermostat or thermometer

Thermometers reflect temperatures where as thermostats change temperatures. Christians often reflect the current spiritual climate, afraid to make waves, rather just reflecting what's politically correct and going with that flow.

Thermostats on the other hand can be quite contrary to the environment. Thermostats change their environment by pumping out hot air, or cold air depending upon their internal setting. They do not pump out the air that has the same temperature as their environment. That would be a waste.

Believers tend to be thermostats. They tend to speak according to their faith setting. Believers that have become watered down, politically correct, become christians, and start to sound just like their environment. Believers are radical people, dreamers, mavericks, world changers and city takers. Believers rock the boat! Believers get out of the boat and walk on water, while the thermometers sit in and whine about those that have gotten out!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Visionaries never work for a salary, their dreams feed them, entertain them and keep them warm at night. Dreams drive them to accomplish the seemingly impossible, ultimately challenge the world around them; leaving their mark on history.

Dreamers change history by changing their environment. History changers do not accept their world as it is, but rather look to see what they can change. Dreamers convert their environment to conform to their expectations. Dreamers never accept 'no' as the final answer, they always push for a 'yes'.

Dreamers wrestle with their God until He blesses them. Less fortunate people will always be threatened by a dreamer.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Bridge Builders

Imagine the power of a united Church. I am often forced to wonder if that dream will ever be a reality. I know in heaven, it will be, simply because we will be in one geographical place, devoid of our human emotions, paradigms and theology. Even so, will the Calvinists be in their own section, far way from the Charismatics?

The bible records that there is power in unity, but man seeks to separate, create lists, compartmentalize and bring theology into the picture, thus forever altering the landscape of the Kingdom. Can the human mind come to an understanding of a simple fact?  God hates strife. The devil loves strife. The devil promotes differences, and God encourages us to be united in our very differences!

There were 12 tribes, each very different from the next one. Issachar was the prophetic tribe, Judah the praise and worship tribe, Levi was the priestly tribe and Dan the judgement tribe. These tribes were different, had different functions but all worshipped in a unity. Does this mean that different churches can be different, have different styles of worship, but still serve the same God?  YES!

I wonder why we want everyone to be exactly like us. How boring that would be, and yet that seems to be the thrust of most churches, denominations etc. We all start with this wonderful idea of bring the lost into the fold, and then we go about changing the 'lost' into a 'look-a-like'. We belittle other churches, criticize other pastors, and even argue over bible translations...

Sounds like the devil worked his way into church politics and got his way there a long time ago. Maybe its time to scrap the way we used to do church, and start all over, simply based on what Christ taught us - to love thy Lord thy God with all thy heart, and to love thy neighbor has thyself.

We could move on from there to embrace the differences in our worship, embrace the differences in each of us, loose control and let Jesus rule once again. Is that possible? Maybe, what we need are bridge builders. Someone who wants to build a bridge between the various denominations, focusing on Jesus Christ and not one one passage of the bible.

What we don't need is yet another denomination, ministry, teaching that creates a whole doctrine on just one verse, or even a few verses. What we do need is a more cohesive view of the larger picture God painted in His whole bible. lets read the whole bile and formulate a simple doctrine - love -.

My theology is simple. I love people. I love God. I pastor, (lead) people into a closer love walk with God. I encourage and exhort, equip people to love God and one another.Thats the whole doctrine. Simple, concise and complete.

If you want a complicated theological statement of what our church is, what we believe and what our vision is, then you are at the wrong House of Prayer. Our theology is simple, concise and complete.

We empower, equip and encourage the believer to love God in a more intimate manner than they have ever experienced before.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

God is into new things

God is so into new things, and despite this obvious  trait, it seems as if the church is intent on repeating the old? I am forced to wonder why church leadership in general does not recognize that to remain relevant to this generation, we have to present the word in a real manner, with technology as a supporting role and not as the main event!

Friday, May 7, 2010

God is doing a new thing, and yet so many resist this new thing, and focus instead on last week's anointing, last weeks conferences and last week's messages. He (that would be God) told the Israelites not to take manna for tomorrow, but just enough for today. When they took manna for the next day, it went stale!

I believe that last week's programs are now stale. Its time for a fresh anointing, a fresh perspective a 'new thing'. Interestingly enough its the very minister that refers to himself/herself as operating on the cutting edge that resists this new thing! I guess the new thing requires a new amount of work, where as the old thing I can just rest on what I have already accomplished.

Then there is the aspect of the new thing, may require me to sit down and let some one else lead for a change. Now thats hard for a leader to deal with. Despite the verse that says, he who wants to be great should position himself as the least...

God is doing a new thing. The Gospel is the same, the delivery is new. Cutting edge ministries are constantly seeking God for that 'edge'. This requires a constant work in prayer, constantly having your ear tuned into Heaven's frequency and finely tuned in at that. A cutting edge ministry requires leaders to be finely tuned into heaven, but tuned out to the world. By tuning out to the world, you can expect some flack. A ministry that is concerned about the world's opinion will never get that edge.

This new thing is a prophetic edge that requires a strong will, but pliable to God and two ears tuned in to what Heaven is saying. Are you looking for a prophetic edge ministry to network with? I believe Four Rivers International is the answer to that question...we flow in the prophetic edge...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Faith without

Faith without works is dead, but faith without love is simply loud noisy confessions that impress few if any. Real faith is demonstrated with real acts of love towards those that are unlovely, those that we dislike and those that dislike us.

Believers stand out from Christians when they demonstrate their faith in real acts and not just empty words...