Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Your head controls where your body will end up

An interviewer once asked a high rope walker, how he kept his balance at the extreme heights he walked. The high rope walker responded that it was actually a simple process. Your body would always go where your eyes were focused. In other words, if you looked up, your body would proceed in that direction. Likewise, if you focused on the ground, you would fall.

God told Abraham to 'lift up your eyes...' Where is your focus? Having a dream without focus will ultimately result in you achieving a grandiose nothing. Vision without focus does not guarantee success. A dream without a direction remains in the dream dimension. To take a dream out of the dream dimension, and place it firmly into the physical dimension sounds simple enough, but for many this is simply an insurmountable task.

God created some people with a tremendous gift, a gift of empathy. Its this gift, coupled with a higher than average emotional quotient  (EQ is the scale used to measure 'emotional quotient, as the IQ measures intelligence) are key ingredients you want to look for when securing the services of a life coach.

A life coach, will be gifted in simply cutting through the chase, and enabling you to accomplish your dreams. Do you dream of living a healthier lifestyle? Perhaps you want to live debt free? Maybe, it's that
dream career you are after? A gifted life coach is a blessing and well worth every penny you will invest. Ultimately, you are investing in yourself.

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