Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rain brings change

Rain brings change,
The promise of a future
Hitting the dirt, exploding with potential
Unlocks the seed, hidden deep within
Change has begun

Friday, March 25, 2011


Breakthrough, that elusive place on the timeline of life
Suddenly we are in season, but out of position
And then,  its gone,
Passing us by, like sand sifting through the glass
All because we were out of place

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Fear binds, anger blinds
Rage takes over,
Lust consumes you, sucking you dry,
Love energizes, restores 
... sets you free, free indeed…
Then, you get religion, how sad.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Waves crashing,
Gulls squawking,
Wind blowing gently onto my face
Sun shining, warm
Sand between toes, 
Sea breeze carries the scent of the ocean
What adventures lie beyond the horizon?

Friday, March 11, 2011

One called out of many

I propose that the Truth is, while we are all ‘called’ to share the Gospel, a few are ‘called’ to ‘preach’ the Gospel. Lets be real for a minute. I have been to many different churches, on two continents, and some preachers should rather sit down. Some preachers are just not called, to preach. They literally repeat the same thing over and over, as if we will suddenly get the astounding revelation that they seem to be focused on.
On the other hand, some pastors can sing God save the queen, and my spirit man leaps, insight floods my mind and suddenly I get it. I recognize that some are anointed and others just annoying, but why is it that so many think that being a ‘pastor’ is as simple as graduating from a Seminary and now they are qualified?
In the bible, we encounter Joseph, the youngest amongst all the brothers. This one child is called by God to change the world. The other brothers reject the one called by God, and later eat out of his abundance. Typical of modern day Christians, we reject the ‘one’ amongst the many, despite the biblical truth. One is often called out from the many. Many are never called to lead, just one solitary man, like Gideon, called from amongst the many, to change the world as we know it.
In today’s modern world, we all want to be ‘called’ to change the world. We love teachings that inspire us all to greatness, and we selfishly seek that attention that comes with the role. Paul was called from amongst many. Paul faced harsher trials, suffered more, accomplished more, and Paul faced jealousy, betrayal and rejection from other believers.
David was called from amongst many. David rose to the challenge and changed the world forever. Notice that throughout the bible one man/woman is called from amongst the many men/women. Modern day believers dislike the fact that one is called from amongst the many. Modern day christians miss one very important fact. David said it this was, “... he who goes down to battle will share in the spoils with he who stays behind in the camp.” The thing is not to try to be the one that is not called, but to recognize the called one, and get behind that person. Become a partaker of the rewards associated with covenant. Personally, its way easier to let Paul take the shipwreck, snake bite and you stay on dry land, but are part of his ministry support team. It may not be as ‘romantic’ to be shipwrecked, bitten by a viper and jailed in Rome, but the rewards are the same. 
David went into battle to recover his lost family, belongings and servants. Some of his men were too tired to go down with him, so he instructed them to watch the camp. Upon return he said that those that went into battle would share equal rewards with those that watched the camp. Now, lets be real. I can watch the camp, and get the same reward? Thats a no brainer. So, if its not the reward I am after, then all thats left is the attention  of being the number 1 guy. I want to be recognized as being ‘special’. 
The problem in the church today (not the only problem by any means, but one of them) is that we have so many titles (master prophet, apprentice prophet) which feeds our need to be ‘special’ and recognized. Church promotes this prideful mindset. As for me, I have been looking and watching to see which ministry is the next world changer that I am supposed to partner with. There are many world changer ministries out there, but I want to partner with the next big one that is going to rise to the very top. There is no ‘fun’ in partnering with one that is already changing the world….but thats just me.