Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 3 Atlanta

Day 3 is bright and early. Last night's service was really good, yet again. Shawn Tee (Spiritual peace) brought a whole new dimension to worship with his tracks. never thought I could embrace Hip Hop, but this man has got it down! Loved his worship - you rock Shawn!

Today we have a youth summit at 2pm, followed by handing out school supplies and then dinner at 5:30pm. Tonights service at 7pm is going to be a word explosion, followed by miracles, signs and wonders! Go team Jesus

Friday, July 29, 2011

Atlanta Day 2

Day 1 in Atlanta was wild, beyond expectations. The teenagers went onto the streets at around midnight to find prostitutes to pray for. They prayed for a man (Stan) , a homeless man on the streets of Decatur.

Day 2, Robbie and Kelley are working on several homes today. Robbie has offered to repair homes at no cost. What an awesome service to fellow believers! Thank you Robbie and Kelley for demonstrating the love of God for others.

Atlanta day 1

Atlanta day 1 (28th July) - all I can say is "WOW" what a time we had in church this day. After an awesome word, and some explosive manifestations of God's glory in the house, we moved onto the streets where the evangelist team (teenagers) went to praying for people.

Pastors, prophets and apostles were crying in the service, folks were having visions, tears were shed, and miracles abounded. Its been an exciting time of miracles and more.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

sounds of victory

There is a sound emanating from heaven, its the sound of victory flowing down from heaven. Its a soothing sound, arising within your spirit as your spirit yearns to hear the sounds of heaven, your spirit man replies with his own sound, and a harmony is about to commence.

As more voices ring out, this harmony grows into a symphony, ever rising in tempo and volume. This is the sound of a revival flowing through the land, into the churches as the river flowed into the garden.

The unveiling of the sons of God will release the river once again. Watch out now, revival is coming to the land, and its coming in a mighty rush. The flowing river will be followed by the sounds, more sounds, this time of a mighty rushing wind...are you ready?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Worship of the Edge

I feel His breath on my cheek,
Tears streaming down my face,
Beat, Beat, Beat, regular rhythm in my ear
His love invites me in, deeper than I have ever been before,
I am in the heart of Worship,
Love this place.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tent maker anybody?

Serving as a full time pastor in a small church/ministry is always a challenge unique to the ministry. You rely on 'partners' (aka people who have a giving heart, and support your vision) to enable you to work a full time ministry job on a volunteer compensation package, with no benefits!

The strange thing is that people expect you to be there for them 24/7 when they need you, but they do not expect to have to get into a financial partnership with you and your ministry, because surely somebody else has got that covered? I suspect that people think pastors who work full time in church/ministry are plain lazy folks who take up an offering twice a week to pay their salary.

The true faith test is when you give up your extra income (in my case two jobs outside church) and focus solely on serving others, and the best part is the expectation other have on your time and energy, without the commitment to support your ministry. Is full time ministry slowly dying off, only to be replaced by motivational speakers with their CDs, DVDs, Books and quick fix programs? Ministry has been slowly inundated with quick fix gurus, self help experts and how to get rich quick schemes, that I wonder if true men and women of faith actually still work full time in the ministry?

Lately every church I attend outside of the one I serve at, has another gimmick to raise funds, sell a new bestseller, and or get you to buy their coffee at those crazy coffee house prices, all in the name of God whom they serve with so much 'faith' and pass the bucket for yet another offering.

The apostle Paul had partners alright (Philipian church), and he wrote to them concerning the collection of money for the support of the saints. I get that totally. My concern is more towards both the new clergy tradition of taking up several offerings, selling self help books and preaching a feel good gospel to support their ministry and yet another 7 step formulae to answered prayer.

What happened to authentic worship? Perhaps the real pastors are too tired from their 45 hour work week to spend time in prayer and meditation and thus when they get behind the pulpit they regurgitate some 'build your church overnight sermon with attached video clip'.

Will the real pastor please stand up?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Church 2.0

I am about to explode with the birth of a brand new fellowship (aka Church). I dislike the word 'church', because it conjures up a religious event where people sing a couple of songs, make some donations and listen to a boring preacher preach on...and on.

So whats different? well, everything from the worship experience to the message. The whole concept of Church 2.0 is an authentic worship experience, where you would have a real encounter with the Holy Spirit and not just a soul realm experience.