Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bored with your life?

Many many people tell me they are totally bored with their lives, careers, families, church etc. The key to understand this concept is a simple one, yet without this key, you too run the risk of being bored. 'Bored', is an adjective that defines unfulfilled. When your life has no meaning, then you slowly become bored, searching for the next adventure out there.

Boredom is the consequence of a dreamer not living out their dream. You are created to be a happy person, but with a purpose. If you are not living out your God designed purpose, boredom sets in, frustration takes over and we call that boredom.

So, how do you find your purpose? Simple really, find your dream, and you have found your purpose. The problem is by the time you have found your career, got a mortgage, car payment and kids, hard to give it all up and make a change.

It does seem to me though that this is the season when people decide that the career they studied so hard for, fought their way up the corporate ladder for, is in reality quite unfulfilling! I wish they had a course on living life to the full in High School, rather than encouraging everybody to get a degree in something, as if that degree unlocks the keys to the treasure chest. The degree unlocks the treasure chest alright, the coffers of the college are filled with lost dreams put aside to chase the dream of being happy by getting an education. happiness is not defined by your education or lack there of. Its defined by fulfilling your purpose in life...selah

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Partnership with an anvil

So many of us partner up with an anvil. An anvil is in reality a fixed object used to beat metal into shape. Anvils appear to be solid pillars relationships, but in fact they drag you down, drain your energy, in short try to change you all the time, beating you into the image they have of who and what you should be. They always have your best interests as heart, but seldom empower you, focusing rather on changing you.

Partners that try to change you all the time, are like anvils, good for beating metal into shape, but really they will never help you achieve your dream. You need a dream coach to help you differentiate between a dream and a fantasy, and then assist you in taking the first steps in accomplishing your dreams.

Once you are living your dream you will have energy to get up in the morning, your passion will increase, and you will be satisfied at what you do. Suddenly, your purpose will unfold. Find your passion and your purpose in life will be right before your eyes. You are well on your way to your destiny...

If you need a dream coach instead of an anvil, contact me for details. I have several dream packages including telephonic coaching. Partner up, lets change your mundane into the exciting.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Desires of your heart

The word records that if you were to delight yourself in the Lord then He would give you the desires of our heart. Focus on the following words in this verse : - "if" and "then". The "if" and "then" partnership requires an action on your part which will result in a consequence to aforementioned action.

In today's modern understanding of radical 'grace', we have taken 'grace' to mean without consequence.  The truth is for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Your sin was paid for by Christ's blood. The payment is the consequence of your action.

Now, if you start to delight yourself in the Lord (your action) then he will give you the desires of your heart (corresponding reaction). Its easy for God to give you the desires of your heart, because once you start to meditate on His word, your heart starts to change and suddenly you find that your desires change from the original sin minded self centered desires to more of God's heart desires.

Once your desires line up with His desires, then the rest is manifestation time. Harvest is easy. The bible says that when you sow in tears, you reap a harvest in joy. Well, thats easy too. Sowing (in line with God's instruction and desire) will always lead to a harvest in joy. Sowing simply to reap a 100 fold return is not having God's heart as your motivator and as such leads to lack.

God is not mocked, what a man sows, he will reap. If he sows to the flesh (self centered sowing) he will reap death. Sowing to the spirit reaps a bountiful harvest. It all begins with whats your heart seeking.

Matthew 6:33 says to seek first the Kingdom of God. Most christians are seeking self serving motives, their own ego etc. God is not mocked. We can't use the 'laws' of the Word to mock God. Good luck with that one.

I heard a preacher say its time we became real in the pulpit (this week 16th August 2011), well time will tell how many people in church want 'real' and how many want a get rich quick scheme, or a 'feel good word'. 'Real' makes us uncomfortable, causes us to embrace a change, and who really wants that?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Change your future TODAY

How do we really change tomorrow? Simple really, you are where you are today as a result of decisions you made yesterday. Today is simple yesterday's tomorrow. So, what you chose to do today, will result in your tomorrow's position, location etc.

For example, if you decided yesterday to travel to a different city, then tomorrow you will wake up either on the road to a different city, or in a different city. Simple really, but the decision to change cities always causes some pain. You face the inevtiable decision of leaving people behind, breaking soul ties, and worse still, is this new city any better than the one you are leaving behind?

So, to leave your home country and travel 23 hours across oceans, lands and time zones to land in a new city in a different location requires serious committment, courage and determination. The decision is easy, the process on the other hand can be both traumatic and hard.

As I sit at the local library writing this blog (my home office internet is down), I am contemplating my tomorrow. Does my tomorrow hold a new city with a new beginning, or the same city with the same disappointments?

I know my questions, but I wish somebody would give me some answers...now thats the real issue. Its not the questions we ask, but rather the answers we seek. Selah - till we meet next time, toil efficiently

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Man's search for meaning

Victor E Frankl wrote a book called "Man's search for meaning' - what an exciting title!  Thing is, man (and woman) is constantly seeking the meaning of life, in their career, recreation, family, house, status symbols etc etc. Some of us find meaning in acquiring possessions, while others acquire education, degrees and titles. However  we find meaning in life, we are seldom satisfied for long, constantly seeking a new item, degree, more knowledge, more skills, promotion or a better golf score.

The strange thing is that nobody seems to be really satisfied anymore. Is that because we are so technology bound, so socially connected that we do not have interpersonal relationships anymore?  When I was growing up, (and I know I am dating myself now) we would play on the streets barefoot till the sun went down with a stick and ball. Those were days of scratches, scrapes, bruises and sunburn. Today, my son talks about Halo Reach (an Xbox game) and his new helmet. He has more online friends than in real life and thats all 'normal'?

I have 5,000 odd 'friends on facebook (the limit) and I probably only know 10 of them. Where did they all come from, and when did this become normal? Now, please don't get me wrong, I have started to meet some of my facebook friends, and they are all wonderful people and my life is so much better off having met them, but how did this all happen?

I the miss the simple days of meeting on the streets with a soccer ball, and playing street soccer. One thing was for sure, my life seemed simpler, happier and much more content. With the advent of facebook, I now have bizarre conversations with people about my status (the one I wrote last month that was totally directed at them - not sure what I wrote ten minutes ago on facebook never mind last month).

My point in all this rambling is - for me, meaningful relationships define my success or failure at this adventure known as 'life'. To grow old with friends, to really know a handful of close friends through thick and thin, that defines my life. I feel like facebook/twitter/txt messaging has robbed me of intimate friendships.  What do you think? Is my paradigm last week??

Monday, August 8, 2011

Revival is coming

We have all heard the cry before, Revival, Revival, its coming. The cry gets old fast, and consequently we become hardened to the next move of the Spirit. Last night (7th July 2011) I was attending a service, and I noticed a strange thing happening, the youth were being filled with FIRE.

Fact is the older folks were sitting on the benches, while the youth were rolling on the floor in the fire of God. Tongues of fire were falling and the old folks were sitting by. How crazy is that? Thing is this is just the first waves. Before the tsunami hits the shore, the sea pulls back, the land goes empty and there is a stillness in the air, but the expectancy is high!

Right now, the sea has pulled back, the stillness in the air is electric but the waves are starting to roll. The revival is coming with a tsunami of Holy Spirit outpouring, and the older believers will be sitting on the benches once again. GET OFF THE BENCH and get into the water. The revival thats coming is beyond any of our expectations, it will take a new form, but it will have its roots in sold out radical love for Christ.

There will be an increase in visitations from the Lord, as the supernatural and physical realms collide, LOVE is in the air, and the air is about to crackle with power.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Inner Circle - key to success pt 1

Your inner circle really is the key to your success or failure. These are the guys/girls that support you, lend a helping hand when you are down, encourage you when you are climbing and basically your cheerleader squad. Thing is most of us have a Judas hidden within our inner circle, and Judas betrays you every time.

Your Judas is often the epson close enough to eat with you, kiss you on the cheek and stab you in the back when you least expect it. Shakespeare wrote about Brutus in Julius Caesar, one of Julius Caesar's closest confidantes, who stabbed him.

This final betrayal was perhaps the one blow that killed Caesar. Caesar made the fundamental human error of allowing a enemy in close enough to kill him. In real life, Brutus kills your dreams, kills your potential, stabs you in the back when you least expect it. Dream killers abound today, and these people look for dreamers to get in close to. The Brutus/Judas type take pleasure in stealing your dream for a short lived success story of their own.

Do you know how to recognize the Brutus within your inner circle? Your life is filled with potential and you need to protect that potential, your destiny with everything in your being. For more on this subject, subscribe to this blog as I delve deeper into the workings of success and achieving your destiny...

Friday, August 5, 2011

Think and grow rich?

Let me start by saying that I am not an advocate for this book, I just wanted to throw this out there. In 1937 Napoleon Hill wrote a book "Think and grow rich", after spending 20 years researching 500 millionaires. What I found to be 'interesting' is that what he wrote reads like the word faith camp theology (minus the biblical references)

The word faith camp (I believe?) began in the 1950's or there about. What I found to be interesting was that Napoleon Hill had discovered this concept before the faith camp was ever launched. Why is it that the Church seems to be lagging behind the business world?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Atlanta outreach recapped

This past weekend  (July 28th through 30th 2011), we took our church to Atlanta to serve another church in Decatur, Georgia. This was both a training mission and an exercise in loving another church. The first objective was to love on another church, and really serve them. To this end, we handed out school supplies, fixed some homes, loved on the people, conducted outreaches and street evangelism to reach the locals.

Our second objective was to train our teams on outreach protocol. You see, Grace La Grange is all about empowering, equipping and exhorting the believer to minsiter. We are planning on doing 3 to 4 major outreaches every year, including international outreaches. Our outreach calender for 2012 includes, Uganda, Nepal and a local outreach to Atlanta again. To this end, we use the 'local' outreach as a training ground for new team members and a refresher for older team members.

On the Atlanta trip, our youngest participant was 5 and our oldest, well, lets just say she was way past conventional retirement age! Outreach trips are for everybody, with any budget. We try to accommodate every believer, and so far we have not turned down anybody.

We train, equip and encourage each and every believer to minister, either on the streets, in the church or repairing homes. We also train prayer warriors to provide the 24 hour prayer coverage, with detailed reports of what they have been praying for, and what God gave them during their prayer vigil.

If you would like to partake in our next trip, please come and visit us at Grace La Grange, 2419 S hwy 53, La Grange, Ky 40031. We always have place for you on our next outreach. We have prayer partners in 6 states covering our trips, financial supporters from several different churches and we have believers from several different denominations coming along. We are not an exclusive club. As long as you believe in Christ,  are ready to see miracles, and want to love on somebody else, we have your place ready.

Check out our upcoming schedule for our next trip. We have one planned to Uganda in February 2012, and Nepal May 2012. What are you waiting for? Mix it up a little, take your faith on the road and get your adventure on!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Praying on the streets of Atlanta

Dare to dream

Building your inner circle

Often people share with me that even though they are doing what they know to do (in ministry) people leave their churches and or ministries. The question is asked :"What am I doing wrong?" The answer is simple, 'nothing'. The enemy brings in people who seem to line up with your vision to fill that seat within your inner circle, to take up the space, so when the real 'fit' comes along, there is no space left.

After a while, the wrong fit shows their real vision, and leave you. Mean while you face rejection 'seed' that the enemy is now trying to sow into your life through this action. Its hard building a church or ministry from the ground up, you get the wrong pillar in place and the whole house is built lopsided! The roof will slant, the walls crack and the house could fall in.

To find the right pillars of support, takes time, and I don't mean weeks, I do mean years and sometimes many years. Concrete takes a long time, much longer than you would imagine to set, and even longer to mature.

Church builders often chase the mega church dream (or nightmare depending on your paradigm), but the formulae is the same - it takes time and discernment to choose the right people for your inner circle. The filtering out process is a gift from God. Allow God to remove dead wood, broken branches and the wrong limbs. Keep that space open for the right limbs to be attached, and don't hurry what is happening. Embrace time, walk in love and focus on Christ.