Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The loudest drum

The loudest drum is the empty one. Are you the loudest drum in the room? Instead of being empty and thus loud, fill yourself with knowledge. Go to the library and check out several self help books, philosphy or simple non fiction. Read, read and read some more. gain some new knowledge. Learn a new skill, acquire new tastes...

Once we stop learning, we start dying. Once we stop acquiring knowledge, we allow our brains to deteriorate

Sunday, October 16, 2011

I have a dream, now whats step 1?

Okay, so I have a dream (and perhaps you do too?) but whats the first step to accomplishing this dream? Step 1 is the most difficult step and without a blueprint to follow, most of us will never ever even get to the launch pad. Read on for the first step.

STEP 1 ~ the first step is to slow down. The dream you have is only a vague concept, the bare outline. You have to create the skeleton first.

What do I mean? You have to mediate on your dream, think about it, let it dwell in your mind for days, weeks on end. Dream about it, write it down. Wait until the dream becomes so detailed, so vivid that you can taste the details, see the colors, feel the texture of each and every detail. This is the real creative process. You have to dwell on the dream until you have the minute details clear. This is the skeleton of the dream and as a foundation of any building, if its not solid, the structure cannot hold the final product.

Most people are in too much of a hurry to get going that they don't get the foundation down solid. Take your time to prepare the foundation and your dream will grow stronger each and every day.

Part of step 1 is to have a dream journal. Write down the dream and then fill in all the blanks as they start to manifest in your mind. Use a pen, and cross out all mistakes, but never erase them. You may want to revisit that 'mistake' and discover that it was not an error after all. Write down everything, you can always edit once step 1 is complete. 

When write things down, it tricks your mind into believing that you have acted upon that thought and your mind switches to the next thought. Without writing down your thoughts, you won't move on to the next thought. Writing down releases your mind to come up with the next thought. Do not steal from yourself by being lazy. There are no short cuts. Be consistent, detailed and focused. Dream big, think big, but focus on the details.

Step 2 is coming next...need a dream coach? I mentor dreamers to accomplish their dreams...emails me for details.