Friday, December 30, 2011

Six dimensions of change

How to really change your future? There are six elements to real change, and this is the simple breakdown of the six dimensions of change ~

1. Change your geography

2. Finances

3. Spirituality

4. Physical attributes

5. Thinking needs to change

6. Program your subconscious.

You can put your life on autopilot and accomplish what you have set out to accomplish. For a more in depth discussion, check back here...oh and I am writing an ebook that will go into major depth and still be very practical to implement.  Coming soon ~

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Change your future, today

You really are the captain of your life, the ruler of your future.Sounds like a cliche doesn't it? Thing is, its the truth, but its a truth that you not only need to grasp, but also without the skill set to implement the necessary changes, its a hollow little cliche and not the powerful tool to dramatically alter your existence.

While many will offer you a life changing program or DVD set, this is not a skill that you can learn from ready a book, or watching a video on youtube. To really experience the power of this cliche, you need to have a life coach, a personal mentor, a shoulder to cry on, to push you when you need to be pushed, to encourage when you need encouragement, and a parade sergeant to shout when you need that.

The real deal (life coach) is all of this wrapped into one...change is not easy, but whats the value of your life? Are you really happy with the mundane? If not, get in touch with a real life coach...why are you waiting?