Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy people are attractive

Happy people are attractive. Thats a 'truth', whether we  embrace it or not. fact is, most of us are 'too busy' to take stock of our personal emotional state of mind. Your emotional state of mind determines how people 'see' you, interact with you, react to you and ultimately want to socialize with you.

Successful people have a larger network in which to interact with than unsuccessful people. Sad thing is, it's this larger network that provides more opportunities to succeed than the smaller network person.

We are all attracted to happy people. Your talents and gifts will not be able to cover for your negative mental mindset. Less gifted people are getting more opportunities simply because of limited opportunities created by a negative mindset. Can you see the value of choosing to be happy? Take stock of your emotional state today. It well may be that your negative emotional mindset is whats holding your prosperity back...