Friday, June 29, 2012

the Seer

The Seer was originally from the tribe of Issachar, a tribe dedicated to the study of Torah. The tribe was also tasked with sounding the trumpet, warning the tribes of an impending attack from the enemies. Today's we have prophets, many of which are in reality self appointed. There are so many prophets that the voice of the Lord is often 'lost' in all the other voices sounding warnings, prophesying prosperity etc.

With this said, its seldom that I release a word on a public forum, lest it too become 'lost' within the noise of technology and church politics. However, this is the exception to my rule.

First some background. About a month ago I had a dream. In the dream, I saw a 'grim reaper' (my label for this demonic creature) skipping across the ocean on its way to the east coast of the USA. I asked the Lord what the meaning was. He replied that the watchmen had fallen asleep, and had not been relieved by the church members that were tasked with this, because we had become too relaxed.

The Lord went on to say that there were so many prophetic voices in the church today, that the real voice was hidden amongst all the noise. Consequently the warning trumpet is not being sounded when an attack is pending. This is aggravated by the demonic inspired teaching that is pervading our churches today. (More details on that later on).

Today, I had an opportunity of conversing with a young but accurate prophetic voice who confirmed much of what I had been thinking and saying as of late. He went onto to describe his own personal timeline of events that tied up with my experiences and dream.

We then turned to the word, and discovered what we suspect may be the demonic force behind this impending attack. Jezebel was the only spirit mentioned by name to attack Elijah, that caused him to head for the Hills. That must have been a serious demonic spirit if it could cause such an unusual reaction to what was arguably the most powerful prophet on the planet ever. There are several characteristics associated with this demonic attack that I have found line up with the new threat to the church. The theology of anything goes, because God has forgiven you already, therefore you do not have to act in a responsible manner, or even like a believer anymore, is an echo of the spirit that attacked Elijah.

There are many more characteristics, but for now, here is the warning.

Radical Grace is not a license to sin, it is a license to LOVE CHRIST with all your life, actions and words. There is a demonic attack that is perverting this grace. WARNING, that is not of God.

The attack is at hand. Our youth are being led astray by this new but in reality ancient freedom to sin philosophy that has perverted the message of Love. That is all for now...

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Radical Grace or love

The new theology, or perhaps its just a more fashionable theology with an ancient root that is being espoused amongst the youth is the radical grace theology. Its in reality truth, no doubt about that, but I do have a concern, a major concern.

In some circles, the theology is espoused more than the Man. Any theology that is not Christ centered will become religion, and I am 'seeing' and hearing more about theology and less about Christ in some circles. The faith movement started off in a similar fashion. Faith was being pushed as the counter to religion, and in some cases it became just another form of religion.

Why do we as the church struggle so much with focusing on CHRIST?

One of my pastor associates said :"I am not concerned with what other preach, just what I preach!". While that sounds super spiritual, in fact that very inward view is totally counter the Kingdom view. I guess thats why I am  not well suited for the position of pastor? Perhaps a pastor should only be concerned with whats happening in his little domain (or mega domain ), where as I am concerned with a Kingdom view. Whats happening in the Kingdom, rather than whats happening at Grace LaGrange, Ky.

Now I know that both Paul and Jesus had a world view too, but then Paul was not a pastor. Perhaps its simple the wrong title? Or perhaps its that we have become enamoured with Cain's view. "Am I my brother's keeper?"  You decide...comment away

Monday, June 4, 2012

Law or grace, love or unity?

The definition of religion is doing the same thing in a ritual like fashion, or arguing with a religious person over grace or sin mentality. The sin paradigm person (previous generation claiming to be anti religious) will always argue with the radical grace person (new generation, less law, more grace). Strangely enough, both are right and both are wrong, but both will argue incoherently and accomplish exactly what the enemy wants - division.

I wonder who the real bridge builders are, and more importantly why are they keeping quiet? Jesus built bridges, and we can't wait to tear down the unity the love is supposed to be about.

I agree that we should speak about our differences, but why focus on the different opinions? After all, its only an opinion. Only Christ has the final answer.

Personally, I suspect we are both wrong. I think Christ came to bring light into the world, not condemnation and division. The real Jesus People will seek to unite believers in love, with a simple message on what we can agree on, and not what we disagree on. After all, its the blood of the Lamb that gets us into heaven, not whether we speak in tongues or not, believe in law or grace, feed the homeless or hang the sinner. Works will not pay the price, Jesus and only Jesus will get you into heaven.

Lets focus on Jesus, and leave the small stuff behind.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Global warming

News Flash - the world is getting hotter, and will eventually END in a fire. If you don't believe that, well here is a newsflash. It was foretold in the book of Revelation, so global warming is simply the world's way of warning us - repent or die. Global warming may be a crock, and maybe its not, but either way, the world will end in a fire anyway!

News flash time - Revelation is clear. Fire will fall and destroy the world. So why bother with all the nonsense of the world anyway? We get a second earth.

Here is the thing, Christians spend too much time discussing the world, politics, who said what, which rock star did what, who married who, and better yet who is divorcing who after only 2 weeks.

My question is a simple one - who cares? As a believer you should spend more time sharing Jesus and less time involved with the world and the things of this world. Christians are too earthly minded to be of any heavenly good. Thats my two cents. Feel free to comment. Just another radical believer living in my Jesus Zone...

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sears Customer Service

Sears Customer service - now thats a textbook definition of an oxymoron. There is no customer service at Sears. I purchased a weedwacker from a local Sears Store (Madison, Indiana) on the 7th May 2012. The assisting associate suggested I purchase a replacement agreement to accompany the purchase. That should have given me the heads up.

Seven days later the weedwacker malfunctions. Being the good consumer I am, I call up Sears customer service. the kind lady tells me to simply take the product back to the store and the store would be happy to replace the product. Well, thats where things went wrong, horribly wrong.

The store owner refused to replace the product. He refused to call Sears head office, or customer service. He then said I purchased the incorrect agreement. I pointed out that as the costumer, I merely purchased whats was offered. Well, apparently that puts me at fault. He came so belligerent, that my family went to sit in the car, rather than be subjected to his tirade.

Finally, I received the replacement product and was ushered out of the store.

I tried to call Sears customer service as I left the store to lodge a complaint, but well, that went no where fast.

Okay, so I have a new weedwacker, and I am relatively content to have escaped from the Sears store with a verbal lashing for my complete incompetence at chewing Sears warranty repair agreements.  Lesson learnt.

Only problem now is the new product does not work either! I sent off two emails to Sears (oxymoron) customer service, and make several calls, all to no avail. Apparently, Sears corporate are helpless to provide the money back guarantee they offer on their receipts.

I think thats known as false advertising or fraud? Whats up with that Sears?