Wednesday, September 19, 2012

success mindset

The present economic meltdown resulted from the mindset of win at all costs. Normally this meant that if we were doing business, one of us would win and the other would lose. That self cenetred paradigmn led to the mess we are in right now. The only solution forward is to develop a win-win paradigm in business.

What is a win-win mindset? Simple terms, it is all about "how can I serve you?" This mindset has the mentality of what do I need to do to make you a success. Now I know some will abuse this concept and try to make a quick buck at all costs, but eventually that mindset will lead to destruction.

We will all have to develop the mindset of serving others, thereby serves us. Its really quite easy. Take a chance. Ask yourself what can I do to see to it that the next person is successful? The recipient will start to feel obligated to serve you back, and pretty soon we are all striving to see our neighbor succeed. No, its not naive. Its logic. Try it. Go make somebody else a success, and watch them help you succeed.