Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Building an orphanage

How would you like to take part in building an orphanage in Kenya? Well, now you can partner with us as we begin construction on an orphanage in Kenya. Would you like to 'see' first hand where your finances are going? No problem. In fact, we would love to have you come along with us to Kenya. We take people to Kenya 4 times per year, everybody from teens to adults are welcome to come to Kenya with us. (Younger kids are welcome to, as long as their parents travel with)

We travel to Kenya in the spring, summer, fall and winter, normally coinciding with school breaks where possible.  Why Kenya?

The answer is a simple one. Kenya is the gateway into Africa. For the spiritually discerning, you will understand the significance of influencing the gateway into the continent, and especially east Africa. Pastors, are welcome to email me ( for opportunities to minister in Africa.

On another note, or blog maybe you are looking for a more full time mission position? We are recruiting a core group for a new adventure. This will be a traveling position, traveling to Africa leading mission trips. If thats of interest, please email me.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What does the new church look like?

What does the new church look like? That's always a difficult question, simply because I do not want to offend all the religious folks out there. C Peter Wagner (P.H.D) wrote a piece on the Apostolic Reformation. I doubt he wanted to label a church movement, and its questionable whether this has become a movement or simply another hypothesis. He wrote about 9 points that characterize this new church. I happened upon this writing and discovered to my surprise this describes the church I founded and presently pastor. Now I must admit I have never read any of his writings before, and may not in the future again, but he was right on with what God has shown me. That was the Big Surprise for me.

Moving forward from this point, I have five churches I want to plant. To this end, I am re thinking the old church model that I used in the past to plant a church, but I find myself going forward with a new model. here is the brave part. The new model is really based on a two prong approach. Firstly the new model will be missions based. Our focus will be totally outreach orientated. The second focus will be service orientated. Church will be outside of the four walls and outside the conventional church building. Finally the root of this new model is Love. We are driven by love, love for people, love to serve people, but most importantly a love for Christ and each other. Now this is not some humanist approach, but rather a fulfillment of God's commandment to love Him with all our heart and to love each other as ourselves. Is this a revolution or another movement? I hope its a revolution without end.

My prayer is that if you are interested in this crazy radical love orientated church, please go and have a look at our initial starting place. I am honored to introduce to you a new church model - Adventure Fellowship

If you are at all interested...