Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Intercession is Relationship

Intercession is relationship. Abraham is the first recorded intercessor (James 2:23) built upon mutual understanding and clearly defined roles within that relationship. Abraham and God had a covenant relationship, one that transcended human understanding at the time.

Abraham was able to intercede, not because he had day long prayer vigils, nor did he have prayer rooms, week long prayer sessions, or the more religious wailing and moaning found in some circles today. He did not have to hire a helicopter to wage war in the heavenlies, he had what we do not have today- relationship.

In modern church circles we focus on the act of prayer, rather than the consequence of prayer. I was shocked to read a well known pastor proclaim to the world that his prayers have never been answered in 23 years of pastoring. My response was, well, maybe its time you stepped down from the pulpit then.

Does that sound harsh? To me, it sounds harsh to be a pastor who has never had an answered prayer, leading people. Would you get advice on mortgages from a homeless guy? Would you ask a pedophile for parenting tips? Of course not. So why would you seek counsel from a man who by his own admission does not have a relationship with the father?

Jesus said whatever you ask in my Name, the Father will give you. He said you have not because you ask not. My prayers are always answered. I may not like the response, I may not get what I wanted, but I always get an answer. Why? I have a relationship with the Father, and you can too.

Intercession starts with knowing who Jesus Christ is, and what He has done for you. Based upon that Rock you build a relationship with the Father.

Monday, March 18, 2013


Leaders that do not honor God in everything they do will seldom end well. They may rule for a very long time (in human terms) but their rule will never be blessed. Any person placed in authority, elected or appointed need to be aware that all positions are granted by God.

There is no position other than that granted by God for His purpose and His plans. While it may be hard to see and or understand His purposes and plans, nothing ever happens by accident.

Many leaders fail to realize the simple truth. All position is at God's will. So many still fail to know that to go against God's word is foolish. The really crazy thing is, these leaders will say they are God fearing, support policies that are totally against God's word, and then end with a God Bless You.

How weird is that? Asking for a Blessing from the very God they choose to deny?

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Keys to success

Some keys to success when dealing with email, or text messaging. These rules work wonders. When your are frustrated, angry or on an emotional high/low, stay away from emails, texts, facebook, twitter. Once its out there, you can never retrieve it.

There is a growing trend amongst employers to do an online search before interviewing a candidate. I know of several HR heads that always do a facebook search first, read the person's public profile before interviewing them. many people have lost promotions, credibility and even their jobs as a result of posting on facebook or twitter while on an emotional high, angry or frustrated.

Once you post that Christmas party photo online, its never gone. Your embarrassment will be there forever worse yet, it may be used in a court of law.

Simple equation - when emotionally compromised stay off the internet, cell phone and email. How many Senators, CEOs of large corporations have fallen prey to this simple rule.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

US Tax cheats caught

As a kid I learnt a little rhyme about cheaters never win...seems like that may be true after all. The US government has started persecuting tax evaders or should that read prosecuting(?) tax evaders.

Here is the strange thing about this whole debacle. Christians and non believers alike feel that they can hide from God. We hide our sin, we pretend that God will not see it if we do not confess it. Seriously?

The next debacle is of course the hyper grace phenomenon. I love GRACE. I really do, but I am also concerned about the present all evasive teaching that is taking 'grace' to the place it was never meant to go. Grace frees us from the compulsion, the bondage to sin. Grace frees us from the chains of sin, but 'grace' was never meant to give us a 'license to sin'.

The apostle Paul was distinctly clear on that. Grace is not a 'license' to sin, not now, not ever. Despite this, so many believers to day believe the hyper grace theology, and many are even proponents of the hyper grace phenomenon.

If you receive Christ, you are forgiven. Reject Him and you are not. Grace is a wonderful theological action. Grace is not a license to sin. Those that act as if it is a license to sin, the consequences will still bite you. Hide while you ca, but that too will be unveiled.

We have a new pope

We have a new pope...are you excited yet? Actually I am thrilled. You see speculation abounds as to the role this new pope will play (if any) in eschatology. The jury is out on that one. I guess it depends on exactly who the next pope is, as to whether he will fulfill the prophecies gone before hime or if we all missed it.

I am really excited either way. What I am particularly interested in is to see which faction of the Cardinals won. The one wants to keep the church in the middle ages, with secrecy abounding, while the other faction wants a more opaque approach to church affairs.

I have to wonder what is so sensitive concerning the affairs of God's kingdom that it cannot be shared with everybody? I guess, being a charismatic in theology (only) I am more accustomed to the 'open' approach, rather than the keep it hidden. Seems to me, that the Bible says all things hidden will be unveiled one day. I wonder how thrilled the cardinals will be with the unveiling of all those secrets they have kept hidden all these years.

I know that keeping secrets is a fun past time, but its not so fun when the unveiling takes place. Hmmm. I am looking forward to the unveiling of all those papal secrets. Probably end up being a serious anti climax moment.

Depression hurts

I used to deal with bouts of sadness, and feeling all alone, but two very exciting things happened in my life that changed all of that. The point is, of course, that when you fall in love with somebody that loves you unconditionally, and you will never feel lonely again.

Jesus brought me that unconditional love. Love really sets you free from your past, launches you into your future and gives you the freedom to live and love in your today. A good spouse is really hard to find, but when you find your other half, you are truly complete.

Life is made for living, so where do you start? If I was able to do it all over, my wish would have been to have my own personal life coach, to help me focus on what my real dreams were, and then to help me find the first step in accomplishing that. Unfortunately I grew up in the time when there was no such thing as a life coach...

I cannot go back and change the past, but I can help you in your future adventure. Don't waste another day. Live our life to the full already

Those that can't, talk about it

Its a known fact that those that can do something, do it very well. Great tennis players, play tennis competitively, while the less than great teach. Golf pros are seldom better than average, while the best play professionally. I have nothing against golf pros, or any other teacher for that matter, just a metaphor I like to use in the church world.

When you have really anointed pastors they will have signs and wonders following. Unfortunately as is often the case, we find those without the gifting and anointing speak the loudest and harness the most attention.

In this day and age, like never before we have an abundance of 'prophets' and 'prophetesses'. Strangely enough nobody finds this 'odd'. It seems that around every corner I run into yet another prophet or prophetess, but the most remarkable aspect is that besides the fact that each one is louder than the last, so few actually have anything new to say. Most simply repeat what the TV prophets have been saying, or something equally mundane.

I am so looking forward to meeting a real prophet, one that proclaims a drought, and there is a drought, or one that speaks life into dead land, calls rain on the desert and rain falls. In short, I am looking for fruit. Do not tell me how 'great' you are, simple demonstrate it. The bible (in mark 16:17) says that signs and wonders will follow...so far all I am seeing is 'lack'.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Where is the God of Elijah?

There is a change in the atmosphere. It's suddenly going to move from a grass roots movement to a ground swelling revolution. I for one do not know when this transition will occur, but rest assured it's going to happen, suddenly.

My concern is that there is no real prophetic voice out there right now. While there are many leaders recycling last weeks cliches, there is no new voice with real direction. The buzz word is recycle, reuse, and repackage. Leaders are simply recycling what was a cliche last week. This generation needs a new real leader.

Where is the God of Elijah to lead these youth. The youth of today are seeing in the spirit realm, understanding their dreams, seeking their creator, and the church is lost to provide leadership, pastorship or even fathership. We have pastors trying to be hip, trying to ride the next fashion statement, dressing like the young generation in attempt to be 'in' and show understanding of this next generation.

What this next generation is looking for is a real leader, a real prophetic voice not cliche from last week. The void is obvious...who will step forward and lead? My concern is that the enemy will attempt to fill this void with self serving men.

In the meantime, my spirit grows anxious in anticipation for what God is about to do. The air is electric. I am so ready to burst forth. I have to contain my excitement as people around me can't feel or sense what's coming...Praise The Lord. Yeshua reigns...the God of Elijah is about to step onto center stage once again.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Make the most of your life

You only have one life, and yet despite this we make some of the craziest decisions. We go to college and get a four year degree in a field we do not really passionately love, end up in a career that we have little passion for, work 50-60 hours per week trying to achieve that elusive dream, all the while miserable with our present situation.

You only have one life to live, why waste it on a college degrees in a field you are not totally passionately in love with? Normally, we allow parents, family and in my case a girlfriend to direct our efforts. Upon graduation we realize that we made this awful mistake, but now sitting with a college student loan, your options are severely limited.

Years ago, college degrees guaranteed you a decent career, now you are guaranteed a decent debt. Unfortunately, we all believe that it's a college degree that guarantees your happiness and contentment in life, but in reality, joy is a decision and not design. A framed degree on the wall stops making you happy long before the debt is repaid.

What is the real meaning of life? The answer is as individual as you. You are the only person that can answer that question for you. Our personal happiness and joy comes from following your own dreams, not mine, not your parents, not your friends, not your families.

Are you ready to live your life to the full?

Saturday, March 9, 2013


Amazing how many people strive for a comfortable place in their life. We love comfort. We buy chairs, sofas clothing all based upon our personal comfort. This is such a dangerous trend. Spiritually we should never become comfortable.

Think about this. Comfortable equates to a static place or setting. It's harder to overcome inertia than motion. The law is simple. An object in motion stays in motion, whereas an object that is static requires more energy to overcome inertia than an object in motion.

Spiritually if we are comfortable, then we are in reality going backwards. Spiritually you can actually backslide. The first step to backsliding is comfortable place. Backsliding requires an action or a decision not to act.

How do we stay in motion? Simple answer is to keep seeking God. I had an amazing revelation yesterday. I fell in love with Christ again. After 12 years of ministry, I encountered Jesus again. I was actively seeking a more intimate relationship with Christ led me to an amazing encounter.

Formulae for success in your life is to keep learning, stay active mentally. Seek Jesus actively.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Walking or sitting?

I love the whole account of Peter walking on water. Who wouldn't? Well, I got this out of that account. There are 12 disciples, and out of the 12 only 1 walks on water! So how does that go?

 The thing is, while the 11 disciples were debating amongst themselves what to do, Peter being bold in Christ got out of the boat of complacent, overcame his fear of failure and proceeded to walk on water as he was called. Now thats a mouthful right there.

Are you too busy debating the wind, the water and the "what ifs" while you could be walking on water? For every 12 people, one pioneer will surge forward, rewrite history, accomplish the impossible, run the 4 minute mile, do what was previously consider not possible, and the rest? Well the rest are waiting to see if the pioneer can really do it.

Can you fail? Can you sink? Oh yes. You most certainly can fail. You can sink. You can fall down, but Jesus is always there to pick you up. There will always be the 11 other disciples to tell you not to take that risk, stay in the boat, be like us, but what reward is there in the boat?

I travel internationally extensively. I speak at seminars, preach the gospel to pastors and unbelievers alike. Do I fail? Absolutely, probably more than most, but then I take more risks than most. I step out of my comfort zone all the time. I also succeed more than most. Just this morning, I led 12 kids to the Lord in a school. is that even allowed? Not sure, but too late. The word of God will set you free, even if your fellow believer will not.

In our church, I walk as God calls me. I am constantly walking, stepping out of the boat, trying new things. Some follow. Some wait to see if I fail, and then point fingers. Some follow before they know what the outcome will be. I lead either way. How about you? Is your life mundane? The boat is mundane. Its risky business outside the boat, but the rewards are greater too.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

I have been thinking

So, I have been thinking, yeah I know thats dangerous right there. Most of us over think every situation, leaving us paralyzed, dazed and confused by the myriad of options and of course each option has a consequence. Sometimes, you cannot see the tree for the forest. What to do?

This is the perfect opportunity to introduce the life coach concept. We have a coach for everything else in life, but how do we make choices, choose the best option, pursue your dreams and still make a living? is that even possible?

I found myself interview some prospective staff this morning, and the thing that struck me was the absolute resignation that life was going to consist of working 40 hours per week, party on the weekend, and wait for retirement. Sad.

Truth is, life is for living. LIVE it right now. Live your dreams, travel, dance in the rain, laugh on the mountain tops, swim with dolphins, explore caves. Question is how? How do I balance my family obligations and investing in my self? Thats what I do. I empower people to be real, to be themselves, to live their dreams and fulfill their family obligations at the same time. 

Live is for living. Live Your Life Today.