Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Communicating for success

We all live in a cocoon of sorts, a bubble if you prefer. In our bubble/cocoon we communicate out of our own understanding to another person within their cocoon. The "cocoon" is enhanced by social media, electronic devices and our present increasing addiction to electronic communication. To deny the influence of Facebook/twitter is foolish.

I flew into Schipol airport yesterday and spent a couple of hours in the layover lounges of Schipol. I was amazed at how all invasive and pervasive social media is. KLM, the Dutch airlines now has 24/7 customer care through social media.

In the airport, you have ample opportunities for connecting and recharging your electronic device, and if you don't have one, you have access to a multitude of "fixed" iPads and electronic devices that are available for public use. Wile this is really convenient it also illustrates our reliance on social media.

This brings to mind a need for social media etiquette, but that is yet to evolve. For right now we are all guilty of over sharing everything...in time we will adopt new skills and share less. In the meantime, social media had become the place for family squabbles, spouses discovering covenant breaking, employers filtering new employees and more.

We need to adopt a win win mentality when communicating via social media. While you may think this is frivolous, remember that everybody is watching and reading. If you are to be the ambassador of Christ, what you say and how you say it in the social media realm is out there forever. People focus on what believers put out there. Filter your status, communicate with live, in love and develop a win win strategy.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Dreamers - why they seldom succeed

Dreamers are wonderfully creative people with these awesome dreams, ideas, vision and imagination. Despite all this wonderful talent, some seldom get beyond the drawing board, most just go onto the next dream, leaving a ever growing list of unfulfilled dreams behind them.

What is the solution? Partner up with a person that can focus that vision. This focus takes a mind like a steel trap, one that can multi task, has a bull dog tenacity, and the ability to plan. Yes, plan. Visionaries hate planning, and as such they seldom get beyond the drawing board.

As a dreamer who has successful planted churches, ministries, started businesses and has succeeded at putting my dreams into reality, I understand how difficult it is to take your dream to the next step. My first suggestion is find a dream coach and go for it.

Dream big, plan small. It's well worth it.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

None are so blind

I am amazed after 12 years of full time ministry had deaf and blind some believers are to the obvious signs. People can see but actually not understand what they see, they can hear but listen without comprehension.

Sometimes you have to pay attention, listen and perhaps tune in to your environment. Have you been zoning out of the world around you lately! We are all guilty of zoning out, losing focus or just plain not paying attention. What have you missed this week? What have you missed today?