Saturday, May 18, 2013

Where is the power?

Magic shows in Las Vegas are sold out. Magic shows are always sold out. People love to see illusions performed with finesse and dexterity.  Then I look at churches, where ever I travel, be that Africa, Europe or the USA.

 Empty. Empty seats everywhere. I wonder why?

One of the obvious answers is, we are a new generation, fixated on technology, speed, instant gratification, instant messaging, and of course the ever present "i". We have the iPhone, iPad, iMac. Its all about the "i".

Theologians use this as an excuse. I believe the real truth is people are drawn to magic shows, because there is the illusion of power being demonstrated. People are drawn to signs and wonders. Thats not new, nor will it ever change. True disciples of Jesus will be demonstrating signs and wonders. People are seeking this truth, not some form of godliness.

I wonder when the power of God will once again show up in the local church? When will the magic shows be empty, because the real power is happing in the church? Whats the missing element in this equation? Perhaps, if the people called by His name would humble themselves and seek His face, he will once again answer them?

Monday, May 6, 2013

Church is a social construct

Church is a social construct designed to support believers, provide a sanctuary and to empower believers. Why would we change it into a place of commerce? The answer is simply, greed. Church should foremost be a sanctuary, a place where you can be real, be yourself, and not fear judgement, criticism, or pressure to be something different.

Church should be a loving pace, a place where sinners come, imperfect people reside, and love abounds. Sure there is correction in love, but no punishment! I suggest we start a conversation about what church is supposed to be, and how we would like to see it transition into the sanctuary Jesus intended it to be. Any takers..?

Friday, May 3, 2013


Many years ago before seminary schools there was the apprenticeship concept. Pastors were trained in church by senior pastors. Strange concept based upon the neurons within the brain that mirrored the actions observed. In the same way many trades are transferred today, apprenticeship in the church was the precursor to the modern seminary school. Seminary schools teach theoretical theology to eager students who then venture out into the church ready to apply theology acquired from professors in a church setting. This is where it gets interesting. You take a seminary student and place him/her n a rural church filled with theory and zero practical application and wonder why four out of five pastors resign today within five years. They flounder and fail miserably. Theology learnt in seminary does not work in a rural church setting. How can somebody teach you the value of calves to a farmer, or the struggles facing a teenage mom in small town USA who has personally never expensed the challenges of pastoring a rural church?

Now if we add the technology of modern day churches we have a recipe for overwhelmed new pastors in church. Maybe seminary schools work for the theory acquisition, but fail in the practical application. Perhaps the answer lies in between an apprenticeship and seminary school?

Chase your dreams, a step by step process

Chasing your dreams can be the most fulfilling adventure, but it's also daunting and scary. Few succeed, simply because they fail to plan. You have to plan, in detail how you are going to succeed, but this is not enough.You have to be willing to sacrifice everything, for the dream.

Dreams are wonderful stuff, filled with adventures and excitement, but how do you accomplish them? Dreams are a glimpse of your potential, but without a connection to the power source, they will remain locked away in the realm of potential. How do you unlock your dreams?

The first step is a simple one. Visualize your goal. Start from the outside and work your way in, slowly filling in all the details. You have to have so many details that you can smell the end result, taste the end result, even know how it feels, what the texture is like etc. he more details you have the closer to become to manifesting your dreams.

The next step is to make a decision. Make a decision that you will never quit till you manifest your potential. Step three write down the details of your dream. If you can draw, that's even better. Step four energize your dream. It's is a critical step.

Energizing your dream requires that you share your dream with others. Expect rejection. Embrace the no. That's just another person closer to your yes. Once you have assembled a core grip of supporters that have you and your dream on their radar, spend time with your inner circle. Embrace their energy. It's this group of individuals that once they become a team will begin to energize your dream. The energy of a unified team, with one mind, one accord one vision will energize your dream. Your dream needs this energy to manifest. Very few people manifest their dreams in isolation. To succeed to have to find your core group of believers. Energize your dream requires networking and loving people.

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