Saturday, June 29, 2013

Feeding kids in Kenya

Feeding kids in Kenya is one of the highlights of my ministry experiences. While I have delivered food to refugee camps in Zambia, lived and ministered in Nangwheshi Refugee Camp before, nothing quite prepares you for the abject poverty found in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya.

Open sewerage lines, kids getting one little cup of beans and rice per day, and the over whelming stench of poverty, made that a truly gut wrenching experience. I would recommend that every pastor go to the slums and do a foot washing service. Its truly extraordinary.

Nothing demonstrates love quite like serving those in need in the slums of Nairobi. We are going back in November 2013 to feed, do acts of service, build a school room, and wash feet. Perhaps you would like to come with? We are actively looking for volunteers, sponsors and team leaders. Please contact Pastor Tim at for details. Our website is

We look forward to serving alongside you!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Txt messaging

Text messaging is creating a new grammar, new language rules, and a new dictionary. Instant messaging is not a fad, but a depiction of what's to come. I walked into Best Buy to purchase a desktop computer, and discovered that it had been replaced by tablets, laptops and hand held devices. How did I miss this?

Truth is, we are going to smaller, faster and instant communication. Laptops now take center stage in most retail outlets, with tablets fast taking that position in some stores already. Cell pone shops focus more and more on tablets, than phones. Data usage is the current question, not minutes anymore. 

I foresee a change in relationships too. Already I look to Facebook to see who is engaged, divorced or married. Sad thing is, Facebook has even created a new relationship status - "it's complicated". So, will the census taker now be asking, married, single, or "complicated"?  This change in vocabulary leads to many other changes. Conversations evolve on Facebook. We communicate with each other in txt messaging, or Facebook.  Bare in mind, that conversations shape our reality, and as a consumer driven society, I see instant communication taking precedence over long term relationships.

I grew up believing in the concept that "trust takes time." Today, trust is a txt message, a Facebook status, or a tweet. Be that as it may, my question is this. How is church adapting? Are we communicating through this evolving medium, or are we resisting change? Church has the ability to influence this new communication model, but will we? History has taught us that church leaders are seldom the early adopters, preferring to stay with Latin as a language years after it was worthwhile to anybody. Even today, church is one of the last remaining places Latin is spoken, but hey, let's hang on one day longer.

If the modern church is true to form, we will once again be the last to grab hold of what's happening, and loose our ability to influence this new trend for Jesus.