Saturday, August 31, 2013

Thoughts are magnets

As you think so you are! This proverb has been redefined by modern day self help experts. I should perhaps say, its been repackaged to sound more modern. The truth remains, though. Your thoughts attract. If you think (Joshua 1:8) upon the word of God you will attract wealth, happiness and health. If you focus on sickness or poverty or lack that's what you will attract. The Apostle Paul wrote the same thing in Phil 4: when he said what soever things are good, dwell on these. He went onto say do not fret, have no fear, be anxious for nothing.

The modern spin on this is simply a repackaging of this ancient truth. Your thoughts attract wealth, or poverty, health or sickness. What you think of you will attract. Its an ancient law, a secret if you will. Its a secret written in the bible for all to read, and few to grasp, even fewer will act upon it. The best place to hide a tree, is in a forest. The secret to prosperity is hidden in plain sight, in the oldest of books, one that we have all read at some time or another, but without understanding.

I am going to be writing a series of blogs on this most powerful wealth creation secret hidden in plain sight. I want you to think of a shopping mall. The food court has all the food vendors in one location. Shoe shops gather together. Jewelry stores do the same. In cities, you find a road filled with medical practitioners ..all practicing the art of medicine on you, and you willing paying for somebody to practice on. 

The law of attraction is as old as Abraham. Its obvious in retail, its obvious in shopping malls, and its clear in the bible, yet we miss it. Instead of applying the truth, we attempt a more logical path to wealth creation.

In my upcoming series, i am going to delve deeper into the law of attraction, or what I am calling the law of thought. Read Joshua 1:8, Phil 4:8-19 and Romans 12:2.  I will be discussing how you too can harness these laws and attract wealth and health to you. Look forward to seeing you in my next blog.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Creating streams of income

Just found a great new website for online deals. Daily Deal Superstore pulls together all the best deals into one search engine. It's super easy to use - just set up a profile and then quickly find deals, with no email clutter or unwanted updates. And then you can actually earn money by sharing it on Facebook. This one takes online deals to the next level.

Empty drums

Empty drums make the most noise. Its loud and clanging. As water is poured into the drum, the sound changes, becoming deeper, more harmonious, sweeter even. Once the drum is full to the brim with water, the sound is a deep melody, pleasant to the ears, unlike the empty drum that is loud, brash and just plain noise.

People are the same. Empty vessels are loud, brash, angry and quick to assault verbally and physically even. Vessels filled with love are deep thinkers, quieter, more in tune with their surroundings, creating harmony not destroying, not spewing venom. Toxic people are empty on the inside, void of LOVE. Love creates harmony, gentleness, patience and forgives. Love is not noisy, loud and clanging.

The bible says that you will know them by their fruit. My verbiage may be different, but the metaphor is on point. People filled with love create a sweet sound. Empty vessels spew toxic waste, destroying their relationships, becoming lonely individuals.

Be filled with Love and create harmony.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Following a building?

Did Jesus ever tell you or me to follow a building? The simple answer is "no", but people will often remark to me that people follow the pastor!  Then go on to say how awful this is, and surely when that immature Christian grows up, the immature Christian will realize that they are so wrong, and should follow a building. Seriously? A building is stationary. How do you follow a static object?

Oh I get it now, a building doesn't change, and change represents an innate fear of being left behind. Thus, if we follow a static object we can never be left behind. Weird how most Christians hate change, love their buildings and create theology around a building.

John 10 says that the sheep know the voice of their shepherd. Pastors are the modern day shepherds of the flock. Jesus is the flock owner, He bought the sheep with His own blood, redeeming us from 'death'. We were slaves to death, but have now been set free, through a price paid for our freedom.

Jesus then puts the sheep in the care of the shepherds. Upon His return he will enquire after His sheep from the shepherds that He placed in charge to care for, lead the sheep. He did not tell a building to care for the sheep. He told Peter, a "man" to care for the sheep. He delegated His authority (Matthew 28:18) to Peter the first pastor (not the first pope) to care for the sheep. He told Peter to feed the sheep, care for the lambs.

I am surprised then that modern believers are building oriented and not shepherd orientated. I know the dangers of the 'shepherd movement' and those false shepherds will be held accountable for their actions towards the sheep. That is no reason to disregard the formulae that Christ put in place 2,000 years ago.

Paul tells us in other places to imitate him, as he imitates Christ (1 Cor 4:16; 10:31-11:1; Phil 3:17; 1 Thess 1:6; 2 Thess 3:7, 9); and he tells congregations to imitate other congregations (cf., 1 Thess 2:14). New Testament theologian Paul told people to follow him as he follows Christ, not follow a building. There was never meant to be a building loyalty program.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kingship is a mindset

David was not a king when he ran at Saul. In fact, he was an unprepared shepherd boy, with the heart of a Lion, and the paradigm of a KING. Saul, who was crowned king, was sitting in his tent, planning, fear having gripped him, paralyzed him.

David, had the mind of a King, ran to overcome, dominating his opponent. David was created as a King from birth. Kings overcome, dominating their fear, and their opponents alike. Saul merely had an outward adornment, a crown. Often we rely on titles and salary checks to give us our identity. David's identity was evident when he dominated his opponents.

An external 'object' like a crown cannot give you your destiny. Destiny like courages comes from within. You are destined to reign, but it will take the mind of a King to see that fulfilled.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Change your future, change your mind

Six dimensions of change. Change these six dimensions, and you change your future. You are (present) as a result of decisions made yesterday. To make a complete change, you have to change any one of these six dimensions. If you want a gal make over, change all six of these dimensions.

Here they are:
1 - Geography
2 - Financial
3 - Spiritual
4 - Intellectual
5 - Emotional
6 - Physical

Change is slow, but starts with a decision.