Monday, September 30, 2013

Write your own script

Screenwriters write a script to determine the outcome of a movie, play or scene. Each of us have a script. Unfortunately we did not write the initial version of the script, but we feel like we have to play out our part of a script written by parents, spouse, school teacher or the world at large. To continue with the movie metaphor, screenwriters will often rewrite the script if they find the scene is not working like they wanted it to.

If you had a choice to be happy, or sad, you would choose to be happy. If I gave you the choice to be rich or poor, you would choose wealth. Simple enough. Unfortunately the script that goes off in your mind is one that says you deserve poverty, you were rejected as a child, you deserve this. I call that the guilt script. 

What if you had a choice? Would you choose a different script to live out?  Scripts determine your response to situations and the environment. If you feel helpless in a situation change your script. Use the power of visioneering to imagine yourself in the same situation but this time see yourself as powerful. See yourself making different choices. See yourself victorious. To really succeed at this you may require the assistance from a life coach. This investment I yourself and your future is well worth it. You can change your future by changing your script. 

Remember you have the power to choose a different option. Every situation has an alternative solution. Invest in your future, enroll in the next master mind seminar. You will not be disappointed. 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Your mind shuts off opportunities

Your mind is the most wonderful organ in your body. In my opinion, probably the most important and least understood of all our organs. Some of the new research into the brain mechanics is the ability of the mind to recreate new pathways when old ones have been damaged.

On the other side, your thinking approach, your mindset patterns will eliminate your ability to develop creative approaches. A great metaphor is problem solving. Every problem has a solution. That's a fact! Just because you or somebody else has not figured out the solution does not mean there is not a solution. Often we accept our present situation as a foregone conclusion and shut down our creative side of our mind.

I watched a couple wrestle with an easy enough situation this week. The solution was right in front of them, but due to their thinking pattern it eluded them. I pointed out the obvious, and instead of attempting my suggestion, they shut it down as not possible. Sad thing is, they made an assumption and refused to even attempt the suggestion.

We venture through life with a predetermined mindset, a very limiting mindset based upon patterns, subjective analysis of experiences and a failure to think outside of the Acceptable box.  Sadly, this box limits creativity, reduces opportunities and leads us to repetition and ultimately failure.

Master mind thinkers constantly evaluate decisions, question everything and only repeat successful patterns. Even then there is a time to revevaluate your thinking and pattern. The biggest advantage to youth especially when they just join your organization is that they question everything, forcing you to evaluate old paradigms and possibly discover obvious flaws. 

Left  brain thinkers who manage businesses would do well to hire a new graduate every couple of years and then give the new graduate the space to question everything. This self imposed introspection and evaluation may well be time consuming and even considered a waste of precious time, but it serves the wonderful purpose of rethinking every choice. You will be amazed when you discover how many processes can be streamlined, improved upon  and sometimes eliminated altogether. 

Never  accept the philosophy "that's the way we have always done it". I call this the soup kitchen mindset. Soup kitchen mindset resists change, justifies their process through tradition and refuses to rethink or even evaluate their systems. It works, so let's just get on with it. 

 Banks are notoriously slow at adapting and being creative. That is simply because people like stability and security. Nobody wants to put their money into a place that is constantly changing and reinventing itself. Problem is, people change, and with it their needs and mindset changes. The next generation of client may not be inclined to investing in a stationary pool. 

Master mind seminars teach you to evaluate your processes, justify your attitudes and challenge you to succeed beyond your expectations. Mastermind seminars could in fact be called "creativity" seminars, but creativity is only one dimension of this whole process. Master your destiny, develop your mind, challenge yourself. Pull the trigger. Book your place today.

Six dimensions of change

Master minds (those that have graduated from the master mind class) apply the concepts of success. In short (more to come) there are six pillars, or dimensions to affect change. These six dimensions lead you to success.

Think of a train. It is on a track and is forced to follow the path of the track to a destination (destiny).  Your destiny (or destination) will be set once you embark on this adventure. Step one is to find the station that has the destiny you desire. Once you begin to implement all six dimensions, change is inevitable and your destination assured.

The first step is your geography. Master minds attract wealth and prosperity by changing their thought patterns. The successful mind will attract opportunities but these opportunities are dependent upon the geography. If you are living in a desert, a dry arid place, the best you can hope to attract is water. If you are living in a very affluent area, then your opportunities change. Now you can attract wealth, as well as water.

Attracting wealth is limited by what your geography has to offer. You cannot create wealth in a dry area. Think of the law of attraction. How does it work in a shopping mall? All the shoe stores congregate together, fast food store gather in the food court. In the poor section of town, you have few food courts, whilst in the super rich part of town you have dozens. More opportunities in the affluent part of town.

In real estate there is three words that are vital. Location, location and location. Mastermind thinkers know this rule and apply it to their destiny. Failures rationalize why they are located where they are. Rationalizing is justifying your failure. Instead of justifying lack, make a decision and relocate.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Plan to fail

Successful people operate by a simple principle. If you have not planned to succeed, and planned for success, then you have failed to plan, or put another way, you have planned to fail. A plan requires a starting date, place and time, as well as an ending date, place and time. A successful plan has a description and a step by step process. Plans built on the premise that step one will lead to the obvious step 2. 

The conclusion of step one leads into the introduction of step two, and so forth. There cannot be any gaps between steps. As the one step concludes, it should automatically commence the following step.

Most people have too many gaps in their steps, leading to failure. A successful plan has zero gaps, and zero chance of failure, if executed according to strategic planning methodologies. Skillful planning requires training and skill development. It's not a "natural" gift we are born with. It requires less discipline to execute a skillful plan than a sloppy plan. The level of preparation determines the amount of discipline require to fulfill the plan. 

If you are not a skilled planner, that's when you need a skilled life coach to work with you, mentor you in planning and executing your idea. This does not suggest that all plans work. Most fail simply due to sloppy or poor thought. Master minds have mastered their thoughts and critical thinking processes.

 A visionary without access to the left hemisphere (the methodical) will struggle to formulate a plan. Whilst the left hemisphere dominated person will struggle to have a vision to plan for. Imagine now that the master mind graduate has the skill to access both hemispheres, and harness both the creative thought as well as the methological processes require to orchestrate a successful venture. Life then becomes an adventure in success, a major treasure hunt where anything you can dream of, and believe is truly within your reach. Are you ready to explore your dreams?

Friday, September 20, 2013

Test Your Whole Brain - which way is she turning?


Maps constitute our interaction with the world. We all have a paradigm or a frame of reference. This frame of reference is often more important than the picture within the frame. The frame (or map) can be a distraction , an enhancement or a retraction from the real beauty within the frame.

Mapping is the term I use to define your paradigm or framework. If you were brought up in a religious home (law based, with love being earned through works) your map will be very different from somebody brought up in a more hippie free love home. If you were brought up knowing and confident that you are loved, you become a loving sensitive individual.

Truth is seldom what we experience as reality. In fact reality is ALWAYS framed within our own person mapping experiences. We "experience" life through this framework. It's next to impossible to analyse your own map system. You need outside assistance to question your perception. This requires the services of a life coach or a similar professional.

Master mind graduates have mastered the process of introspection and releasing some old anchors. This requires creating new anchors based on a successful mindset model. Successful mind sets are created to attract wealth, and not poverty. Are you reay to delve into your future and create a new set of anchors based on your future?

Thursday, September 19, 2013


The Apostle Paul said :"Imitate me as I imitate Jesus".  Paul was telling his disciples to imitate (root word of disciple is discipline.) A disciple is easily recognized as one who follows the lead of the pastor. While many people allege to be in support of the pastor, the fruit is evidence in their behavior.

Those who truly are disciples will imitate the pastor, and have the same successes as the pastor has. This whole theological teaching is based on what was not known then, a concept of mirroring neurons. Monkeys imitate one another and thats how they learn.

Paul was simply telling his disciples if you want to walk like he did, then do what he does and you will have what he has. Mirroring is found in the bible...its called discipling.  Who are you mirroring today?

Are you a mirror image of your surroundings? I can take one look at the way you dress, walk and talk, (body language speaks louder than words) and will know what your self image is. You project your self worth through non verbal communication, but you also project what you have mirrored. Successful people project success. Success is attractive. Success attracts wealth and opportunities where as poverty attracts a curse.

The mast mind seminars that are being launched in the spring of 2014 will teach you to mirror like an expert. You will learn to adapt this technique to success.

Failure behavior v successful mindset

This morning I took my favorite person to @Crackerbarrel for breakfast. Not the healthiest choice, but good comfort food and nice atmosphere to celebrate a birthday. Breakfast was served with biscuits that were so hard I literally bounced them off the table.  The bacon about broke my tooth and the eggs were cold. I asked the waitress if she could get me some fresh biscuits to which she replied that they were freshly baked this morning and the new ones were in the oven.

I eventually finished my attempt at eating, and received the bill, sans biscuits. What did I come away with? Failure mindset makes excuses to justify their failures. A successful mindset owns the failure, learns from the mistake and corrects it.

In our business we had a whopping failure. A client booked online on a Friday night after midnight for a massage. We failed to check and consequently were not on time for the service. I owned the mistake, and the client was gracious, rebooked and is now a regular client.

We all make errors, mistakes and have failures. The difference is do you make an excuse to justify your failure, or do you 'own it' and adapt a new behavior to prevent a recurrence?  If you justify your failure, you will never change the behavior that led to the failure in the first place, thus, you will repeat that same failure ad nauseam.

Successful mindset individuals are constantly looking to improve themselves, failures are constantly justifying their behavior. Master minds have mastered their ego, and strive to utilize their time learning and growing, not making excuses. Which are you?

Book a place in the inaugural launch of the Master Mind seminar!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mirroring neurons

Mirroring neurons (not the scientific name, as this is still being debated) is a phenomenon that occurs in the mind without interaction or control on your part. In fact, the less you actually think about this, the more effective this process occurs.

Mirror neurons are seen in a baby. The baby watches and copies his mom, mimicking  speech patterns, words and actions. This enables the baby to learn, grow and adapt to the environment.  Children born on the streets of Nairobi are better equipped at dealing with the specific dangers of the streets of Nairobi, where as children born in down town Atlanta may not survive in Nairobi.

The survival instinct causes the baby to imitate his mother, siblings and others. As we get older we start to think of "why" the person does what they do. If you are sitting in a classroom trying to learn a specific behavior, lets say teaching a class to adult learners, you spend most of the time trying to focus on what is being taught and how you would teach the same concept. This mental energy demand requires focus and attention, thus eliminating the neurons that would be mirroring the teacher.

The key to successful mirroring is to imitate the behavior of the teacher without question. Consciously when I immigrated I made an effort to hear the speech patterns and vocabulary of my surroundings. I attempted to mirror certain phrases and nuances. This was usually a dismal failure. I was trying too hard. Once I gave up trying, and just focused on s single thought, I found my speech pattern began to evolve. The key is to distract your conscious mind with another menial task, while allowing your subconscious mind to absorb and mimic the behavior that brings the desired outcome.

This is part and parcel of why successful people gather together. Successful people think similarly, have the same positive outlook and generally validate each other. Negative people joke about their poverty as if it's a status symbol, something to be proud of. This reassurance results in poverty mindset perpetuating itself amongst the poverty minded people.

If you want to change your future, change your network, change your social circle, change your inner circle. By adopting a successful inner circle, a prosperity minded social network, you will eventually let your guard down, stop questioning "why" and suddenly start imitating the successful minds around you. Mirror neurons are activated when you stop asking questions, close your mouth and let your subconscious mind go to work.

This is exactly how the immersion language process works that the University of Jerusalem has in place. You live, work, speak Hebrew and within weeks you are speaking Hebrew like a local. Your subconscious adapts to its surroundings, and survival kicks in. If you want coffee, you will learn to speak quickly. Amazing how motivating coffee can be.

Master mind training will teach you to work your micro neurons to accomplish your desired outcomes. Are you ready to order coffee in Hebrew yet?

Master Mind

A master mind is simply somebody that has learnt to harness both hemispheres, all four quadrants of the mind. This means that a strong administrator now has access to a rich imagination without fear of losing control. This also means that conversely a dreamer, and visionary now can access that quadrant of his mind that will plan and execute a successful plan to accomplish that dream.

Einstein said that logic will take your from A to B, but imagination will take you everywhere and anywhere. The problem has always been internal communication breakdowns. Your own inability to communicate with the other hemisphere within your mind.

You are a total success, with limitless potential. A master mind trainer trains people to communicate within their own minds, unlocking their own potential. The cynic will stop and ask why there are not more master minds in the world today. Fair question. Why do 100 people listen to me teach every week, and only 15 pass the test? Same material, same teacher every week, and yet 85 people fail to apply what is being taught? The answer lies in a simple concept. Some will over think this, some will simply speak out of fear and thereby project fear, lack and poverty. Your mind listens to your own voice. Your own voice is the most powerful authority in your life, and your body will attract exactly what you speak!

Crystals vibrate in tune with a sound that reaches them. The very best material to carry sound is found within our own body, its your bone marrow. In other words, your own skeletal system is either betraying you, or prospering you. As you speak, so your bone marrow vibrates in tune with the frequency your project with your voice. Lack is a different frequency to prosperity, and as such attracts differently.

Just this week I have had five testimonies at one event of people that have been attracting wealth and wealthy opportunities towards them by applying this teaching. These same people are what I would consider rather cynical individuals, not given to exuberance or much passion, yet here they are prospering. These individuals were actually quiet excited when they sat down to share their wealth opportunities from being given cows to exceptional bargains on new appliances. Wealthy attraction is working everyday for ordinary people.

I am privileged to be coaching two individuals in launching their own business this week, using the training and wealth creation principles I have been teaching. The one new business owner is already interviewing her first staff member, that within a week of starting a new business. This master mind seminar training is working for new people already. Have you secured your seat for the launch in 2014?

Monday, September 16, 2013

Change your opportunities

The biggest change I recently made was in my geography. For 11 years we struggled along living in a nice home, in a rural neighborhood with great views, awesome sunsets and no opportunities at all.  One day, I decided thats enough. We relocated to a smaller condo in a more affluent area. Our lives have never been the same since.

We have an awesome network of new friends, with so many opportunities I cannot begin to count them all. Same family with same education, same mindset but a new geography. It wasn't easy paying a mortgage and renting a condo in an expensive neighborhood, but six months later I am excited about our future.

We have authentic relationships with great new friends, and our finances have never looked better. We have a savings account (with money in it) that is growing everyday. My businesses are all taking off. I am able to bless other people daily, with substantial and real blessings not just the :"I will pray for you" blessing. (See James for details).

Geography makes a massive difference. if you have run into a roadblock, or just plain off the cliff, change your geography. Its never easy to pay a mortgage and rent, but it is truly worthwhile. Your geography totally changes your opportunities. Your destiny is tied into your geography, just ask Abraham, Joseph or Paul.

Master minds make a decision to change their future no matter the sacrifice. Geography is the first dimension of change required if you really want to prosper.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Master Mind Seminars

I am launching the inaugural Master Mind Seminar Series in the spring of 2014. However, there will be a initial launch (like a soft opening in hotels) for the core group. This core group will become trainers for future seminars, assistants and even franchise owners in their own business.

The core group of participants will each go through 12 weeks of advanced training, personalized coaching sessions with individual goal plans and one on one investments with me. This select group of individuals have a vision for more, want to succeed beyond their present situation and are driven to action.

The master mind seminar teaches you to 'master your own mind" and harness the creative and administrative hemispheres of your mind, increasing production. If you would like to be considered for this first training event, be sure to email me today to secure your place.

Collecting from tomorrow for today

Master mind individuals live in the moment, while still focusing in on their destiny. Your left brain embraces the moment while your right brain focuses in on the dream of tomorrow. This technique is an incredible gift to those that have learnt to harness both hemisphere simultaneously, but a source of frustration to outsiders. Master minds understand the tremendous power of seizing the moment, and having a vision for tomorrow. This enables you to bring a portion of tomorrow into your present tense, just like the ant does.

The ant goes forth into his future and brings back a pice of it into today, thereby making today AWESOME and tomorrow filled with promise. Have you heard the saying :"Tomorrow never comes"? That saying is for people who do not understand how to harness both hemispheres of their mind at the same time. Its actually sad that we are not taught this skill in school.

Mastermind training enables you to carpe diem, seize the moment, but still take from tomorrow to sustain your today. Credit cards allow you to spend unearned money (time), while we never learn the opposite side of this. Why should we be spending money (time) we have not earned yet, when we can withdraw from our future and use it in our present? The bible tells us to consider the ant.

This ability lies within the mastery of your mind. Controlling or harnessing both hemispheres releases new energy increases production and reduces internal stress. Master mind training unlocks your mind, allowing you to focus on there moment, and still dream of tomorrow.  Have you signed up for the next seminar yet? The introduction seminar is free of charge and in a city near you.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Geography determines opportunities

I am in the process of writing another book, which has been sitting on the shelf for what seems to be forever waiting to be finished. I live life fast, embracing every moment whilst focused in totally on my destiny, still appreciating and enjoying the moment. One of the chapters in my new book deals with GEOGRAPHY, so I thought it wise to mention it to those students seeking to realize their financial and health dreams.

Part of this philosophy is understanding the six dimensions of change. Master minds know that the very first dimension of change is also the most difficult dimension of change. We become locked into a soul tie with our land. We feel grounded and hate the thought of relocating to new pastures. New geography always opens new doors, creates new opportunities and presents new a network of people. We prosper through relationships with people.

Abraham was told clearly to leave his present land, network and move to a new land one filled with opportunities for prosperity. Joseph left his land for Egypt and prospered. Moses took the Israelites out of Egypt to a land filled with prosperity. Masterminds like Abraham, Joseph and Moses knew that prosperity is seldom accomplished in your home town. A prophet is without honor in his home town. Masterminds are prepared to relocate across continents if need be. Your destiny awaits in a new land, one filled with milk and honey, the odd giant or two and best yet, new people to meet, new bridges to form. Are you brave enough to leave the comfort zone of familiarity to explore your destiny?

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Attracting wealth

Attracting wealth is similar to any learning process. When you first learn to drive a motor car it's all conscious action. You have to think about every step, every time you want to change gears you remind yourself to push clutch, then change gears, then release clutch, and accelerate, all at the same time. It takes practice and thought, but eventually it moves from the forefront of your consciousness to the subconscious. Then the learned behavior becomes subconscious action.

In the process of time, you ask yourself why are you bothering, this makes no sense and even go through the :"I will never get this down". Eventually, its all non conscious action, muscle memory kicks in, and you forget about shifting gears, and it just happens, smooth as silk. Unfortunately along the way you pick up some bad habits, like looking down to change gears, or txting while driving etc. That happens because like most people your dad teaches you to drive, or your pastor or some other adult.

One day you choose to do an advanced driving course and you have to unlearn bad habits and relearn to drive, before you can make progress onto the real driving, skid pans and the 180 degree turns. Once again you go through the various stages of converting the new skills and techniques to the unconscious so that muscle memory can kick in.

As you begin to learn to attract wealth through conscious thought, you will go through similar stages. It takes 21 days to learn a new habit, and a whole lot longer to master the skill of attracting wealth. You have to relearn the thought processes. You have to evaluate everything you ever knew about money, and how it works. Believe me when I tell you, you have a lot of unlearning to do, before this concept becomes muscle memory.  Just about everything you have been taught about money and wealth creation is incorrect. If it were correct, you would not be reading this blog.

In the process you will doubt everything I have said, find reason to quit and even laugh this off. The truth is for those who stay the course, complete the program, wealth attraction becomes a subconscious activity, leaving you free to enjoy life. Less than 5% of the USA population have acquired the right to fly an airplane. Does this mean that flying an airplane is impossible? For 95% of the population, you bet it is. For the 5% that continue to work and earn that privilege, its well worth it. Is it easy to acquire the skills to pilot a plane? No, if it was, we would all be licensed pilots. Does that mean its impossible? No, just difficult.

Attracting wealth is not easy, that is why so few have an exceptional amount of the wealth. Is this a get rich quick scheme? No, its hard work, constant hard work. Attracting wealth is a learnt behavior. The skills require discipline, tenacity and using your whole brain. Thats right, both hemispheres, all four quadrants of your mind. It also requires harnessing the subconscious mind and bring that to bear on your life. What does tomorrow's blog hold? Wait and see...

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Pay attention

The range of what we accomplish is limited by what we fail to notice. You have five senses, if we exclude the spiritual sense, there are five physical senses that bring in information or data into your brain. Your paradigm (or mindset) then filters out data that does not fit with your mindset, thereby rejecting what may be valuable information indeed.

A poverty mindset will look at a situation as a challenge, or a setback. A prosperity mindset views the same situation as an opportunity to prosper, thus he is open to data that the poverty mindset individual discounts. The housing market crashes. The poverty mind says "loss", while the prosperous minds sees opportunities to pick up real estate at basement bargain prices and prosper.

Syria launches a gas attack, US stock market plummets, and I make some nice money. I did not make money on the Syrian event, nor on the stock market going down. I made some wise purchases and waited a couple of days and sold at a profit. Same thing happened when the banking sector started to crash. I made some decent money while people were bailing out. Prosperity mindset sees opportunities that fear rejects.

Wisdom allows all kinds of data through, whereas poverty mindset rejects it immediately as a loss. The mastermind individual is always asking the question - Did I reject a piece of data because it does not fit my paradigm? Ask yourself what did you 'see', what did you hear, what are you missing.  How does the person respond. Do they roll their eyes, are they more interested in their iPhone than my conversation. Eyes give away loads of information. Distracted people are not actively listening. You will know when you make the sale or lose it by watching their body language and their eyes.

People give 'buying' signs or not interested signs through their legs, eyes, hands and even facial movements. Mastermind individuals can read body language and even imitate body language to build a bridge, form an emotional connection. Remember people act upon their emotions not their thoughts. Building an emotional bridge, common ground is the first step of any conversation that a mastermind has as a goal.

Masterminds focus on the non verbal as well as the spoken language. Successful masterminds evaluate all data and ask questions of their environment all the time. What can you hear right now? What do you see right now? What can you taste right now? What is the room temperature?  Make a success choice. Attend the next mastermind training event in your city. This is also a networking opportunity for iron sharpens iron. You have everything to gain.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What frequency are you?

All matter vibrates. All matter changes form but never disappears. Your body consists of matter, vibrating matter. This vibration generates a frequency, which in turn generates a sound. All vibrating matter generates a different sound. The world is full of sounds, a cacophony of noise if you like. You are vibrating right now, even as you read this blog, you are vibrating. Every cell is vibrating at a frequency.

Sounds determine the vibration pattern. Louder sounds cause matter to sync up. That means that a loud noise causes all softer vibrations to sync up. A loud person generates the dominant sound, thus dominating the room with his loudness. Ask a drill sergeant. They understand the concept clearly, dominating the parade with the sound of their voice. What the drill sergeant is actually doing is causing the whole parade to sync up with one dominant frequency. This is obviously clearly beneficial on a parade ground. A unified marine platoon is most effective when in sync. One member out of sync and that is the one that will get hurt in battle. Loud drill sergeants bring everybody into sync by being the loudest frequency on the parade.

What frequency are you syncing up to? Fear has a different frequency to Faith. Poverty sounds different to prosperity. Rich prosperous people vibrate differently to poor homeless people. Once again, like attracts like., and you will sync up with the dominant sound.

A mastermind practitioner understands and dominates the sound sin any room. A mastermind practitioner will sync up with the most successful person in any room, attracting successful people into his/her orbit, and bringing that person into his/her inner circle. The mastermind practitioner knows when to keep quiet and when to be the loudest. This is determined by the composition of the group.  Mastermind practitioners know how to benefit from the syncing process and how to filter out the vibrations that are not desired.

Are you a mastermind practitioner? Is it not time you learnt the skills to dominate your environment? I will be hosting an upcoming seminar in Louisville Kentucky this fall. Email me if you are interested in hosting a mastermind seminar in your city or attending one.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Is the glass half full or half empty?

Strange question with an even stranger consequence. For every coin there is two sides. Side one says the glass if half full. Side two says the glass is half empty. (forgive the mixed metaphor). So which is true? They both are true. However one has severe consequences and the other is simply truth.

Let me explain this slowly. half full, would indicate that the glass is filled with liquid, half way to the top. Half empty though is slightly more complex. Empty by itself  equals zero. Add another half to that and you have a negative half. Now not only is the glass empty, but its empty by an extra half. Your mind makes this connection and creates the expectation of empty minus half. Consequently it attracts events that are going to fulfill this prophecy. Now its going to cost you more than half a glass, you are actually going into the negative.

Half full on the other hand tells your mind that you have enough, almost a full glass. Semantics, maybe, but your mind does not understand the difference. Subconsciously your mind believe every literal word you say. Your voice carries the most authority in the world. Your voice is a command, that filters into your subconscious becoming a reality.

You have what your subconscious mind believes. Think positive, attract positive, be positive, and you act positive. Remember your subconscious mind which is a hidden to your conscious mind by and large contains the patterns that determine your destiny. You are the captain of your fate, the master of your direction. You choose and you decide where you will be. Choose your words carefully, your subconscious mind is always listening , always paying attention, attracting incredible wealth and health, or disaster and poverty.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Money is a shadow

Money is a shadow of the real thing. If you understand this, you will never struggle with poverty ever again. Shadows cannot hurt you, shadows are harmless. What do I mean?

Its simple really, the deception is easy to accept and believe. You trade your 'time' for a unit known as currency. Lets say you earn $10 per hour. That means for every hour you trade in (60 minutes of time) you get paid $10. Now, that new car you bought, that costs you $300 per month. In other words, you have traded 30 hours per month for the ability to drive that new car. If you purchase a Mac Donalds burger, that will cost you roughly an hours 'time'. You see the reality is you trade your 'time' for stuff, rent, food, entertainment etc.

In other words, money is all a shadow. its not real. It can be destroyed, burnt, reprinted and even manufactured (fake). Money cannot be taken to heaven though, there is no money in heaven. In heaven there is only endless time. Infinity of time. Time is the real currency in heaven and there is no end to it.

So when we 'sow' the shadow of money we expect to harvest the same back. You see we expect money to come back, but money is simple the shadow of what is really important and that is 'time'. Time cannot be recreated, or printed or saved up. Once we spend it, its gone, forever, unless the Lord God redeems time for you. He promises to redeem our time. Time is the real currency we have. We are deceived into thinking that we work to earn money, where as we actually trade our real currency for a shadow, money.

I totally agree that the world economy revolves around money, but the truth is its a shadow of time. Time is eternal, never ends in heaven. Thats why heaven as no poverty. This is a hard concept to grapple with, especially since we are totally entangled in the economy of shadows. Though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, it cannot harm you, because its only a shadow. Shadows cannot harm you.

Time redeemed gives you the opportunity to trade it for more value and less consumption. How are you spending your time? Master minds can prosper through understanding this concept of shadows and applying the principles learnt. This brings sows and reaping to a whole new perspective. Suddenly I have been receiving my hundred fold return, I just never understood that the return is the real deal. I was expecting the shadow, instead of time.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Chain an emotion

Chaining an emotion to an event is a very powerful technique that enables you to change habits, loose weight, attract wealth etc. Its goes like this. People act upon their emotions. plain and simple. The more powerful the emotion (like anger, love, fear, rage) the more the action that corresponds will be entrenched, ultimately becoming a negative habit, or mental pattern.

For example, you sit down to take a math test, and your freeze. Your mind goes totally blank. Some where in your past you can recall sitting for a math text and failing, badly. That failure left an emotional attachment to the physical action of sitting for a math quiz. every time you sit for a future math quiz, your mind will rewind the failure, and the fear associated with that failure leads you to a frozen state. No thinking, blank mind.

Psychologists call that conditioning. You have a conditioned response to a predefined event. You can use that to your advantage. While sitting down for the quiz, and your mind goes blank, and fear comes in, first thing you do is breathe. yes, simply breathe. Then close your eyes and focus on an event where you had an absolute victory, people are jumping and clapping hands, everybody is excited for you. You overcame all odds and were successful. If you do not have this event in your past, imagine one in your future. Feel the adoration. feel the respect. Can you hear the hands clapping? How does it feel? You are a champion right now. Once you can really truly feel the emotion, the positive energy, the adoration and over flowing love coursing through your veins, you are in the right mental state to answer the quiz.

What happened? You created a memory (true or false) that has a corresponding emotion of adoration, accomplishment, success, and you associated that with taking a quiz. Suddenly endorphins are running through your veins, you are happy, your thinking is clearer and your mind is working. You are a champion, and this is easy. Master minds have mastered this technique and loose weight, take quizzes, speak at public events and face down their phobias. Master minds are successful individuals that once had test anxiety, struggled to loose weight and were scared of public speaking. Its time you mastered your mind, and lived out your potential.


Becoming  master mind sounds like a diabolical hollywood character. In fact a 'mastermind' is simply some one who understand how he thinks and why he does what he does. A 'master mind' simply understands his own actions. How many times have you wondered, :" Why did I do that?"

I used to work in law enforcement, in the investigations section that dealt with family related crimes. I would wonder and ask many of the perpetrators why they were repeat offenders, and the answer was always the same :"I can't help myself". I received a similar answer from women who married abusive husbands, or had abusive boyfriends, time and again. It appeared as if these people were attracted to the same abusive men, over and over again.

I began to discover that our thoughts are magnetic, (my wording) and as magnets they attract corresponding people. If we focus on the trauma and abuse of our past we attract other abusive individuals. Imagine swimming in shark infested waters. Normally, the sharks will ignore you, but add some blood and things change suddenly. The blood in the water causes the sharks to go into a feeding frenzy. I believe that our thoughts, especially the thoughts attached to a very strong emotion are powerful. (like the suffering attached to a past abuse.)

Pain is inevitable. We all face pain, the loss of a loved one, a friend or a pet. Suffering is a choice. We can choose to dwell on the pain, or choose to focus on a happy event. The master mind personality realizes that there is a time to grieve, and that time has a definite end. People who have faced cancer and overcome cancer are especially in need of master mind training. If they are not careful they will dwell on the sickness, and that is a powerful thought that attracts. Any thought attached to an emotion is powerful The more powerful the emotion attached to that thought (fear of death, grief, jealousy) the more power attached to the thought. Thoughts attract, and thoughts attached to emotions are super charged magnets.

The master mind personality has taken control of his mind. He has learnt to 'master' his thought processes. Most of us just allow our minds to wonder aimlessly. We need to learn to focus our minds on a definite thought pattern. It takes 21 days to learn a new thought pattern (habit). Master minds have been trained to think. Read that again. master minds have been trained to think. Your mind needs to be trained if you want to unlock the secrets of attracting wealth, health and happiness.

Master mind training involves amongst other things, being trained to super charge your thoughts, accelerate the growth stage and how to control your thinking. master minds control their destiny, have increased production and more wealth. Wealth is defined as disposable 'time'.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Becoming a mastermind...

Catchy title. You probably have some definite ideas about what this blog entry will be about. You are probably wrong in your idea too. In an upcoming blog, I want to discuss the definition of being a mastermind. Becoming a mastermind is a blog entry that will really excite you. Be sure to check back soon...

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Imagination continued

The most exciting phenomenon of the mind is actually a "lack". Weird I know, but here is how this works. The mind cannot differentiate between a memory and an imagined memory after a while. This is why three people who witness the same motor car wreck can have a total different recall of events, and the difference increases as time goes by.  If you have ever caught a fish, the fish will enlarge every time you retell the fish story. That's a normal phenomenon of the mind, and it's a gift we can use in our quest for abundance thinking.

The more we imagine our motor car (see visioneering blog) for context, the more detailed the car will become, and the more our mind begins to believe that the motor car actually belongs to you. Once you reach the stage where the motor car belongs to you, you have reached the believing stage, and manifestation is at hand. Remember we are trying for believing. Believing is key. Your mind has to believe that the motor car actually belongs to you, for the law of attraction to work.

Most people quit before they reach the believing stage, and as such there are many critics that have tried this and it doesn't work out there. I like to say that the law of attraction tried them and they did not work.  This takes time, and practice. You attract what you believe as truth, not just what you are thinking. If your mind does not believe it then it will never happen for you.

I had a client living in pain come in to see me. He wanted to be pain free, but ended up spending the entire session telling me he does not expect it to work. Obviously it did not work. He had predefined his expectation and received exactly what he expected to receive. His "expect action" was fulfilled. That's the law. You expect and that links to an action we call receiving 

The law of expectation is that you will receive exactly what you expect to receive...good or bad. That's the power of expectancy. Have you ever wondered why so many bad things seem to come in a group? As the first and thing happens we focus on the bad thing, and mediate on the setback. Thus mediating on the setback attracts another set back, leading to a self fulfilling cycle. You will have what you focus on. What is on your mind today?

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Imagination or visioning?

Your imagination is a powerful tool in attracting wealth. The bible says if you pray and can believe you will receive. Thing is most of us have difficulty believing because we cannot see it in our imagination. The key to believing is filling in the details.

Lets begin with the broad strokes outline. If you are believing for a new car, start with the exterior. What color is the car going to be. Picture the color, right down to the shade of color. Then look at the tires, the size of tire, fill in all the details. Work from the outside in. As you go along, make notes, draw a picture, record your description, type it out. I know it takes work, and thats the key. The more details you have, the better your belief will be.

Once you have the car designed, colored in, imagine yourself sitting in the car. What does it smell like? Can you smell the new interior? Can you smell the leather?  Once again, get a deeper understanding of the smell, then touch the leather. Remember how the leather feels.

If you need help in this area, go test drive a new car, same type and make as you are believing for. Record the sound of the engine starting. Record the sound of the car driving on the interstate, on the driveway. Play the recordings back to assist your memory. The more memory assists you can create and play back, the better your memory will be.

Focus on this memory everyday, on the way to work, on the way home from work, before going to sleep. Share the details of your dream with as many positive empowering people within your inner circle. Place pictures of your car up everywhere, so that you can see it everyday.  These are all little memory tricks to aid you in visualizing your dream car.

Now, this does not mean that one day a magic genie will arrive and grant you three wishes. Nor will you wake up and see your car in your driveway. What will happen is opportunities will start to present themselves to you that will enable you to increase your income, pay off some debt and your car will become yours. You may still have to pay for it, but now this dream will become a reality, through your own hard work, dedication, discipline and attracting wealth.

You attract opportunities to increase. Money does not fall out of the sky, but running towards a dream with abundance thinking does create more options for prospering and reduces unforeseen expenses. My focus is to teach you to create and attract wealth creation opportunities. I have a prosperity university that is designed to teach you to grasp your destiny and run towards it with an abundance thinking. Your destiny awaits.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Abundance thinking followed by action

So far we have delved into thinking attracting success realm. In this blog I want to delve deeper, much deeper into the abundance thinking realm. Initially your rational left hemisphere mind will want to analyze and be skeptical. This analytic side of your mind will reject almost everything you read. This is clearly your poverty mind set taking over. What do you have to fear, except fear itself?

Realistically changing your thought processes is not taking anything away from you, but it will increase your success rate, increase your emotional well being and better yet it will attract success towards you. Expect to change and grow exponentially.

Most people think in terms of escaping. This run away from thinking is negatively charged and therefore attracts negative thoughts, and negative people, which bring challenges rather than opportunities. Run away from thinking is characterized by statements like:

  • That will never work for me!
  • I am useless
  • I have tried that before
  • Can't do that
  • I am a failure
Run away from thinking is fear based, controlling, angry even, but most importantly it expects failure and as such attracts failure. You have what you expect to have. Run away from thinking or escape thinking has a history to support the failure mindset. Failure to loose weight, failure to complete school, failure to keep a job etc etc. I refer to this as the poverty syndrome, or poverty thinking. Its lack based thinking born on the fertile fields of poverty, lack and fear. You have what you expect to have. Your expectations are based upon your thinking and your mindset.

The opposite thinking is run towards thinking. This is the Abundant thinking pattern I want to cultivate. It takes 21 days of concerted effort to change your thinking to abundant thinking. Abundant thinking is characterized by the following statements:

  • I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me
  • I call those things that be not as though they are
  • I am the head
  • I am prosperous
  • I attract wealth
  • I am healthy
Merely saying this everyday is not going to make a difference. You have to believe and expect this to be truth, for it to be a reality. 21 days will change the habit, but not your reality. Working on your reality takes a coach to mentor and work with you. Cultivate your abundant thinking on a daily basis. Expect every challenge to be an opportunity. Remember your mind can not tell the difference between a memory and your imagined memory. Your imagination is a powerful tool in this process of change. In the next blog, I will delve into the imagination's role in abundant thinking.

Language unlocks your brain

Have you noticed? People have two ears, and only one mouth? Thats a vital key. Listening, and I do mean actively listening as opposed to just hearing what people say, will help you unlock your own mind as well as that of your partners. If you were to listen to your own verbiage, you would hear you are actually giving away the keys.

Let me explain. The mind is divided up into two hemispheres, with two quadrants in each hemisphere. We process through one of five senses, visual, emotions, taste, smell and hear. When we speak, most people will either say things like, I hear you (auditory processor), I totally see that (visual processor) or I feel that. These are the Big three keys.

If you feel that somebody just rubs you up the wrong way, thats because they are probably "seeing" where as you are feeling. People that hear can be frustrated with visual people. If you know a person feels, then use emotive language to build a bridge of cooperation.

Obviously this whole process is not as simple as this blog can define it, but this is a starting point. Language unlocks your brain's potential, and that of your partners. People all around you are trying desperately to communicate, and generally we are all too busy talking, transmitting. You can not hear if you are talking.

Try listening to the language people use. Then attempt to build a bridge by communicating your thoughts on their wavelength, using similar language. You will be amazed at the difference this begins to make. People that you would never sit with at lunch may just become new friends.

Be all that you were created to be. Become an Active Listener. Engage in your relationships. In my next blog, I will continue to unlock the secrets of prosperity and success. Its all in your mind.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Right brain left brain

We all have a whole brain, but we utilize less than 10% of our whole brain. We tend to be either right brain (visual, emotive, abstract), or left brain (numbers, logic, practical) orientated. This can create tension within each of us, and external tension between spouses, parents and associates.

Increasing production always involves reducing friction, and increasing cooperation. If we could harness both hemispheres of the brain, we could potentially double our production, turning what we normally accomplish in an 8 hour day into a normal 16 hour day, by simply reducing stress.

You are a creative being. You create your reality. Your thoughts are fundamental to your perception, which is what you act upon. Internally you may not be aware of the tension existing between your left and right hemisphere, thereby reducing your creativity and productivity. 

This internal tension overflows into your thought patterns. Your thoughts are clouded by the internal stress in your own brain. Engineers have turned friction into energy, and we can do the same thing. Instead of fighting our own brains, we can learn to harness that internal tension creating more energy, increasing creativity and utilizing our administrative brain to plan a successful business, thereby increasing profits and reducing debt ratios. 

Imagine an artist that is also an accountant. Impossible you say? I suggest that by learning to harness both hemispheres, the worlds greatest artists can increase creativity and their left brain can increase too. Instead of denying your left hemisphere, we learn to develop both hemispheres, increasing communication internally and externally, reducing both internal tension and external tension through creative verbiage, open communication and increased productivity. 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Poverty is a mindset that perpetuates the cycle

Poverty really is a curse. It's handed down from father to son, generation to generation, a cycle that perpetuates itself. Few ever break free from this cycle. So what is this curse! Poverty binds you up in chains, like bamboo holds back the tiger in India, poverty holds people in a cage. It's a terrible thing. 

Bamboo cages in India hold beautiful tigers, animals so powerful that with one swipe of their massive paws the cage will be broken. Unfortunately the tiger believes he is unable to break free, and so doesn't even attempt it. 

People living in poverty have the same thought processes. At some or other stage that person may have attempted to break free, and failed. Now they do not even try anymore. Their minds have defeated them. Poverty is a thinking pattern, leading to decisions, and corresponding actions, perpetuating debt. 

Romans 12:2 says to not be held captive by the worlds way of thinking, but be transformed by God's thoughts. Change your thinking and you truly change your future. Your thoughts are magnets, attracting what you focus on. How does that work. Simple really. 

You make decisions based upon thought patterns, that determine your corresponding actions. Actions create opportunities, which create wealth or poverty. Your thoughts determine your actions. Prosperous thinkers act in a manner that creates wealth. Poverty thinkers create debt, perpetuating their cage.

There is more to this in tomorrow's blog. Be sure to see what I have for you tomorrow as we dive deeper into prosperity thinking, creating your own wealth system.