Friday, October 18, 2013

Gravity works

The law of gravity is a strange concept. You know it exists because you can see the effects of gravity. The law works for those that believe in the law of gravity equally well as it does for those who deny it's existence. Like every other law, there is an exception, and that's the law of lift. Pilots use the law of lift to overcome the law of gravity, but that does not do away with gravity.

The law of attraction works for you. It's working right now. You may choose to not believe it, but guess what? It's in operation right now. You are thinking and your thoughts are attracting.  You have what you focus on. 

Master mind graduates have taken this a step further. If you really want to accelerate the process of attraction, find a strong emotion or create an emotional state and then focus on your vision board. Vision boards are powerful tools used by master mind graduates for increased sucess. It took one person just four days to attract the exact job posted on her vision board. 

Master mind graduates work the law of attraction like professionals. The world calls this a secret. That term (secret) creates the perception that this is limited knowledge available to a select (wealthy few). Did you know that the super wealthy have investment opportunities that are not available to those with under $10 million is liquid assets? It's true. The rich do get richer, but they use the same concept master mind seminars teach. Learn to use the law of attraction to your benefit. You have used it long enough to bring lack. It's time you changed your destiny. 

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Attracting wealth - using the law

Every thought has an energy value. Every thought sends out an expectation, which has a corresponding reaction. You think positively and attract positive energy and action consequently. Your thoughts are magnetic. The energy created from your thoughts attracts corresponding energy.

Think of yourself as a transmitter. People around you are receivers and transmitters. You transmit energy (thoughts) and receive corresponding energies (thoughts). Your mind is a filter. It will filter out what it does not accept at that moment in time, but will receive thoughts that are connected to a heavy weight (like an emotion -love, fear, lust, anger).

If you are sick, you are attracted to sickness, and are attracting sickness. Doctors will tell you that your immune system is down. I prefer to say that you are attractive to sicknesses, attracting outer sicknesses. No matter what verbiage you use to describe this phenomena, like attracts like. Poverty attracts poverty and wealth attracts wealth. Drug dealers hang out with drug users. Successful people celebrate with successful people. Peacocks flock together, not with an eagle.

Control your thoughts, and you will receive opportunities to create wealth. Think negatively and you will find lack, poverty and plenty of 'needs'. Think wealthy, and money will literally be attracted to you, and opportunities to empower others will abound. Philanthropists are always rich and successful.

Its easier to be a philanthropist when you have a wealthy mindset. How many poor people build orphanages in third world countries? One rich person can build far many orphanages than 100 poor people. Poor people are struggling with their thoughts, while rich people understand this 'secret' if you like. Its not a secret so much as a self discipline concept that a select few will ever grasp and implement.

master mind seminars empower you, equip you and encourage you through seminars, group meetings and support structures to change your thinking and change your lifestyle. Become all you can, change your mindset today. Sign up in the next master mind seminar.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Vision board - it works

I had an occasion to present a seminar on vision boards last week. During the event, I asked participants to describe their personal vision board. Remember, having a vision board without a deep seated belief and strong emotion will get you a vision board. The key is not the board, the key lies in your expectation and deep deep seated emotion attached to that vision. I know of plenty of people with boards galore and none are ever fulfilled.  They enjoy the art work, but never expect a manifestation. 

With this in mind, I presened the seminar, expecting one or two people to correctly apply the teachings.  As expected, one person called me to let me know that her board had manifested within three days!  She applied the teaching, added the required emotional expectation and surprised herself, when it worked as quickly as it did. She manifested the specific job she was hoping for. It was so exciting for me and for her.

Vision boards work, when correctly applied. Go back and read the previous blog entries and see what you are missing. If this concept worked for several people, it has to work for you. Make a decision to prosper today. Sign up for the master mind course. There is one scheduled for Louisville, Ky and another for San Diego, Ca. Be there. It will change your life.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Vision Boards - small steps

We all need a victory sometimes. Actually, small steps, equal small victories, but when you combine several small steps and small victories you get a large victory. I encourage my clients to have several small steps. A vision board with several goals that the client will most likely attain in a week or less. Combine this with a medium term vision board, goals easily attained in 3 months or less, and finally a 6 month term vision board. Once you get accustomed to victory, and you have developed the culture of success within your mind, the longer term goals will flow easily too.

Most of my clients have failed at some or other stage in their lives and this failure has led to a culture of expected failure. You need to develop a counter culture, a mindset of VICTORY. Know how when you are on a winning streak, you continue to win? Same approach here. Start with small victories and continue to grow in size of the goal as you progress.

Example is weight loss. Start with a goal of losing 1 lb. Go from there to 2 lbs, and then 4 lbs and finally 8 lbs. When you stop losing, go back one step. Don't start at 1 lb again, but say you were on the 16 lb stage, then drop down to 8 lb stage. Slowly build up the expectancy of victory.

Setting goals that you do not expect to attain is akin to setting yourself up for failure. Develop the expectancy of success. Small;l steps, lead to giants success. David in the bible started off by defeating the wold, and then the lion and then the bear and finally Goliath. Small steps.

Master minds have developed a culture of expectancy and victory. Master minds expect to win. First step to victory is sign up for you place today!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Vision boards

Vision boards are a simple tool that you can construct at home. It's simple a poster board that you cut and paste pictures on it of your dream house, dream car, dream watch, job, etc. This simple but very powerful tool is a visual reminder of what you are aiming for.

Do not despise small beginnings. The vision board is powerful. As you progress along, you will create many many vision boards. Keep the old one as a reminder of what you accomplished already. Build new ones as your old dreams come to pass. 

Post the vision board up in a conspicuous place where you can see it daily. You must be able to see it daily, focus on that dream. Concentrated focus will bring that dream out of the twilight zone and into reality. I know the script in your head is saying - mumbo jumbo" , but believe. Read some of my previous blogs. This is a process of transition from doubt to belief. If it works for me, it will work for you.

Make several vision boards. Keep focused on the dream. Work towards believing that. Try this for 30 days and see what your results are. Build your dreams up, but focus on the vision boards. This powerful tool creates expectation within you which leads to manifestation. Remember this is a process of time, as you build up a new expectation system add a master mind group to your support structure. You work best with a supportive team behind you. 

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Secret

Have you seen the DVD - the Secret?  It's an awesome production that outlines the teachings I have been writing about for the last 8 years. Wonderful affirmation for what I have been teaching since 2002.  I really encourage you to watch the DVD, over and over again. In fact, I have decided to start a small group study on the DVD. The teachings found on the DVD can be totally supported by scripture. 

The book is a quick read too. The premise of Joshua 1:8 is that you will have what you medicate on. If you focus on your debt, or getting out of debt, or living debt free, then your mind is totally focused on the word and the attached concept "Debt". In simple terms, you will attract that which your mind is focused on. If you want to get out of debt, set up an automatic debt payment plan, and forget about it. Focus on prosperity. Meditating on prosperity will see you attracting wealth. Wealth will get you out of debt, where as debt focus will keep you in debt.

Vision boards are an incredible tool to help you maintain your focus. Cut out pictures, or print pictures of what you want. Put the pictures on your board (not on Pinterest) and look at that board periodically throughout the day. I suggest you try and look at your board every hour on the hour. You can use your phone (wall paper) or ipad and achieve the same concept. Keep your mind focused on what you want, and not what you haven't got.

Once you have this clear picture your mind will start to accept your new reality as fact. That leads you to the next step, attracting opportunities that will create your reality. Put your mind on autopilot, and wealth creation will happen on autopilot. Unlock your minds creativity. Master your mind. The upcoming mastermind seminars (November 2014 - Louisville, January 2014 - San Diego) is a must attend event for wealth creation. Book your seat today. There a few places left for Louisville's master mind seminar.

Monday, October 7, 2013

The secret is out

The oldest book in the bible, arguably the oldest book in existence today records a secret. Actually, its in plain sight, just in the open for all to read, and yet we would rather not read anything at all. The 'secret' is not a secret. Its a formulae for success or failure.

The best part of a "law" (the physical kind, not the man made kind) is that it works whether you like it or not, rich or poor, it works for everybody. Gravity affects everybody. Some (pilots) have mastered the method of utilizing gravity to launch high into the skies, while others (more than 90% of the population are held down by gravity).

The secret is the same way. Its a law, and only 1% of the population use it for their success, the rest either use it for their failure or pretend it doesn't exist.  Job records that the thing which he most feared came upon him. First chapter of Job. Right there in plain sight, the secret is out for everybody to read.

Job attached a passionate emotion to a thought and guess what? The more passionate the emotion the more attractive the thought is. Passionate emotions supercharge the energy of your thoughts. Attach a powerful emotion like fear and you have a supercharged emotional attraction going out. Imagine a powerfully charged thought, super charged with the most powerful of emotions and watch how a petite mom lifts a car off her toddler without breaking a sweat. Super charged emotions like "love" can cause superman like strength to work in a petite mom's body.

The most powerful emotion is love and it will supercharge your thoughts. This is definitely a blog article in the future. (how to supercharge your thoughts)

The secret is simple. You will have what you think and expect you will have. The bible says "pray, believe and receive." The world says, ask, believe and you will receive. I say, ask, add a super charged emotion to that thought, and you will manifest (receive) in accelerated time frame.

So, what exactly does this master mind seminar cover? One of the subjects we deal with in depth is to work the secret to your advantage. Change your thinking, create a new reality for yourself. The law of attraction (Abraham's law, the secret - it goes by many names) works, just like the law of gravity works. Less than 1 % of the world work this law to their advantage, while the rest of the world work it to their failure. The law is working for you right now. It never stops working. Gravity works whether you believe in it or not. Just because you do not believe doesn't mean you can jump off a building and not be subject to gravity.

For the skeptics, I encourage you to study quantum mechanics. The science of quantum mechanics substantiates the law of attraction. Despite scientific evidence we still have people who believe the earth is flat, and Armstrong never landed on the moon.

The first master mind seminar is scheduled for Louisville, Ky. Seats are limited to 12. Secure your seat today. The first seminar is free. At this seminar I will be providing a Meyers Briggs personality profile opportunity for those who want to pursue the mastering your mind program to the next level. Do not delay. Sign up today. Unravel the law of attraction and master the secret for yourself.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Losing weight the mind way

You have tried dieting, and supplements and probably something the TV show host suggested too. You have probably tired exercise for a few weeks but that never brought results fast, so you ended up giving up on that too. I guess surgery is your last resort?

Master mind seminars has a better option. Dealing with past emotional traumas is key to unlocking the weight loss secret. Emotional healing is fundamental to the weight loss formulae. In master mind training we do not ignore the past, nor do we rationalize it away, instead we reframe the past using your imagination and creativity, creating a new past. Reframing your past is key to bringing closure and letting go. You will never be able to let go if your past is still holding onto your present. 

Think of it this way. That past hurt is a thief, a silent killer, slowly dragging on your energy, draining your minds resources, running like a bad program in your subconscious, coming back to hurt you every now again, just waiting for a trigger. Triggers activate the hidden program recalling the hurt of yesterday with an added bonus of today's events. Your body senses hurt, and increases the need for energy to overcome the trauma. When the reality is less than the expectation, you have an excess of energy, which ends up being stored in "fat" cells. 

I have over simplified the process to enable a wider audience to grasp the concept. Bottom line is if you want to loose weight, you have to process the past emotional baggage and let it go. The only way your mind will let something go is through a process of reframing your past. This takes time. It's a process. Master mind students understand that it takes time to build up a mindset and takes time to reframe a poorly constructed mindset. Remember this is not a get rich quick, or get healthy quick system. 

Start with a mental picture of your personality. I suggest the Meyers Briggs personality typing. While you can get this test online for free, the key is understanding and applying the result to bring healing to your past followed by a strategy of sucess for your future. A professional coach certified in the Meyers Briggs process is the best place to start the healing.

 I would recommend finding a certified coach that uses the process of emotional healing in conjunction with the Meyers Briggs test. Reframing your past coupled with a decent eating plan (one suited to your body (- take a DNA test here) and the right exercise program and you will definitely see results. Remember I have not discussed the DNA test in this article. The DNA test determines what type of exercise you need as well as the correct eating plan for you. 

Weight loss is a complex issue requiring a multidimensional  approach. Mastering your mind is one aspect of the approach I use. DNA testing, Meyers Briggs typing and emotional healing are all the tools used at my practice. Book your place in the next seminar today (weight loss) and begin your healing.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Are you bored with you job?

One of the fundamental drives in your life is the need to feel significant. This is especially true of the male gender. Guys are driven by this need to feel significant. Ladies are driven by a need to be loved, appreciated and needed. We are different. We are created to be different. We are not the sum of our parts, or our emotions or our inert desires. We are more than the total. This explains why when it appears to the outside world we have everything; job status, fancy car, big house, great bank balance, there is still a deep seated desire to be doing more. What are you missing?

Your mind is a wonderful organ that is described by Meyers Briggs as 16 personality types. The 16 different types clearly indicate the variety of differences between us, and give the individual a starting point, a direction. Over the years I have completed this test several times and a variety of similar personality profile tests. Each test gives me the same result.  I enjoy empowering people to succeed. Thats what drives me, thats what brings me fulfillment and joy in life.

This simple tool (Meyers Briggs test) when administered by a professional and carried through with coaching (by a professional once again) brings clarity to the seeker. You are a seeker. If you are reading this blog and have been for a while, you are one of those fortunate few that want to change your world. You are a seeker, a seeker of truth, a "dying out" breed. Most people today are content with their mortgage payment, two car payments and a house in suburbia. Few are seeking for more than that.

Welcome fellow seeker.

If you are still with me, then you have embarked on the adventure of change. You want to find out the meaning to life, and what makes it all worth while for YOU. Each of us has a different role to play in this Heavenly production known colloquially as "LIFE ENCOUNTERED".  The symptom (bored with life, or bored with your career)  is an indication of a lack. Master mind graduates despise lack. Rightly so, but lack is simply a symptom of incorrect thinking.

So whats the first step then? The first step is a series of tests. We first have to define your personality profile type, followed by your brain dominance (left, right etc). The final test is to see where your strengths lie. Once we have determined all of that, we can then focus in on reaching your role in life.

This is not a quick fix. This is a process, but why waste anymore time? Enroll in the first master mind seminar and lets get this ship launched already. Ships were made to sail the high oceans not sit at the dock indefinitely. Life awaits you. Can you hear it calling?

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Law of attraction

The law of attraction works. Simple. Obviously its easier to attract wealth if your geography has an abundance of wealth. Abraham (father of faith and the law of attraction) had to change his geography to see the real effects of this law in operation.  You cannot attract wealth if you reside in poverty.

Creative thinkers generally hang out with an abundance of creative thinkers, in an environment where creativity is encouraged and innovation the norm. Wealth creation does not occur in a deserted place.

I am creating a master mind group. This is for master mind thinkers, and creative people. People who want to attract wealth, understand the power of this law and implement this law on a daily basis. This first group will be limited to 12 individuals. Law of 12. (are you familiar with the law of 12?)

The law of attraction stipulates that you attract that which you are meditating on. Joshua 1:8 says that you will attract success if you think upon success. Think of a sausage machine. If you put pork in, you get pork out. If you put beef in, you get beef out. If you put hard work in you get hard work out. If you put success in, you get success out. Your mind is the machine. What are you putting in?

Master mind seminars are an excellent training ground for the law of attraction, followed by a maintenance program I call the master mind group. The master mind groups will help you train your mind and maintain that level of thought, which in turn maintains the attracting wealth thought process. You would not change the oil in your car and then drive it for 5 years without an oil change? (Perhaps you do, and that probably explains it).

The master mind seminar teaches you the concepts, the master mind groups teaches you the application of these concepts. Master mind thinkers know the importance of maintenance.

Lottery winners are often found in poverty within 5 years. Statistics indicate that lottery wealth is never maintained. The answer lies in the mindset of the lottery winner. Poverty mindset will always be attracted to get rich quick schemes, and lottery is a simple wealth creation game of chance. Like all games of chance, the player always looses and the owner always wins. The owner wins because he  or she understands the human mind. The mind is always looking for a quick buck.

Master mind thinking is not a get rich quick concept. This is change your mind change your destiny process of wealth creation. We focus on creating wealth, creating streams of income and attracting opportunities for success. Sign up for the next master mind seminar. Seats are limited to 12.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Script writing

When writing your own script, remember the key is "choice". What would you choose if you could. Would you choose to be happy or sad? Rich or poor? Once you have decided to be rich (most people will not turn down 1 million $) then the script writing is easy.

When doubts creep in (old script) remember that you are the playwright. You choose the new script. Exercise your choice. Choose what you mediate on. It's all about choice and focus. Can you choose to be rich for one day? 

Quantum mechanics strongly suggests and proves that the outcome is based upon your personal belief and expectation. If you expect to be rich and successful the law of attraction will operate. You will attract wealth. If you expect poverty you will attract poverty and lack comes right along with that mindset. 

Your choice. The law of attraction works both ways. You choose what you attract. If in doubt go shopping.  Shopping malls prove the law of attraction. Food court is where all the fast food is located. Shoe stores are always located in close proximity. You attract what you expect. Your expectation is dependent upon your thinking. Change your thinking and you change what you are attracting. Your choice.

What are you going to choose today? I am getting ready to launch the first master mind seminar. Have you secured your place? Seats are limited. First seminar will be in Louisville, Ky. At the first seminar we will give you an opportuntity to have a personality profile analysis which will give a strong indication of your personality strengths and opportunities for development. Choose wealth today!