Thursday, November 28, 2013

Designed to succeed?

Are you designed to succeed? The short answer is yes. The internal script running in your head may be screaming "No!" The truth is you were designed by the Master. Craftsman to succeed. It's an open book test, but you have to open the book. There in lies the challenge. Self serving leads to failure. Sure you might accumulate wealth, but that wealth rusts, rots, is stolen and falls by the wayside. That worldly wealth cannot be transported into heaven, does not carry into the next life, and is sadly losing value every time our economy takes a dip. Despite the obviously silly notion of accumulating wealth, people focus on wealth accumulation everyday, rather than on eternal riches.

Does this mean that we should not attract wealth? No. It does mean that we should not focus on wealth  and ignore our personal destiny. You will never find joy until you submit your will to that small voice deep inside you, calling you to follow that dream. 

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to examine our values and dreams. It's nearing the end of the Greek calendar and a time to assess what really lies ahead. Where do I really want to position myself for next year. Today I am thankful for the gift of choice, and I intend to use it more wisely than last year. Have a great thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Believe and receive

The law of attraction is a simple enough process. It's not a get rich quick scheme, it also does not guarantee health quickly. This law is a process and processes take time. Let's discuss health. Healing is a choice. Plain and simple. You choose to be healed, or to remain sick. Medicine deifnieltly helps, but the side effects of poisoning your body with chemicals will eventually hurt you.

Your mind is a powerful organ, one scientists still do no completely comprehend. Research into the plasticity of the mind is in infant stages. We do not know where this research will eventually end, but so far we know that the brain can rewire itself. If there has been damage to one section, the brain can rewire itself, repair itself even. 

Every thought you have uses energy. Energy that comes from what you eat. Are you eating enough brain energy food? You use an incredible amount of energy thinking, and that increases when you implement this law of attraction. Increase your brain food, and here comes the exciting part. Choose what, you think upon. You are wasting energy by thinking fear thoughts, thinking of the negative drains energy. Why not think of the positive, at least that way you attract positive events, at the same price. 

I have a theory that negative thoughts actually use more energy thn positive thoughts. Research indicates that happier people live longer. Change your thinking and change your future. Dwell on the positive and watch your health improve even as your finances improve.