Saturday, December 28, 2013

Balance is not fair

Balance seldom aligns itself with the more human logic and dare I say subjective experience known as "fair" . Fair, is an experience and totally subject to the individual experiencing it. Justice is a human approach to restore balance and as such justice strives to be fair but is often at odds with fair. Justice can be thwarted and malaligned, but to be "fair" justice is more often balanced than not, country, situation and location dependent of course. Justice is handed down by humans that are biased and lean towards what is considered fair rather than restoring balance.

God on the other hand is totally balanced and often appears unfair to the subject of the restoration of balance. God created Heaven and Hell.  That's the very definition of balance, and justice. In this system it's fair too. The ones that object to hell as a concept, do so on their own subjective paradigm of what "love" is. In this perverted world, love and grace are inter changeable, and have no consequence for an action. That defies both logic, and the laws of physics. Mathematically  an equation strives to equal, balance both sides. Heaven has to have a balance, hell. 

The consequence of action requires a result, heaven or hell. Balance, allows every individual to choose their own consequence. That's the very definition of justice, balance and the laws of physics. Why would we debate the existence of hell when it's the direct consequence of a corresponding choice. 

Balance has to be restored in our thinking. Our present self serving mindset will have the ultimate consequence of a system wide shut down, as balance is restored. Have we not learnt the lesson from the Wall Street collapse? Balance had to be restored. We attempted to alleviate the pain with various economic stimulus, but that just lengthened our suffering. Greed led to collapse. Greed is not capitalism, greed is unbridled capitalism. No balance, led to a system wide collapse. The consequence was devastating to many. Most people who were caught up in the housing bubble were caught up by the mindset that there was no end, and that's ok. History records otherwise.

The world will always be a system. As we know from both mathematical and scientific models, systems will always restore themselves, to bring the balance back. Balance is actually fair and just, it's our paradigm that has been allowed to get off balance.

Greed encourages off balanced thinking to become your new reality. When the system seeks to restore balance, you feel slighted, and complain about it being unfair. The unfair part was greed that led to a selfish mindset, believing you deserved more. Ultimately when balance is restored and the new norm becomes familiar, true joy sets in. 

 Loss of excess leads to real joy. Too much will cloud your mind, stealing your peace. 


Pain is the result of something being out of balance. As balance is restored, so pain will leave. Unfortunately we can become accustomed to high levels of pain. Resulting in a system shut down. The system will always attempt to restore balance. The shut down is the last attempt.

Think of your body as a system. Pain tells you something is out of balance. You may be too stressed, too tired, or too uptight. All of this will lead to pain manifesting. We take pain killers to shut down the pain recpetors, rather than researching the root cause of the discomfort. Ultimately the system shuts down, forcing the individual to stop and make some changes.

Unfortunately the shut down is then dealt with through surgery or medical intervention, rather than allowing the natural balance to be restored. Every system will work towards a balance. Balance is inevitable or system wide failure results. Death is the ultimate restoration of balance. Energy merely changes form, and the balance is restored.

Will we all die? Yes, of course, but look at death as a restoration of balance rather than an end. The system is restored. You continue in a different form,  one that lives in total balance, harmony and peace. Jesus went to Calvary to restore balance. The wold was out of balance when He arrived. 

Balance requires two sides, a dichotomy if you like. Heaven and Hell. Balance. You cannot have one without the other. To believe otherwise demonstrates unbalanced thinking. The law of physics says that every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Balance.  To overcome inertia we need a greater amount of energy, than is required to keep momentum going. The initial energy required to make a change is more than the amount required to maintain that change. The world will return to a balanced place.

Next time you want to grab a pain killer, consider what is causing the pain. Look at the whole picture. Is something in your life out of balance?

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Help Wanted?

Dogma is the result of other peoples thinking. Sad thing is, we are taught to be humble, and humbly submit to the logic of lesser intellectual conclusions. This humility is based upon fear, fear that if we were to believe in ourselves, we would fall. So, do not dream, rather be held back by fear, fear of failure. This very fear that allows lesser intelligence to create dogma, and philosophy that is inherently flawed.

Sad that the world settles for mediocre, and less. The loudest Voice often has the mediocre ideas, but we buy the thought because the voice booms loud and confident. The quiet voice is ignored, but we encourage the quiet intellectuals to be still and let their better and louder companions boom their philosophy. If politics has taught me one thing, it is the loudest drum is also the empty one.

Why do we discourage the philosophy of believing in yourself? I am created to succeed. I cannot fail. Failure is not within my DNA. My very DNA is succeed! Even when my test score says "F" I do not accept that as the final result. The world finds this  amusing, and yet The most intelligent thinker of our time were eccentric. 

You dear reader have one enemy. Yourself. As you think, so you are. If you believe God created you to be a doormat, then that's what you will always be. If you do not believe in yourself, then you are a failure. Failure to believe.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Arising from the ashes

I used to love Greek mythology so much so, that if the option existed at the college I attended to take a degree in Greek mythology, I would have. One of the most inspiring myths is that of the Phoenix. Out of the ashes,  rises a new bird, new feathers, and shining as bright as before.

The modern day believer has so many similarities to the Phoenix. Sometimes, out of our defeat, we arise anew, a fresh. You see, God allows what appears to be a setback, to actually be a set up. People will often say they are in covenant, only to drop the ball and run at the first sign of an attack. We rely on covenant minded people to be there when we pass the ball ( to continue the sports analogy) only to find the receiver has left the field. Maybe it was a warm day, and jet skiing was more important. Who knows the excuses vary, the result is the same. 


Modern day believers face so many distractions from the world that what appears to be a soild team, can in fact be smoke and mirrors. The receiver that was not there to catch the ball, let the other side intercept and score. The end is in sight, and it appears that you have lost, and then suddenly out of no where, Jesus comes through. That's the power of LOVE. It never lets you down, and always rises to the challenge.

Better still, out of the ashes of failure, you will arise, stronger, faster and healthier than before. You see, dear believer, the scriptures record that all things work together for the good of those that are called. That's you, dear believer, that's you. You will arise out of the defeat, stronger faster and better equipped for the task at hand. Never loose sight of that fact. Stay the course, the best is yet to come. 

Friday, December 6, 2013

Why do you go to church?

I am continuously told by various people that church is boring. That's true. Church can be boring, and most of the time it probably is. Is it supposed to be entertaining? The first time I went to a Movie, I was thrilled, excited and entertained. Now if I go once a year I am thrilled, excited and entertained. Movies can be very boring if you go three times per week, costly too.

Why do I go to church three times per week? To be entertained? No, not at all. I may no even learn something once a week, but I don't go to learn new facts, or be entertained, or even because I like the music. I go because I know that embers get cold when they are away from the fire. The only way k can burn bright is by staying in the fire.

Fires need kindling to burn. Fires need wood. I need to be at church every time the doors open to keep my passion on fire. If you go to church to be entertained, then you will be disappointed. People leave church to find the next big thing, the next move of God, the next revival, or new musician. 

I pray that people will one day mature, grow into their destiny and possibile become adults. As long as we as a society are driven by fast food, fast church, fast entertainment, we will always be seeking God and never finding Him. Fast food is not Church. Church is a relationship, and like all relationships the passion can go out, the excitement can grow dim, but most of us stay married beyond the passing infatuation, beyond the dimming passion, and into maturity. I pray the modern church goer grows up one day...

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Things break

Life happens, things break, but do not mourn your loss, celebrate your increase. How does the law of attraction work when your refrigerator breaks? Let me share this account. This past thanksgiving we celebrated many victories. In four days we had the following happen to us:

  1.  Auto insurance cancelled
  2. Two tires go out and we discovered that we needed four for each vehicle.
  3. Refrigerator and freezer both quit on the same day.
  4. Our son's bed needed to be replaced.
  5. The bank 'lost' $1000 deposit.
Our response was simple. We made a choice. We chose to praise God. You see praising releases the blessing and blessing brings overflow. We know how to attract wealth, through our thinking, and our words. Nothing makes me happier than singing and dancing (in private) and loud.  We attract what we focus on. We chose to focus on the new refrigerator, new bed, new tires, etc.

The testimony that followed is amazing.

  1. We found an auto insurance policy with same coverage at $60 cheaper per month
  2. We have new tires.
  3. We replaced the old equipment with energy efficient new equipment, and our Electric company sent us a $150 check
  4. Our son received a brand new pillow top bed, and he is in sleep heaven
  5. The bank 'found' the missing funds, and an extra $400.
What are you attracting? A 'divided' man falls. You cannot think positive, speak positive and act negative, and expect the over flow. Release the blessing, praise God in all sincerity.