Thursday, January 30, 2014

Setting up your dream team

I am often asked how to set up a dream team. Business Owners, understand that their support staff are seldom in a position to dream, yet, these are the individuals that business owners go to for advice, support and encouragement. Staff are there to support you, absolutely, but their primary focus is to ensure they are secure. Support staff are driven to ensure the success of their own personal salary, and secondary to see that the business is able to meet payroll. That makes sense.

A Dream Team is just that. These are the dreamers, the guys that are out there dreaming up the next big thing. Dream team members are not tethered by salaries, or risks. Dream teams are not risk adverse, like staff members. With this said, there needs to be a clear role definition, dream direction and dream team management. Dream teams need to be carefully selected, trained and must work together to be effective.

Dream Teams dream of big things, look at opportunities you as the business owner may be missing and really push you to take on new risks with higher rewards. Staff members prefer lower risk, less work, more reward, and obviously that translates to stability and eventual stagnation. Dream teams (DTs) are driven by change, keeping your business current on the edge, and always searching for new developments and new fields of enlargement. DTs do not see new projects as more work, therefore they will be more enthusiastic about new projects and new opportunities.

The dangers are that the business owner blindly follows every suggestion. That's not wisdom. DTs dream big, they throw out the wild, crazy and even obtuse suggestions, challenging the normal, and creating new. There must be a filter, and a great filter will allow the impossible through but not the improbable.  DTs that function well are reimbursed for their time and input. Money seldom motivates dream team members, but their time is valuable. If you do not place a concrete value on the members input, you will loose their attention sooner or later.

Recruiting a dream team takes time and effort. You need to recruit people that can listen well, speak concisely, are visionary and right brained. I use the Meyers Briggs personality assessment to select the correct profile for my dream team. I also use interviews, and patience. Sometimes I have to change out a team member, as no selection is ever perfect. Time will tell. When you have to change a team member, make it quick. A bad apple will rot the whole cart in no time at all.

Some of my biggest mistakes have been to recruit family and friends. That was a hard lesson to learn and an even harder one to undo. My second mistake was to recruit volunteers. That mistake I am presently trying to undo. Another mistake was to assume that everybody had my best intentions at heart. I have learnt from my mistakes. In the past, I made them all. I recruited family members, used volunteers, and assumed everybody would be perfect just because they were dreamers, right brained thinkers and loved me. That became a nightmare team, and my ministry showed that clearly.

In short, the simple steps requirements are.
1. Pay your dream team
2. Recruit from outside family and friends
3. Train your dream team
4. Use Meyers Briggs and other assessment tools
5. Speak to the Dream team every week.

One final note is communicate. Communicate every week with your Dream team. Set up a weekly teleconference. Make sure there are no distractions when you have the teleconference. Have pen and paper at hand. Make copious notes. Record the teleconference.

I would follow up with individual team members during the week if there is any need for clarification. If a team member is not producing at the weekly conference, meet individually. Enquire as to why there is no input. perhaps the member is introverted, shy, or just has nothing to input. Perhaps they are intimidated by the other members, and perhaps they are just not performing. Determine which is the truth reason and act accordingly. Do not let a team member slip through the cracks.

The correct function Dream Team is a powerful asset and many opportunities will arise from this team. You will be amazed at your ROI on a great DT. Unfortunately a unbalanced DT will be a drain on your time and resources.

Facebook Pharisee

In the modern world of Facebook and twitter, we still have the same challenges as the New Testament faced, the Pharisees, Sadducees and Essenes. Today they abound on Facebook, twitter and Pinterest. These are the "know it alls", the religious fruit and nuts, the "my ministry is bigger than yours" and the "Lets quote the modern sage". I admit, its hard to be active in social media and maintain your peace.

I utilize social media to maintain contact with family on other continents, friends that I have not seen since I embarked on a full time ministry in another country, and lost friends. Modern day missionaries have it easier with social media to stay connected, but we face different challenges. We come face to face with the religious nuts out there, who feel they need to remind us of their own personal walk through the bible.

My favourites are the "wanna bes". These guys never set foot in church, but everyday they quote a verse, or a modern day sage. They know what every TV preacher has said or is saying, and every new year brings forth peace, promises of prosperity and renewal.  Next year will bring the same prosperity as last year, but this will be the year of prosperity. Last year was the year of dreams, unfulfilled dreams, but this year we have the year of prosperity. Next year will be the year of the "Open door".

You may well ask, why am I so cynical? The reason is simple. Everybody reads this stuff, and judges the whole church by the flaky, fluffy simpletons that are out there. Not everybody in the Church is flaky, fluffy and silly, but the authentic worshippers tend to be soft spoken, reserved and quiet as church mice when it comes to social media.

Our Public Face (Church) is not doing ourselves any favors when we are represented by the few fruits and nuts on Facebook. Authentic worship is a relationship, not a bible quoting verse mechanic that puts on a Facebook image of holiness and in real life is a drag queen in a nightclub.

Unchurched people tend to look at the verse mechanics, the religious and the over the top as the normal. Heck, I look at the over the top verse mechanics and do not want to go to their church. I can just imagine what the poor unsaved must feel like. How do we hope to reach the lost and dying world with fake, pretense and religion? Religion kills, and that is the face of the modern church on facebook?

Before you go off and quote a verse, or some modern day TV preacher, ask Jesus what would He say given the opportunity? You have a wonderful opportunity to spread the gospel. What are you going to say? Something religious, or something profound, real and authentic? Be real. Be a believer. Use your facebook status to spread relationship not religion.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Eyes that cannot see, ears that will not hear

Jeremiah 10:14 is most certainly my current favorite passage of scripture. All men are stupid. As a pastor I am confounded by the wisdom of so many brilliant people who cannot see. Jesus said there will be people who hear but do not hear. You can speak the gospel in simplicity and still the most intelligent will not understand. The logical rational mind does not understand things of the spirit.

You receive with your heart, not your mind. Your spirit man brings enlightenment, not your mental organ. You cannot understand the spirit with your limited logical processes. Things of the spirit are not understood by and or through the limited rational logic. Logic is made and defined by man. Spirit realm is beyond the laws of logic, making the logical obsolete and beyond comprehension. Faith is accepting without understanding what we cannot see, taste, touch or change. We cannot quantify the unseen, yet the whole world is made up of the unseen. The bible tells us how to control, change and cause to change the unseen, so that the seen lines up with what we expect to see.

You see, (forgive the pun) you are a creative being, forged in the fire, created in the image of the unseen creator, given the same authority as the unseen creator. You are a designer, (to use gaming language here, a modifier). You have the authority to modify your world according to your desires. Very powerful, dangerous even. So where is the balance? Why is the world not a mess? It isnt? I thought the world was in total chaos. Guess I missed that report, maybe it was hidden between the very important media report of Bieber drag racing.

The world is in chaos, not as bad as it could be, but worse than it should be. Just enough people know how to manipulate the world according to their desires, and so we have this chaotic mess.

Most people accept the world as a forgone conclusion. They feel they have no control over their world, their destiny or their destination. As such, they allow the river of life to take them where ever life happens to go.  Thing is, somebody is effecting control. Somebody is taking the lead, and normally thats the negative nancy, the defeated life drainer person in your life. The negative person always drains the life out of everybody, but they also sound the loudest, make the most noise, and demand the most attention.

That which you listen to will be the one that takes the lead, exercises control and is ultimately in control of your life as a result. The unseen realm obeys the laws of the unseen realm, just like the apple obeys the laws of gravity when it breaks free from the branch. Break free from negativity, change your destination. Attend my next master mind seminar and learn the basics of mastering your mind.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Walking in the supernatural

Is the supernatural open to everybody? Absolutely yes. Will everybody walk in the supernatural? No. Jesus did not put any pre qualifications or requirements on walking in the supernatural. Well, actually He did. He said if you can believe, only believe.

There is the sore point. The believing. If you cannot possible bear to break a rule, any rule, then walking in the supernatural will be really difficult for you. You see, that part of your personality that cringes at breaking rules, will resist the supernatural. The supernatural, by it's very definition breaks all the laws of physics. Walking on water, healing the sick, casting out demons, are all contrary to the existing understanding of physical laws.

Despite overwhelming quantum mechanic research and evidence that supports the supernatural realm, the majority of people cannot bear to break a rule. We are a law abiding society, by and large, especially in church. In church we abide by all the rules. Generally church people love rules. That's why most often a church that has a revival turns into a dead zone as soon as the management team take over, institute rules to protect the Spirit of God. Once you attempt to cage the Holy. Spirit, He leaves. 

The supernatural realm is the domain of rule breakers, out of the box thinkers, mavericks, non conformists, people that push the envelope. Church people like to conform, church must start on time, skirts have to be below the knee, hair trimmed and neat, etc etc. Jesus never worked with rule abiders. Peter broke the rules all the time.  The supernatural realm is about breaking the laws of nature.

If you cannot bear to break a rule, how will you ever be able to break the laws of physics? Your brain will be screaming at you, you cannot walk on water, so why try. The laws of "possible" are too deeply ingrained. To believe otherwise would cause you so much stress, that you could not bear it. The supernatural realm is accessible to everybody, mavericks will always abound though.

The four minute mile was broken by a maverick. Nelson Mandela said it's only impossible until somebody does it. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Successful preaching

I have sat under and listened to many many preachers. Some have been awful, and some were exceptional. The most successful preachers I have heard have had varied delivery styles, and the content varies too. Some of the biggest ministries today, have the most basic content ever. To make it worse, their delivery is monotone, so much so that if I want to sleep, I watch them on TV. Now, to change that up, in real life, their messages are so powerful, the glory falls every time, the presence of God is thick in the room. 

Then we have some very exciting a deep preachers, whose delivery is super energetic. I can watch them all day, but in real life, face to face, that wears thin quickly. So what makes the no content monotone preacher bring the glory of The Lord and the energetic deep preacher empty?

Simple truth. The anointing of God is either present or it's not. The style of delivery, the content make no difference at all. In fact a donkey can carry more annointing than some of the pastors with 15 PhDs, who have memorized entire books of the bible. The anointing can be on a shepherd boy when he slays a giant, and if it's not on the preacher, then he is just flesh and boring flesh at that.

That said, motivational speakers and comedians will still draw a crowd.

The anointing comes from being in the presence of God, not from studying the word alone. Absolutely you have to study the word, but you also have to pray, praise, worship, fast and be in his presence. You have to carry His presence into the pulpit or the service will be dull. Educators spend too much time on the content and too little time on the delivery. Motivational  speakers focus on the delivery, and never worry about the content. 

Anointed speakers focus on the presence of God, and that's what makes the difference in their style. Spending time in the presence of God is only possible for a full time pastors. Bi vocational pastors cannot spend the same amount of time in the presence as a full time pastors. Simple arithmetic tells you there is not enough time in a week to work 40 hours, and still spend enough time with your family, church administration, counseling, weddings, funerals, sermon preparation, missions boards, intercession, staff training, and personal time in heaven. One will have to give, and generally it's the time in heaven that gives.

Despite an obvious lack of anointing churches can and do still grow. Motivational speakers, entertaining speakers, comedians and exciting speakers will continue to draw a crowd. The crowd will thrive on the emotion of group think. The bigger the group, the bigger the group think phenomena. Large churches grow quicker than small churches.  This happens with or without the anointing. People gather when they are entertained and enjoy it.

Small churches can be entertaining too. Small churches will grow when the hit the right combination of entertainment and presence. If the small church can maintain the presence of God it will grow into a large church with the presence of God. Some of the biggest churches have the most awesome and sweet presence of God. Size of the church does not matter with God.

Some of my favorite deceptions I have heard

I wanted to compile a list of some of my favorite deceptions I have heard preached, or given to me by good believing Christians. (Or so they professed). I don't normally do lists, but this qualifies as a list.

1. God is leading me in a different direction to you. Really? I am chasing Jesus where are you going?

2. God brought me to this church. Couple of weeks later, God is leading me to be alone for a season. So, the verse that says do not forsake the gathering of believers one to another, that doesn't apply to you? You not a believer?

3. All sin is forgiven.  I don't have to do anything. Maybe you forgot about repent? 

4. There is no hell. Really? So why did Jesus preach in hell?

5. God is love. We will all go to heaven. So Jesus lied when He said there is only one way into the kingdom?

6. All my sin is forgiven. I can do no wrong. No matter what I do, my sin is forgiven. Repentance is such a boring word in the church today.

7. The consequences of sin are null and void because I have the blood! So repentance is not required anymore?

8 People do not die as a Consequence of their actions. Please share that with Ananias and Saphira.

9. Grace covers all sin. Man, I wish Annais and Saphira could have heard the teaching of hyper grace.

10. Paul preached grace. Hmm...and when he handed the man over to satan for the destruction of his flesh and salvation of his soul, that was grace? (1 Corinthians 5:5)

That's my top 10 for today. I have several others, but these top my list of all time deceptions. 

The common theme is REPENT for the Kingdom of God is at hand! 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

It always seems impossible until somebody does the impossible

People in fear never attempt anything that seems impossible. Fearless people (people who fear less) attempt the impossible perceiving it to be improbable but not impossible. Fear taints your view on the world, causing you to think that everything is IMPOSSIBLE, when it fact it may be improbable,unlikely and way outside your comfort zone, but nothing is impossible. In fact, if your mind can dream it, there is a way to make it happen. Persistence and a success mindset has proven that nothing is impossible.

From the 4 minute mile to walking on the moon, man consistently proves that nothing is impossible. Chances are you have had a dream of he impossible, but the dream stealers have told you it's impossible. I had a dream once to build a skate park in a rural city of Kentucky. Not just any skate park, one designed by professionals, constructed by professionals and paid for by the city and county officials. The local churches, city officials, county officials and mayor all said it was impossible. It had been tried many times over before, nobody wanted it, and what was I thinking ( a foreigner, with a crazy accent) a dreamer at best, wasting everybody's time. 

Seven months later viola! That's French for "see" it's possible. Took some hard work, some concerted effort and a can do attitude. Now this rural city has a skatepark, the whole concept was credited to the mayor and the county judge. What wonderful insight and tenacity they had! Amazing how quickly everybody takes credit, but I digress. Point is, the impossible skatepark was built paid for by city/county funds and once again the impossible was possible.

Nothing is impossible, if you can dream it, believe it, you can accomplish anything.

Be successful

Excuses are often your justification for failure. This develops a failure mindset. A failure mindset is a mindset that expects to fail, has the expectation of failure, embraces failure as a given conclusion. Failure mindsets are dangerously deceptive. They slide in while we are not focused.

You were created to succeed. You were designed by the most successful champion out there, designed to be successful and to win. Despite your inherent sucess design, many fail everyday. Failure has become their mindset. How did this happen? It began with an excuse. An excuse is simply a justification for failure to plan. Did you catch the failure? 

What ever you tolerate in your life, you actually give permission to operate. By giving permission, you are sending energy to that task to continue, even though the aforementioned task is failure, you expend energy on a failure. You have a fixed amount of energy everyday, and yet you by design, expend a portion of that making excuses for failure. 

The key to succeed is simple. When your intention to succeed is greater than your willingness to accept failure, you will begin to succeed. Success is simply an unwillingness to fail. Let me phrase it this way. Success is an unwillingness to accept failure. I cannot fail. I am designed by a champion with a champion mindset and a willingness to succeed. I am willing to succeed. I will not tolerate failure or excuses. Excuses irritate me. Excuses are simply justification for failure. Champions do not make excuses, they operate at a higher level of intention and expectation. The champion mindset is I will not waste energy on failure, or it's evil sister excuses.

Sports champions have coaches. Coaches that instill the winning mindset, the champion paradigm. That's what I do for people. I am a Life Champion. Do not waste anymore time, and energy on failure. What you tolerate you give permission to use your valuable energy. Tolerating failure and it's evil sister excuses, drains your energy and the energy of those around you. Develop the champion mindset. Work with a Life champion on goal settings! changing your paradigm! accomplishing your personal success goals and more. 

You're created to be a CHAMPION by the worlds greatest CHAMPION. It's time to be all you can be.

Starving your brain?

Are you starving your brain! Your synapses use up energy to function, or fire if you prefer. Your brain as an organ uses up 20% of the body's energy per day. That small gray mass uses up a large quantity of energy each  and every day. Your mind needs rest, exercise and the right food to function at an optimal level. Are you starving your brain?

A simple sign is that it takes you longer to process than usual, you have to think about what should be straight forward calculations. I asked a very bright and intelligent teenager to multiply 10 by 100. It took several nods for the teenager to do the math. The answer should have been straight forward and simple memory. Unfortunately the teen has an eating disorder. Her mental processes have slowed down considerably since her eating disorder.

As we age, we really need to focus on our dietary intake, but even younger people should be careful about their nutrition. Protein is very important for the body to function. Protein can be acquired in many different forms, besides the fatty steaks we all adore. Green vegetables and a generous helping of fresh fruits are obviously also important. The simple rule is if it's green it's good. Leafy greens are healthier than the colored options. 

This is not a deep nutritional article by any means. Consult a nutritionist as to your specific dietary requirements, but the point is, be aware of the role that diet does play on your mental functioning.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

You are what you do

Aristotle said you are what you do! That's crazy powerful right there. Those that are always late are? What about those that always have an excuse? Oh my. I do not even want to go there. So, how do I change what I do? 

The first step is to acknowledge what it is you are. Step two is to change your thinking. Excellence requires sacrifice. Lazy thinking, leads to the sofa routine. The sofa routine requires less work, less effort and brings you less satisfaction too. Are you really happy with your present situation?  There is still time to make a change.

I have several openings available right now. First session is free. We will look at where you want to be, and do an assement as to how we can get there. I do mean "we". You see, I am not your typical life coach. I am your personal cheerleader on steroids. I will work with you as we plan your change. We will plan in meticulous detail your destiny and what step 1 is.

Then we will work together until you accomplish the total makeover you so desperately want. I will be there to cheer you on, work with you, encourage you, teach you the life skills to change your thinking and create successful habits. You can do this. Are you ready to make a change? Call me today to set up your first appointment. You can email me too...dreaminterpretor (at)

What does this all cost?

Pricing is simple. $25/hour. Assement tests are on average $19.99 each.

Make a change today. Email me. Let's do this.

Monday, January 13, 2014

New apostolic season?

Is there a new season in the apostolic? I suggest there is, or perhaps there is a return to the original mindset? Either way, I am going out on a limb here by suggesting this model change.

My thinking is, that the new season will see more empowering of others, more creating of opportunities   And options for the newer and younger minister. The old model really served the individual "super anointed speaker". We needed the larger tent meetings, the super evangelist to set the way, pioneer the path, launch the mega TV ministries, but I believe that season may be ending. I firmly believe that we are entering a new season, one of mutual co-operating respect and networking. 

In this new season ( as I see it) we will be building up the new minister, and instead of holding them accountable to our paradigm, we will be loving them, encouraging them and strengthening them in their work. We will be supporting each other, not just sowing our seed up the chain.

The old model called for seed sowing ( giving financial support) up the chain, to the higher ups. The funds seldom, if ever flowed down the chain. The lower levels were told to "work their faith and prosperity will come". This in reality meant that the lower levels were to raise their own support and in turn send financial support to the more important apostle, over seer, bishop, ministry head who worked the preaching circuit, the TV and the lower level ministers. This left room for abuse, and discouragement.

The newer model is more in line with the way corporate USA is discovering a less capitalist approach and a more sustainable model. I believe the church adopted a capitalist approach, marketing their products, selling their DVDs, tapes, CDs, music, etc. this greed led to a decline and perhaps a downfall has been averted?

Corporate USA is discovering that all out capitalism leads to a major economical collapse. The church model of yesterday with the excess wealth, avarice and living like superstars is not going to sit well with the upcoming generation. The upcoming generation has a new paradigm, one the church will have to adopt if we are to continue to grow and be relevant.

The new paradigm will be service orientated.  The new generation is very outward focused. Helping others less fortunate seeking to help others is the new call. Apostles in the next generation will have to develop an outward serving mindset to be successful. Upcoming ministers from this generation are outward focused. I expect more missions to be launched, more third world country evangelism, but I also expect a new thrust to emerge. Urban outreach will take on a whole new level of intensity. Urban rental is not new by any means, but there will be an urgency within the younger generation that our older counter parts never saw.

All of thes forces, especially the social forces will cause the old apostolic models to regroup, retool and refocus. Bridge building will be the new mantra. Urban out reaches will take off. New urban evangelism with one and one discipleship will be the new norm. In the past we saw the apostle model of one man pastoring several hundred churches. I look forward to the day of the 12. One apostle pastoring 12 pastors. That's a full time job right there. If each pastor only had 12 disciples, and as those 12 reach maturity they were sent out rather than held back, the world will truly begin to experience the power of this gospel.

We were never called to collect. I believe we were called to encourage, equip and then send out. The sending out part is where we fell short. We preferred to collect, like cards. We took these numbers to mean we were more spiritual because we had a bigger following than the next person. Meetings between two apostles were always a large event, each man had to bring his entourage, like a Hollywood superstar. We dressed and acted like mega stars in Hollywood, with our own reality shows, production crews and outreagoeus entertainment. This worked for the past generation. The new generation finds this excess to be in poor taste.

I see a day when churches are primitive, basic and still in excellence. Worship is authentic and real heart felt. The only glory is that of the Holy Spirit and not the preachers cuff links.  The new generation will change the way we do church and the apostolic model. Revival is clearly coming with this new generation.

As ministries are forced to adopt this new leaner model of ministry, many will fall. The mindset that is required to adapt the outward giving model is going to be hard to fathom and harder to change. I believe that the old mindset will continue on as before and slowly pass away, as the newer younger generation start to follow and eventually lead. Once again I doubt there will be any successful passing of the ministry torch. The old will simply die off and the new will bring forth.  The church is not an organization that adopts change, never has been. That's why we have revivals. Revival is like spring. Out of the winter (dead season) suddenly springs forth new life. First we die, lying dormant for a season, then the new blood begins to awaken and flow. Life comes forth again, and a new wave begins afresh.

The new wave will have both prophetic (street teams)  and apostolic (fathers in faith) . The apostolic will gender respect, love nurture and support for the longer generation. Love will be the major theme, and finances will be minor. History will record that the prosperity bubble of the church finally broke, and real property began with the new wave of love, service and outward focus.

New direction in the Apostolic

I am breaking a cardinal rule here in writing this blog. To be honest, my thoughts are still being formulated on the subject, however, this is my avenue to explore and develop my thoughts.

The old Apostolic model of building a network of churches accountable to one person creates a bottleneck. The younger newer five fold minister has no place to develop upwards. Sure there are ample development programs, training and accountability round tables, but the top structure has the mindset of "us four and no more". Time and time again, I heard the adage, we are the originals, and you the newcomer, that after six years of being in the same ministry.

Traditional models do not allow for the newer five fold member to ever rise up in the ranks. This creates frustration as the ceiling is reached. The question arises, whats the point? I am building somebody else's ministry, while my ministry has no future.

The frustrated man of God then leaves, searching for another network where he/she can gain some respect, recognition, and opportunity. This leads to the slow registration of the model is broken. Eventually the frustrated begin their own association and the same bottle neck syndrome begins all over again.

My suggested solution is more of a bridge building partnership. Allow each leader to be accountable to their own church/ministry. People vote with their feet and their financial support.  Instead of a bottleneck of top heavy older ministers, lets encourage a network that's open.

If we develop the win win paradigm of Christ rather than the self serving paradigm of how big is mine, I believe we would foster more growth and development and less in fighting. This can only benefit the Kingdom of God. All this infighting and backbiting only hurts the image of the Church.

The old authoritarian model needs to be updated with the newest download. Its time we updated the newer version, the Antioch model is a great starting place.