Saturday, February 15, 2014

Cheer leaders in your life

We all need a cheer leader in our life. Somebody to cheer us on, lift us up when we are down in the dumps, and somebody to celebrate our victories with. Nothing is quiet as lonely as having to celebrate a victory alone. That said, we are often faced with the inevitable situation that your victory may come at a time when your best friend is going through a major loss. That's life. It happens. That's where a life cheer leader comes in.

Life cheer leaders or life champions are always ready to celebrate, share your victory, be a listening ear when life dumps on you, and ready to say :"ok. That's enough crying. It's time to stand up and make this happen". 

Life is hard. Nobody said it was easy. A life champion is always positive, encouraging and ready to cheer you on. At the same time, a sympathetic ear goes a long way to help your grieve, heal and then get back on your feet. We do not all need a psychologist, nor is one right for every occasion. A life champion is not a professional mental health worker. They do not keep de tailed medical records, nor do they do medical billing. What they do is more in line with a cheer leader. They cheer you up, encourage you to dream again, cry with you for a season, and then tell you it's time. Stand up and make this happen. Life champions come in all shapes and sizes, big and tall, male and female, of all races and languages. You probably already have one or two in your life right now. We all do. They are informal great aunts, uncles, family friends, pastors, rabbis or spiritual leaders. Life champions are wonderful pillars in your life. You need at least one. We all do.

Life champions should be trained, certified, and licensed professionals. They serve a wonderful role in our lives. Do you have a cheer leader?

The Call goes out, what do you do?

Church people love to speak about the Call. The call, for those not familiar with church jargon, is when God calls you. Sometimes the call is to preach the gospel, other times the call is to pray for somebody, and then there is THE CALL. THE CALL refers to the BIG FAITH Call. That's what happens when God calls you to another city, another country or another continent.

Some will simply choose to ignore that. Others will rationalize that leaving their workplace is too risky in today's economy. Still others will argue that they did not hear from God, because why would God call you to city A, and then move you to city B. Finally we have the family card. This excuse is the one that says, my family is unsaved, and I am responsible for them. All mambo jumbo, excuses. God calls, you either answer right away, or procrastinate. The procrastinate response is to complete certain tasks first, raise enough funds, finalize school etc etc. All procrastination.

I totally understand how hard it is to leave family, business and home to follow the call. The bigger the sacrifice the bigger the rewards. Of course many are called, but few are chosen. The reason is simple, very few actually answer the call.

If you hear the call, move right away. Do not think about it, do not rationalize it, move. Go already! Obviously every call is confirmed by two or more witnesses. Once that's happened, go. Move.  Family and friends will never confirm the Call. Soul realm thinking never understands the inconvenience of kairos time. Chronos makes sense. Its rational and based upon the greek thinking of time. Kairos is seasonal. Its the season or its not. Miss the season and you miss the Call. Pull the trigger, move already.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

City mandate and personal mandate

A city has a mandate. Now, not all cities have a mandate, but on occasion a city has a mandate, normally an unfulfilled mandate. When a seer, or empathic person encounters the city mandate, the aforementioned individual will often confuse that mandate with their own. If an individual attempts to fulfill the unfulfilled mandate of a city without the grace to fulfil that mandate, this will lead to frustration and depression. Failure is inevitable.

Its best to take time off, move away from the city and seek God for your personal mandate. Once you have your personal mandate, then you have the task of locating the city you are meant to be in. Your mandate will be easier to fulfill when you are located in the correct geography.

Seers and empathic people often take on the mandate of the city and end up in frustration and depression. Thats the clear sign its time to move, relocate, find a resting place and begin our search again.

Grace upon you to fulfil your mandate is the supernatural upon your natural. When your mandate is located within the city you will find peace, home and ease. Happy searching.