Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Old School Worship service launch

The title can be misleading…on purpose. I am thinking of having a (tongue in cheek) old school meeting, on a Saturday. Thats the only part of the idea thats old school. The 'service' will be on a Saturday, with a focus on the apostolic and prophetic gifting, rather than a focus on collection of people. Once again, I am training up leaders, five fold ministers, but not just training, developing leaders that are hungry to go out and plant, sow, reap and bring in souls.

Now, the leaders I train, I fully expect to launch into their own ministries, their own churches, their own meetings. This is a ministry, a training ground to train, mentor and then send out pastors, evengelists and teachers to go out there and recreate more after their own kind. I expect to attract Apostles and prophets and I expect to send them out to recreate after their own kind too.

This meeting will have a distinct focus on empowering and sending out people to minister. Sure the focus will be on the apostolic (empowering, equipping and exhorting, coupled with planting, mentoring, fathering, training and teaching) but it will also be a gathering place for edgy believers. believers who want to walk on the edge, and support up coming ministries, ministers or just want to be an active part of what Gods doing. The emphasis is on active!

If this grabs your attention, email me. We are ready to launch.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Changing your geography

A couple of blogs ago, I wrote on the five dimensions of change. Some have copied this concept with different verbiage, but the concept is similar. Change your geography and you definitely change your finances and destiny.

Eleven years ago, I made a dramatic change when we immigrated. Our finances went down fast. We lived on and below the poverty line for years and years. We tried everything from starting new businesses to working three and four jobs between us. Struggling on for 11 years, we finally heard the call to relocate.  Nine days after we relocated, our finances changed. Nine days!! We went from a combined four jobs to one, but our income doubled.

I started to do the math. Imagine my joy when I discovered that suddenly one salary was equivalent to four months of salary in our previous location, and our cost of living is far lower too. Changing our geography has placed us in an accelerated place. In three years we will have been redeemed from 12 years of struggling. The word of the Lord is true. Our time has been redeemed.

In simple terms we have stepped into an accelerated place, a place where our income equals or exceeds four times our income in a poverty season. Changing your geography will most certainly impact your income. Thats logical. What is not logical is why would you continue to struggle in a geography where you are not welcome?

God called Abraham out of his home town to a new place, a new geography a place where God could prosper him. Thats correct. God could not proposer Abraham in his home town. I know that sounds wrong, but God cannot go against your free will. Abrahams geography prevented his prospering and when Abraham relocated, the prosperity was released.

The key is to hear from God. You cannot follow except if you are called to follow. If called to relocate, do it right away. Your blessings await you in abundance

Monday, March 17, 2014

What does the wilderness temple set up tell us about the coming Christ?

What does the temple setup in the wilderness tell us about the coming Christ? Actually a whole lot of details and data is spelt out in the wilderness temple. The quick answer is found in the entrance way to the temple. There is mention of four colors, each color represents a different personality of the Christ. The four gospels in the New Testament correspond to the four colors or four personalities of the Christ. 

In my next blog I will go into much more detail of both the colors and the personalities of the Christ. Each of us at a different stage of our christian walk will embrace one of the four personalities. Where are you right now? Which color do your embrace the most right now?

Here is a synopsis of the four personalities. 

The King

The Prophet

The Savior/healer

The Alpha and Omega

As we grow and develop in our walk with Christ so we explore different roles, personalities and or colors if you like. All four are right, all four are relevant, but each one is unique to you at a different stage of your walk.