Sunday, November 30, 2014

Why do bad things happen to good people?

The answer is surprisingly simple. However, it may not be the deep theological discussion you would like. This is more for the person that just wants an answer they can process and work with.

Think of the workout you attain at the gym. You pay a membership fee every month to go to a room where you push weights. In essence you are overcoming a resistance. As you get stronger, more adept so you increase the weights or the resistance, all the while you muscles  are gaining strength, your body is improving, your health improves etc. Initially after a heavy workout you "break down muscles" and the repair process begins. The repair process hurts. The pain normally lasts for two to three days and then you go back to hurt yourself some more. Sound familiar?

Spiritually speaking, speaking we get a work out in the heavenly gym. When so called 'bad things happen' we overcome through endurance healing and faith. As our faith incraeses so does the "weight" of the obstacle. Bigger faith muscles require bigger obstacles to overcome. 

The church always thrives under oppression. Bad things are best viewed through the paradigm of being a spiritual gym. Your membership was paid in full by Christ on Calvary. You have a "free ride" to this new spiritual gym, but unlike normal physical gyms, you do not get to choose when you are going to workout. You get to workout everyday whether it's convenient or not. Unlike conventional gyms, the workouts occur whether you are ready or not. 

The bible says to be ready in season and out of season. (Paul speaking to Timothy). Bad things are simply weights that we endure, overcome and then proceed to the next level spiritually. 

So then why do we even need pastors? Well, the personal trainer at the gym helps you with diet (correct diet is required to gain muscle and grow) as well as the best form to increase your muscle strength. Pastors are simply personal trainers. Their role is to encourage you to push through the resistance, listen to the right teachings so as to increase your faith, and empower you to over come. Pastors equip the believer for the next level.

Be blessed beloved as you grow in the heavenly gym.

Saturday, November 29, 2014


Your perception is built up over time through experiences, cultural influences and social circles. As your mind combines all these sensory data into your paradigm, so a coherent albeit subjective and flawed perception is created through which you will interpret every action, word or sight through. 

Your perception really determines whether you succeed or fail in life. If you grow up believing that the world owes you a favor, your dad/mom failed at his/her career because of an unfair boss, or jealous co worker, then you too will find the reason for your personal failures lies within somebody else, some hidden external force that is working against you.

The only hidden force working against you lies within your very head, your subconscious filtration system also known as your paradigm. Your own paradigm determines how you view the world. Babe Ruth looked at every failed swing as an opportunity to succeed at the next swing. A person with a flawed low self esteem would have quit after the first failed 100 swings at the ball. Ponder this - do you fail simply because you give up before you can a master the activity?

 Perhaps you measure your success rate against a co worker who has early success and you have a late success rate. Sprinters who measure their endurance against marathon runners will always come up short,as will marathon runners who attempt to compete against sprinters. Each race has a unique style and definite set of skills required. As a society we often focus on the over night success rather than the marathon runners , but both win their races.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Creating open doors

Church jargon can be so frustrating at times. The reason is simple. We seldom explain the jargon in simple practical and direct terms. Take the theology of "Open Doors". Thats a wonderful feel good theology, but how? How do I as a believer access this place where doors open?

I cannot tell you what will work for you, but I know what worked for me. Here is a summary of my process and how I went from zero opportunities, closed doors, and lack abounding, to where I now have several doors wide open, several offers of both employment and partnerships in my own ventures. 

Step 1- I changed my geography. (Obviously, I asked God, seeking His place for me and my family) and then I refined that search. I found the larger geography, then narrowed it down to a county and finally to a suburb and then a street. Focused in on the larger region first, then narrowed down to the smallest detail.

Step 2- I looked at what skills I had, and where those skills would take me. I was lacking in skills. My visions, dreams were of bigger stuff, but my skill set was not going to take me anywhere near that place. I began a process of searching for the career path that would meet my goals, financial, free time, and activities I enjoyed. Once I found the career path, I examined what skills I would require and started to study. All the while I was working a dead end job, studying non stop, taking exams and putting my resume out there. I also contacted people in the industry I wanted to be in and found out what skills they valued, and what worked and what failed.

Step 3- I kept on knocking on doors, researching and refining my search. Finally, I zoned in on the exact skill set, exact career path and exact company I wanted to partner with; not work for, but partner with. 

Today, I have had three telephone interviews, two in person interviews and am on my way to my third. The most exciting aspect - I have several open doors. Open wide doors, with substantial offers of financial support, mentorship and programs that will set me up for life. More importantly I will finally be able to leave an inheritance to my son. 

I hope this in some way encourages you in your search.